Villa Alexandra is a private villa. It has so many wonderful features that it is hard to say which is the most appealing. The villa has to be one of the most relaxing holidays possible. Is it the cool, classic interior and stunning architecture, the serene location, the large 4 lovely acres walled garden surrounded by full of palm, olive, citrus fruit trees and roses and with spectacular mountain views from its terraces.

There is a real feeling of space so you can spend time with friends or family without getting under each other’s feet. Villa Alexandra is truly private and very luxurious for the pampering for which it is famous for. Whichever it is, you will fall in love with this piece of paradise.


Villa Alexandra is truly private and very luxurious, one of Marrakech’s most beautiful and comfortable country houses. This comfortably casual villa is split into the Main House with accommodation of 8 people and the Pavilion were built in the 1930s by a French Colonel and were completely renovated by its current owner in 2003 using lots of local, traditional materials. Villa Alexandra is the perfect location for a carefree family holiday. Ideal for all ages. Nowadays, its style is a successful fusion of Moroccan and Mediterranean- style living cool classic architecture and stunning interiors. For reservation see; Villa Alexandra.

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