Luxury Villas and family-friendly which isn’t always easy, but they do at Villa Sartino in Tuscany / Central Italy / Italy . Villa Sartino accommodation suits both adults and children. The idea in Villa Sartino is the mums and dads get peaceful surroundings in extreme comfort while kids just have fun in a relaxed environment; Villa Sartino is a genuinely family-friendly place that parents and children can both enjoy.

The villa enjoys lots of space both internally and externally not to be squeezed into a tiny airless hotel box. Villa Sartino sets in a magical location in 70 acres of its own land, lake and woodland all fenced to maintain the safety in the Tuscan hills between Cortona and Mercatale where it is surrounded with amazing views no night life hot spot to enjoy idyllic surroundings in extreme comfort.


It is a luxurious house designed, furnished and renovated by a renowned interior designer. Come and try this family-friendly rental villa which provides you with the perfect backdrop for the truly idyllic holiday. For reservation see:

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