Overlooking the wonderful azure blue crystal clear waters, the Coco Privé resort, located on a private island in Maldives North Malé Atoll (the Kuda Hithi Island) is the paradise itself a place unlike anywhere else on earth attracting the most discerning guests from across the globe. You can also get inspired with other family holiday locations using some of our past articles Get Swept Away On Royal Belize Private Island-Only A few Hours Away and A Special Destination: Calivigny Island A Luxury Private Island Located Off the Coast of Grenada to help get you started planning your next holiday.

A place to relax your body, mind and soul in a personal retreat offering a luxurious living, avant-garde design, unparalleled levels of service and absolute privacy a-lifetime-adventures in an entire island exclusively for you, your family and your friends…the Coco Privet Kuda Hithi Island.


The Coco Privé offers wonderful beaches and exotic views with a sense of intimacy in a 6 villas that accommodate up to 12 guests and facilities are completely theirs for the duration of their stay. In addition, a personal lifestyle host, every amenity imaginable is all on hand, and the chef, spa therapist and dive master services of your personal host to ensure your needs and desires are met to have a perfect vacation. At Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island, be sure that each guest will have an exquisite lifestyle characterized by luxury and intimacy in a special space for them and only them. Content verified by Booking.com.

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