Blue is the color of the sea and sky, the distance and expansion when used interiorly it make the feeling of immediate happy thoughts. The Duplex white interior apartment is embodied all that while also being quite invigorating.

This stylish two story home with two-bedroom attracts with its impeccable beautifully interior design style flooded with light and airy offers an excellent living space for the comfort of a modern life.

white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-10The attractive White Interior Spring Style Home is situated on the famous All Saints Road one of the area’s most hip and sought-after addresses. The property offers excellent living room, which gradually is given over to a spacious open kitchen area. Upstairs on the second floor the property offers two large bedrooms, one with an amazing bathroom (one en-suite). Both bedrooms came with a range of fitted wardrobes. This wonderfully spring style home property offered a great opportunity for someone wishing to enjoy the quiet views. Get inspired with other rental home locations using some of our past articles Stylish Interior in Warm Tones in Dawson Place II– Notting Hill London and An Elegant and Spacious Apartment in Chiswick London to help get you started planning your net family holiday. Enjoy.white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-1

white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-3 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-4 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-6 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-7 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-8 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-9 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-11 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-12 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-13 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-14 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-15 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-16 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-17 white-interior-spring-style-home-all-saints-road-w11-18



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