Mothers Day Activities & Crafts Ideas for Kids

Mothers Day Activities & Crafts Ideas for Kids…Celebrate Mother’s Day with your kids making crafts, homemade gifts, cards, and flowers for mother day that sure they will enjoy and love as they are easy to make.

Every Mom loves to receive a gift from her child no matter his age. And all mothers expect a small gift and to receive something meaningful to express how much your mother means to you even those who pretend not to. A mother day gift from the heart as opposed of spending a lot of money on an expensive present.

Depending on your child’s age and the size of their responsibility for their discretionary spending, there’s a good chance nowadays that they won’t be able to buy a Mother’s Day gift. Not that that’s a bad thing for small children. While grown up know how to buy through the internet.

After all, what if mom doesn’t want to wake up served her Mother’s Day breakfast in bed (although it is so sweet), a sweetly written card, or a Mother’s Day craft made by their little one? Anyhow, it’s time to give Mom a special keepsake to remind her proudly how much she is loved.

There are plenty of fun crafts mother and child can make together. A crafted gift can be doubled; sweet and heartfelt Mother’s Day gifts because they’re done by  littlest hands. A handmade craft made by the little ones will move any mother and have more impact too. These easy and beautiful DIY Mother’s Day crafts are pretty, handy, and most of them use supplies not expensive or hard to find. You may already have them hanging around the house; yarn, paper, a mason jar, even an old shirt.


Your kids will love getting creative and giving Mom something, special; a gift included with a heartfelt card created by themselves that they know their mom will cherish.

As a parent you’ll find your kids in a calm way spending an afternoon doing homemade educational gifts which will be very pleasant for both children and adults.

So, warm up your mother on her day with a greetings gift made by hand.  Show your Mum this Mother’s Day how much you appreciated her love to you and her care. Give her a very beautiful handmade Mother’s Day gift that she will never forget and put near her heart. These Moms will happily display these crafty creations around the home.

Choose from a variety of these craft ideas to make a handmade gift for mom and grand-mother for Mother’s Day. These craft ideas are inexpensive because they are more personal and intimate.

Mother’s Day crafts for preschool kids

Children’s crafts for Mother’s Day, decorated pot;

If you’re looking for an easy Mother’s Day gift for kids to make together this Mother’s Day flower pot craft can’t be missed. Making this colorful flower pot craft for a homemade Mother’s Day gift decorated with tulip flowers is simple that both mom or Grandma will adore, there is no mess with mud or water.




DIY Sand Art Candles;

These colorful decorative candles are craft projects Mom will absolutely love putting these on display. DIY Sand Art Candles were popular years ago and they will give comeback memory for mom. This craft doesn’t need the jars of sand art as before, but it is made in a different technique… HOW funny everything makes a comeback.


Mother’s Day gifts, paper heart;

This pretty simple but beautiful Mother’s Day crafts is a red paper heart can be a gift on its own, or we can use it to make garlands of hearts as an ideal to welcome mom home. It is also used to decorate the house on this special day while surprising mom on her day.


Mother’s Day heart flower card ;

This card makes a great Mother’s Day craft for preschoolers and kindergartners. A gift card on Mother’s Day of flowers will particularly be appreciated. The little ones will give the finishing touch to this manual work, as it will get a chance to practice their scissors cutting skills.


Children’s crafts for Mother’s Day, necklaces with salt dough;

The recipe for the salt dough is very easy to make. Salt dough is a paste able to use it to make all kinds of fun handmade crafts kids can make; beads and pendants to make necklaces and bracelets and turn into gifts for mom. This is a step by step of lovely Salt Dough necklaces while having fun to make


Painted Pasta Necklace;

Pasta necklaces has a popular audience. It has earned a rep as a staple Mother’s Day craft. Kids adore pasta eating it and as magical crafts too that everyone loves. These pretty multicolor painted pasta makes the DIY jewelry feel so much more de rigueur.


Children’s crafts for Mother’s Day jewelry dish;

A jewelry dish or ring holder is a creative gift for Mother’s Day. It only takes some air-drying clay it is it can be bought online. A jewelry dish or ring holder is a beautiful container to store all those precious pieces of jewelry of your mom. See the step by step at the link below the image.


EASY Egg Carton Art on Canvas ;

A simple and very colorful egg carton art for mother day. This egg carton art is easy … the flower is glued on the canvas, made out of an egg carton. The flower stems are made of green pipe.


Margarita made with Goma Eva;

Bring a flower to your mom to be always brighten a stay. fresh flowers is not available every day. The eve rubber is one of the versatile materials available today to do DIY projects. Working with it is for all ages. Eva rubber is an option to create ones that do not wilt and last for a long time. Not only flowers eva rubber can create but many things as well.


Mother Day greeting cards;

Any mother day gift is accomplished with a nice-looking mother day card. We cannot be missing a Mother’s Day greeting cards on her day. The ideas are many as they vary from simple cards for a kindergarten child or to preschool and elderlies as quilling projects.


Children’s crafts for Mother’s Day, clip bracelets;

These paper clip bracelets are really simple and very easy to make.  The colorful paper clip bracelets look nice on the hand. We just have to hook a couple of paperclips with each other until the length wanted and then line them with strips of colored pieces of paper and then glued.


DIY Stamping out of everyday materials;

Get inspired using natural objects using different fruits and veggies as stamps or everyday materials found at home, the results are unexpected. Celery, Okra, Mushroom, Cauliflower, corn, Pepper, Treviso radicchio, apples, potatoes hand and feet are some examples that are served as a tool to create one of the most original Mother’s Day crafts to make a Mother day card or make a simple wearable project, photo and much more. Stamping and making an impression on paper or fabric is one of the easiest ways to print on fabric or paper all they have to do is to dip the end in paint.

P.S. Some natural objects need carving while others just need a simple cut, (this has to be done by adult).











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