65 Spring & Easter Home Decor Ideas With Tulips

Spring & Easter Home Decor Ideas With Tulips…

Easter 2020 looks different than it has in past holidays. With just over a week until Easter, extended families won’t be gathering together as in the past holidays. But the new coronavirus doesn’t have to put an end to our holiday traditions.

YES, “It’s going to be a different Easter than we’ve seen in the past, but families should start to plan for how to spend the holiday. Decorating our homes are just what we need right now, to get off pressure due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. Feel Easter meanings, which is celebration of spring to hold on the tradition with strong emotional impact.

We love flowers, whatever the season or occasion. Flowers do have benefits on holidays and on our special occasion. In fact, they give light, joy and good vibes as they give a convoy of special messages. Flowers expresses all sort of feelings …love, thanks, even as apologies or sympathy and provide endless eye chatting options to decorate with.

Decorating our homes with flowers makes adorable aesthetic to our home. They are considered the hidden angel that uplift any mood and had never failed.


After all, spring is all about fresh blooms with their fresh touch. And Tulips are one of those fresh blooms that has a fresh touch and special meaning to every color.Today we want to focus on a very fashionable flower the tulips. Many people do consider the Tulips, the springiest flowers ever, as they are so beautiful and tender.

Tulips are very evocative flower in the decorative scene. Tulips bloom in the spring represent the new life and warmth of the season. Beside Tulips colors has a specific flower language, which have been with us for years. Every color carries its own meaning and messages. These wonderfully meaningful colored tulips when arranged spread spring-like impressions in our homes. So, let your flowers do the charming talk when arranged in a vase or a container. The sobriety of tulips became a must in any elegance décor. This have made it the queen among the queens of any fashionable décor style.

With Easter just around the corner and its arrival we’re ready to celebrate renewal and an excuse to get home decorating. If you are thinking about which flower specious is the most suitable to decorate your home on Easter day, we bring you an original decorative one to decorate with in all; Tulips blooms is the glory. So, we’re here with a few decoration ideas with tulips and how to have fun getting your house ready for Easter…Our Easter & Spring Home Decor Ideas With Tulips will be your solution for a gorgeous spring.


3 Tulip original decorating ideas;

Tulips are the flowers of charming minimalism that is ideal to complement any corner and are an excellent aesthetic choice for Easter. This flower has many species with variety of colors, elegantly stand as their stems are long, strong and thin that are excellent for decoration of small spaces.

With many ways to arrange them, there are 3 original decorating ideas depending on the style you want , the placing of your favorite bouquet and the tulip flower colors of choice to create contrast with the container that best suits the style of your home and your decorative space.

1-Find an unconventional location;

There are infinite images of tulip arrangements for spring and Easter that we have seen through the internet. Since tulips are highly appreciated for their delicacy…we recommend finding an unconventional location to deal with these very elegant flowers.

Find an unconventional location while using them as decorative items. One of our mentions today is to encourage you to change your perspective of old school flower arrangements. Because tulips are typical spring plants, which we can easily find at this time of the year, they can be located on any space of the house… in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or even in the bathroom.

2-Fearlessly combine colors and flowers;

Sometimes we get too carried away by less is more and we don’t dare to mix. Because Tulips are a flower that almost always presents itself with its color and long strong seam that makes it raised proudly toward the sunshine. Be cleverer than anybody and use this advantage and work on combining different colors, sure the result will work perfectly.

Most flowers can bear with different colors, that also goes with tulip flowers. The classicism of tulip arrangements is to magnify them alongside other with more popular styles. It became more popular in flower arrangement style world to mix different colors and play with different volumes of the elongated shapes. But be aware to the harmony, what they fit in and the décor style surrounded.

Wonderfully flower Tulips are perfect to spice up spring tables. Tulip flowers alone or mixed with any other flowering bulbs are adorable for centerpieces or any type of decor. The long strong seam and their variety different colors makes them the perfect choice to create a floral ornament that is very chic, delicate and cheerful at the same time.

Beautiful floral table centerpiece with cream colored tulips offer a stylish floral deco that hold the meaning love forever. White tulips create charming spring freshness effect and a contrast into any room décor. Yellow tulip flower brings cheerful addition to spring while symbolizing the sunshine. Tulip floral arrangements with orange tulips are great table setting for your Easter gathering. It also creates a dazzling harmony with other flowering bulbs. Red tulips are the most popular flower color to symbolizes true love. Excellent decoration for many occasions like; tulips for valentine’s day, tulip Easter flowers, birthday tulips, wedding, anniversary and more. Purple tulip flower makes royal centerpieces with festive atmosphere. Queen of the night tulip is a spectacular addition to your spring flower arrangement, they look very classy. Lastly, the pink tulips are romantic by themselves, ideal to show affection and caring.

The mixed colored tulip blooms; pink and yellow tulips, red yellow tulips, pink and white tulips, colorful tulips flowers and any mixed color tulip floral arrangements create wonderful table centerpieces and an awesome piece of décor. You also can mix up tulips with some other flowers and greenery to produce vibrant colors; cherry blossom and /or with willow.

3-Improvise a vase and give it a personal touch;

Tulips flowers deserve improvised beautiful vases to place your bouquets in, to give it a glorious touch which is great for table decoration ideas. But in fact, there are so many objects other than vases to place flowers inside and can be a creative solution for a stylish decoration with tulips.


Best vase for tulips is the glass vases which have been popular since centuries. Tulips in glass vase are vintage and classic. Today there are many shapes. sizes and color of glass vases to locate flowers. Many glass containers of different purpose can be used as vase all you have to do is just remove the label. Some ideas beside crystal vases are: pretty glass bowls, vintage cups, canning jars a glass, bottles of different sizes and shapes, water cans, plant pots, a light bulb, or a fish tank. Changing the width and length will allow you to play with the length of the flower arrangement stems.


Metal vases / containers are modern material with unique design. White or metallic colored brass jugs, tea boxes, watering cans, tin cans or a barbecue are some everyday examples. We find them sometimes an interesting and an alternative solution. The way you arrange your tulips in a vase depends on the effect you want to create and the location of the decoration.


Arranging tulips in a vase made of porcelain is a vintage choice. Porcelain has a history of its own. It is unique, classic and traditional. But thinking out of the box; many porcelain objects can be makeshift vase; antique cups, ceramic miniature vases and teapots are elegant alternative but modern vas containers. They fit perfectly with a bouquet of tulips of any color.

But the options do not end here: old wellies, plastic or rustic buckets, wicker baskets, litter bins or whatever you like… Get your mind going and arrange your tulips in as you prefer. Here are some ideas.

With images we present here, learn how to make beautiful floral centerpieces whatever they are in. Beautify your home without braking a bank with major design changes. We’ offer chic and affordable good decorative resources for Easter decorating for every style.

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