Creative Craft Ideas to make out of plastic Easter eggs

Creative Craft Ideas to make out of plastic Easter eggs…Spring and Easter are heading so fast! Easter as a rite of spring and one of the most interesting features of this holiday is it considered to be a high seasonal creator time for crafters.


Time to create some awesome Easter decorations from plastic eggs for Easter and for days ahead. Plastic eggs crafts and décor are a way decorate for Spring after Easter? Plastic eggs crafts help keeping up the same Easter inspired décor.



Today I have some decorating ideas for both Easter and spring decorations. Tips and tricks for both that you will love! You can do Creative Things out of Plastic Easter Eggs, put them to good use instead of traditional Dying eggs for your kids and with your kids and spend awesome time together. Here you’ll know how to make some awesome original egg decorations and ton of creative crafts, fun ideas and projects from usual plastic eggs. Just click on the links below the images to get step by step directions or tutorials.


The year since Easter has come and gone most of us as collected a ton of leftover plastic Easter eggs. Theses plastic eggs with huge variety of colors and sizes can be useful in many amazing things {upcycle} whether for Easter decorations or transforming them into DIY home décor items. We’ve found amazing upcycle ideas … Creative Craft Ideas to make out of plastic Easter eggs and completely transform them in a quick, simple, and fun way. 


Easter Eggs Ornament 

Creative Craft Ideas to make out of plastic Easter eggs ;


DIY Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

A Wonderful way to decorate with leftover plastic Easter eggs. Use the plastic Easter eggs leftovers to create a colorful wreath perfect for spring. Use colorful plane Easter eggs and decoupage Easter eggs to fill your home with spring like color.  A Spring Wreath that will seriously wow your brunch guests.



DIY Plastic Easter Egg Spring Bouquet

With a bunch of plastic eggs celebrate the spring season by creating an Easter egg spring bouquet. With only 2 supplies-plastic eggs and floral wire -you’ll have a funky modern spring bouquet. Crafting with plastic eggs and transforming them into a colorful display last through the spring and even after.



Indoor Easter Egg Tree

Add a touch of spring indoors with a beautiful Easter table centerpiece decoration… an Easter tree as it seems a lot more feasible. Indoor Easter Egg Tree is more colorful making amazing ornaments.



Outdoor Easter Egg Tree

Another awesome Easter craft using plastic Easter eggs is hanging them from livening up trees to spruce up your yard and porch. Choose a tree that hasn’t leafed out yet to hang from branches colorful plastic eggs to make great additions to your outdoor.



Easter Egg Rocket Races

Inspiration Laboratories had created super amazing idea made from a plastic Easter egg… The Easter egg rockets made out from plastic eggs and other stuff you have in your home. A Round Rockets is to let the kids race them.


Plastic Easter Egg Bunny Craft

Plastic eggs can be used for making so many different Easter cute little creatures. Turning plastic eggs into bunny crafts are perfect for kids and great for decorating around your home. These colorful fun Easter Bunnies made of fillable eggs that can be opened up to be filled with few sweet treats or Easter chocolate.



Plastic Egg Frog Craft

If you have extra green Easter eggs leftover, create a fun little frog. These little frogs maybe filled with treats.


Plastic Easter Egg Teacups

Looking for a genius idea to do with the leftover plastic Easter eggs and reuse them. Those plastic Easter eggs were Designs by Sunghee.  A creative approach to turn them into something fun for kids party.  They are a fashionable way for kids to throw a tea party.



Gold Plastic Easter Eggs Crafts

With Easter ahead, inspirations flow how to lend color to the holiday celebration.  Therefore, I have a quick and a great project to get making this Easter; a pretty gold plastic egg idea and a fillable egg. These are fillable plastic eggs in gold color which are quite popular these days. You can fill each egg with a delicious piece of dark chocolate or a tiny toy. So, grab a golden spray or a metallic gold leaf treatment and DIY them on few plastic eggs and let them dry.  These fancy DIY gold plastic Easter eggs are for decorative purposes.



Embellished Blue Plastic Easter Eggs

There no limit number of plastic Easter Eggs that can be embellished. We have chosen blue plastic Easter eggs to be embellished using glitter and beads. These blue plastic eggs are cheap and an easy Easter craft. They have turned to be beautiful Embellished Easter Eggs for Easter decoration. The quality of these blue plastic eggs does not matter unless you decided hem to be fillable plastic eggs, putting candy inside of them.


Easter Egg String Lights

Turn plastic Easter Eggs into pretty Springtime Décor, lighting up the Easter night to make a festive addition. Upcycle these brightly colored plastic Easter Eggs and hang them up on a string like Christmas lights, wrapped around garden trees or a centerpiece.



Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons

Easter eggs crafts and projects become something entirely new. Easter egg hot air balloons are whimsical decoration for your kids to hang in their room to celebrate both spring and Easter. Easter egg hot air balloons are hollow that can be fillable plastic eggs to stash secret treats. They are also  adorable little Easter presents for kids.


Lightning Bug Craft From Plastic Eggs

DIY Lightning bugs made out of leftover plastic Easter eggs… Fireflies craft that will glow at night just like real fireflies in the dark. These little fireflies are an easy kid craft very simple to make with very little tools that can be easily available.  The kids will have so much fun helping in creating these magical cute little bugs.


Candy Filled Plastic Easter Eggs;

These are Plastic eggs filled with candy to fill your Easter basket with Easter treats. This is a simple craft you can easily do with your kids. They will be happy to their DIY Kids’ Easter Basket with this fun little candy filled Easter egg … the treat they love. Each egg contains ONE piece of candy.


Not to mention 1000 filled Easter eggs are not enough on Easter for children, they will always ask for more. Filled plastic Easter eggs can be filled with many items … in fact there are 100 things to put in Easter eggs {That Aren’t Candy!}.



Wobble Egg Ninjas

Here’s a fun idea made from plastic Easter eggs for a homemade toy for boys. A simple plastic Easter egg with a favorite character. Decorate plastic Easter eggs by transforming them into wobbling ninjas. Wobble Egg Ninjas are fillable plastic eggs to play with, enjoying their fall down and pop back up again and enjoy their hidden treats.



Plastic Easter Egg  Owl Craft

Imagine the fun you’ll have making your kids choose the color of a plastic Easter egg and transferring it into an Egg Owl Craft. Let your Kids customize these unique little owls the  way they prefer.



Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots 

This is an adorable craft to do with your kids. Choose plastic eggs of rainbows colors. Drill a hole at the top, attach a chain to hang the eggs in a rainbow series and fill with your favorite plant. Making Easter Egg hanging planter makes your home more festive.



Bright And Colorful Easter Egg Garland

This rainbow color Easter Egg Garland is a super simple for Spring Mantel Decor for everyone to enjoy. This Easter festive decor craft project of stringed together plastic eggs are a fun way to use up extra Easter eggs that are full of bright spring colors.



Rainbow Egg Wreath

Welcome Easter that marks the official start of Spring with a wreath full of rainbow colors. Nothing says spring is here such an rainbow Easter egg wreath on your door.



Mini Terrariums;

Terrariums became more popular than ever. This mini terrarium is a mini eco-world. The fake Mini terrarium is a DIY Easter projects that can keep the spring feeling around longer. To make this Mini terrarium you need real dirt, real moss and paper flowers, all are planted in a small transparent plastic egg.




Plastic Egg Cupcakes DIY

As we saw Plastic eggs are all over the web now. The best thing of these plastic egg cupcakes that they can be stuffed with candy and treats. Available at any time to eat and no crumbs anywhere. They are with glorious decorations to décor your Easter table with.



Little Bees;

How cute are these little Pastel colored bumblebees. These little bees with big eyes and cute smiles are very simple to make. All you need is a plastic egg that has two holes on either side, black brads, black wire and black paint pen. And from Tried & True you can get the full instructions.


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