20 Creative Independence Day Mason Jar crafts

Ready to get everything ready for the 4th of July? These super cute patriotic 4th of July Mason Jar crafts are easy enough to create in a flash!

20 Creative Independence Day Mason Jar crafts …The Patriotic Holidays in USA are a celebration full of joy, tradition, and culture. With the arrival of summer and the festive spirit in the air, it is the perfect time to gather friends and family to celebrate in a special way.

If you are looking for ways to decorate your home for this July without losing style, thinking outside the jar this year you are in the right place. In this post, we will tell you creative ideas to decorate your home with 4th of July Mason jar ideas to create a festive and cozy atmosphere.

The versatile vessels can not only store your Delicious Labor Day Treats but used as  4th July Centerpieces Decorating Ideas In National Colors, but they also work as 4th of July Crafts – Independence Day Crafts for Kids and Family  that do double duty as Festival Decoration Ideas. Thanks to a bit of patriotic red, white, and blue paint treatment or ribbon, you can easily give anything to be reused for your next holiday party.

This year with the most imaginative and easy Mason jar ideas from flag- or summer flowers -infused centerpieces to glowing, star-spangled lanterns or chandeliers. Collect these little glasses, so when it comes to your 4th of July party too—they can serve as Mason jar cheesecakes, cooky holders before the fireworks show begins, or pass out s’mores in a jar to little ones while the bonfire warms up. Everyone will love eating out of such stylishly presented jars. And if you use your Mason jars as decor, they’re always in style chic items.

With these ideas, choose how to dress up your Mason jar collection creating a festive and cozy atmosphere for Independence Day. They’ll be the perfect Independence Day Decorating Ideas To Celebrate A Patriotic Abode where friends and family can celebrate and enjoy Independence Day traditions in a unique way.

For even more DIY inspiration, check-out the prettiest 4th of July wreaths and decorative cake and cupcake ideas. Get ready to experience unforgettable National Holidays decorated with love and creativity.

Red, White, and Blue Candy Mason Jars

Fill mason jars with layers of red, white, and blue candies or gumballs with vacuum sealed tops, and use them as table decorations or party favors. You can decorate the jars with mini-American flags, flowers, ribbons whatever you want to add a touch of elegance.

Patriotic Candle Holders

Fill the mason jars with colored long grain rice. Pour in the rice in layers of red, white, and blue. Then place tea light candles inside on top for a warm, patriotic glow. You now have patriotic candle holders that are pretty enough to use all year long.

Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar Vases

This flower arrangement is the perfect decoration for your 4th of July party. Simply cut a piece of burlap to fit around the jar. Tie red, white, and blue colored taps. These red, white, blue and burlap Mason jars can be used for many purposes to display flowers, a place for candles or even to display silverware at a table.

Patriotic Mason Jar Centerpiece

It’s never been easier to dress up your table for the 4th of July with centerpiece mason jars filled with mini-American flags, natural smelled flowers, and other patriotic decorations to create a fun centerpiece.

Red, White, and Blue Candle Jars

A decoration with candles on top of Red, White, and Blue striped Jars is ideal for a more intimate atmosphere. Create a layer of red, white, and blue colored sand, dyed rice, or small pebbles inside mason jars and add a candle on top achieving a very original and patriotic decoration.

Mason Jar Drinks with Star-Shaped Fruit

4th of July drinks looks more refreshing in mason jars. A simple summer hydrate, serve beverages (Strawberries, Blueberries, Apples, watermelon …) in mason jars with patriotic paper straws. Water or sparkling water will do the trick. The sparkling water like berry lemonade or blue raspberry punch gives it a bit of a kick. Add some lemon to keep the fruit fresh.

Patriotic Flower Vases

Are flowers your thing? Create a small centerpiece with mason jars made of the 3 national colors will serve as decoration. This natural smell of flowers will invade your home while celebrating with pride.

American Flag Mason Jar  

This trio of painted Mason jars is a star-spangled way for multiple uses throughout the year!.

American Flag Mason Jars

Paint the jars to resemble the American flag. Start painting your mason jars with one white chalky coat. Divide the jar into strips. Then paint the top stripe blue and alternate with red paint till the bottom stripe depending on the strips size according to the jar high. Use white stars on a blue background.

Cozy lighting Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

Insert fairy lights into mason jars and hang them around to attract people’s attention. As night falls, it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere for a festive touch.

Place hanging lights, lanterns, or candles in glass jars from the ceiling of your house, your terrace, patio, or garden for soft magical lighting that gives a special and different touch to the celebration. Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns are a very simple and economical decoration.


These are cutie mason jars for guests of all ages who will love sipping from. The main idea is drilling a hole in the flat lid as sippy cups or just used paper inserts and removed the flat lid and using them.

 Mason Jar Planters

Paint jars with patriotic red, white, and blue designs and Pick some you love, succulents’ plant or small flowers and use them to create a DIY patriotic succulent planter! Put These CRAZY easy to make and look great sitting just about anywhere.

 Mason Jar Colored drinks

Have with these brightly hued drinks for 4th of July gatherings. Refreshing drinks for your guests with visual effects. Prepare lemonade, or any drink of your choice, place it in transparent jars and add food coloring of a different color to each one.

4th of July Mason Jar Floating Candle  

Create a stunning centerpiece with mason jars filled with fruit herbs and essential oil based fragrance and topped with floating candle, accented with red and blue food coloring.

Glitter Mason Jars

Coat a 3 set of mason jars with glue and dip them in red, white, and blue glitter to give the jars an extra pop for a sparkly decoration.

Mason Jar Place setting

If you are hosting a Memorial Day or July 4th BBQ party this year, then you may plan to decorate with splashes of red, white, and blue. Mason Jar place setting is a good hosting idea. Insert your silverware set into a wide mason jar. Mason Jar Place setting would be a great addition to your summer gatherings too.

Mason Jar Parfait

This red, white, and blue parfait recipe made of strawberries, blueberries, low-fat vanilla yogurt, and whipped cream is the perfect dessert for Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Fourth of July parties!

They are easy to make, besides it being no-bake full of fresh fruit layer upon layer and is delicious too. This red, white, and blue fruit parfait recipe creates a sweet and healthy way to treat yourself.

Red, White, and Blue Mason Jar Salad

What better way to Celebrate Summer…especially the America’s birthday on the Fourth of July but with all the yummy 4th of July treats and definitely healthy Red White and Blue Mason Jar Salad Recipe!

This Mason jar recipe calls for all your summer favorites: different types of berries, baby spinach, and feta cheese or Fresh Mozzarella with a poppyseed vinaigrette.

4th of July Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jars are so much fun for making different holiday crafts. To make these three different sizes 4ths of July Mason Jar Lanterns you’ll need star and stripped printable. The variety in sizes will have good display when lighted up at the entrance to our backyard party.    

4th of July Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Convert a mason jar into a soap dispenser perfect for the 4th of July Holiday. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser is with a pump lid and fill it with red, white, or blue liquid soap.

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