45 DIY Christmas Garlands Decorating Ideas to Drape Your Home in Holiday Cheer

Get creative this holiday season with DIY Christmas garlands! Discover charming and festive decorating ideas to adorn your home with holiday cheer. From traditional evergreen garlands to unique handmade designs, find inspiration to make your space merry and bright. Whether you're looking for rustic charm or elegant sparkle, these DIY Christmas garland ideas will help you transform your home into a winter wonderland.

Embrace the enchanting allure of Christmas decorations, where timeless elements consistently steal the spotlight. The iconic evergreen centerpiece, bedecked in charming DIY ornaments, becomes the heart of your living room. A warm welcome awaits with a festive wreath adorning your front door, while twinkling lights cast their magical glow on wintry nights. Amidst these classics, the Christmas garlands emerge as an indispensable tool in your holiday décor arsenal (excluding the splendidly adorned Christmas tree, naturally). The sentiment extends to DIY wreaths and door embellishments, rivaling the charm of draped porch lights, but it’s the garlands that infuse an unparalleled touch of Christmas enchantment.

With their versatile nature, garlands elegantly grace various spaces in diverse ways. They artfully cascade across mantels, entwine banisters, frame doorways, and dance along windows, adding festive flair to dining chairs and chandeliers. Let’s not overlook their potential to adorn staircase banisters, mirrors, and even the Christmas tree itself. The allure lies in strands of fresh or faux greenery, an effortless conduit for infusing your home with December’s holiday spirit. Yet, to elevate the classic allure of tree or mantel displays, the pièce de resistance is a homemade garland. Inspiration aplenty awaits, as we explore these exquisite and uncomplicated Christmas garland ideas—all within the realm of your own creation. And worry not, extending their stay into January is met with approval, for garlands possess an innate beauty that endures. What’s more, they often come at a friendlier price point compared to wreaths, especially if you venture into DIY territory.

Whether you’re drawn to the evergreen traditionalism or feel inclined to embrace innovative materials, crafting and styling garlands for the festive season offer endless possibilities. Here’s a breakdown of the key takeaways and concepts from the provided text:


Significance of Christmas Garland:

Positioned as an essential element of holiday decor, Christmas garlands amplify the magic of the season within your abode.



Garlands shine in various locations, from mantels and banisters to doors, windows, chairs, and chandeliers.


Artistry in DIY:

Crafting your own garlands is a fulfilling and imaginative endeavor, infusing your surroundings with personalized DIY allure.



Styling Options:

The styling possibilities for garlands are diverse. You can go classic with a simple draping across your mantel, or you can go all out and decorate multiple areas for a grand impression.

DIY Winter Scene Decor

Craft Your Own Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Wreath…Discover the steps in this guide by Lolly Jane to fashion a stunning holiday wreath with a touch of garland style. Craft several to infuse your home with cascades of refined festive spirit.

Beyond Greenery:

While traditional greenery garlands are popular, there’s room for creativity. Fun and kid-approved DIY ideas like candy cane garlands are also mentioned.


Classic Decorations:

Apart from garlands, other classic holiday decorations include DIY Christmas tree ornaments, front door wreaths, and twinkle lights.


Homemade vs. Store-Bought:

Homemade garlands stand out for their personal touch. Crafting materials like wooden beads, dried oranges, felt shapes, and natural treasures yield distinctive results.

Ease of Crafting:

Some DIY garlands might require more intricate crafting skills, while others can be made quickly and easily. Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built. This year, we’ve embraced the essence of tradition  as one essential element of holiday decor that inspirs both traditional and inventive decorating sence during the festive season—an exceptional introduction for all your Christmas festivities.

The realm of decorative DIY garlands is boundless, embracing materials like wooden beads, dried oranges, felt shapes, and nature’s bounty like acorns, seamlessly woven among your DIY Christmas ornaments. From intricate knitting challenges to swift creations, there’s no hindrance to your exploration of these straightforward DIY Christmas garlands.

For those seeking unconventional routes, bypassing greenery, we’ve compiled enjoyable and child-approved DIYs like the candy cane garland. Irrespective of your approach this year, the key is to revel in these concepts, allowing them to reflect your personal touch and creative expression.


Discover the Charm of Crafting with Burlap for Christmas Decor From Walking on Travels Embracing the versatility and rustic charm of burlap, we find immense joy in undertaking DIY ventures, particularly when the holiday spirit is in the air. The artisans at Walking on Travels present an ingenious way to fashion a delightful Christmas garland using burlap—a perfect adornment for elegantly draping across your fireplace.

Silver and Gold Ornaments

Enhance a staircase’s appearance by draping it with a garland embellished with silver and gold ornaments, along with a touch of linen ribbon. via Spruce up a staircase .

Evergreen, Ornaments, and Letters Garland

Enhancing the staircase with a vibrant touch, the Evergreen, Ornaments, and Letters Garland exudes its charm. What appears as a unified creation is actually a fusion of various components: the elegance of a balsam fir garland, the rustic allure of cedar garlands, the subtle illumination provided by wire LED lights, the festive flair of a red ball garland, and the nostalgic addition of vintage Christmas cards. Get the tutorial at Inspired by Charm.

Advent Calendar Garland

Nora Murphy, a homeowner and blogger from Cape Cod, ingeniously crafted a festive display above her stove using locally grown garland and small galvanized buckets. This decorative arrangement serves a dual purpose as both an air freshener and an advent calendar.

DIY Paint Sample Garland

Creating a DIY Christmas garland using paint samples offers a fantastic crafting option, particularly for those who appreciate budget-friendly projects. By gathering an array of vibrant paint chip samples readily available at your nearby hardware store, you can fashion delightful garlands at minimal cost. This crafting concept is beautifully exemplified in the garland crafted by Stacey, a lifestyle blogger, showcasing an enjoyable and economical approach to festive decoration.

Wood Bead Garland

Enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree, whether it’s adorned in white or green, by elegantly draping a wooden bead garland around its branches. This delightful craft is both child-friendly and remarkably refined, adding a touch of sophistication to your holiday decor. Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

Bubble Puff Crocheted Garland

Crafting a Bubble Puff Crocheted Garland is easier than it may seem, as the bubble puff stitch closely resembles a double crochet stitch. This versatile technique accommodates various yarn types and complements wood bead garlands splendidly. It can either be part of a charming combination or stand beautifully on its own, adorning your tree with flair. Get the tutorial at Delia Creates.


Silver Evergreen Garland

Create an eye-catching display by elegantly looping and draping a pre-lit Christmas garland from Overstock (priced at $67) along the banister. To achieve a captivating effect, allow the garland to gracefully pool on the ground. Elevate the simplicity of this design by incorporating sprigs of shimmering silvery juniper berries, delicate silver ornaments, and a charming rope adorned with felted balls. It’s advisable to purchase more garland than you initially estimate, as having extra will be beneficial for achieving the desired draped look. In our experience, acquiring approximately one and a half times the length of your designated space should suffice.

Candy Garland

During the festive holiday season, a touch of enchantment fills the air, and this magical ambiance should extend to the decorations as well. If you happen to have a surplus of delightful gumdrops left after constructing your perfect gingerbread house, you’re in for a treat. Explore the following step-by-step guide inspired by the insights of the blogger behind Homemade Ginger. This tutorial will help you craft a vibrant and charming candy garland, adding a burst of color to your holiday decor.

Cookie Tree Candy Garland Idea

Create a delightfully sugary Christmas garland by embellishing a collection of classic cookie tins with a festive candy ribbon.


Embellished Garland

Enhance a pre-made artificial garland by adding a touch of natural beauty with fresh greenery and elements from the outdoors. Incorporate silver dollar eucalyptus sprigs to introduce both texture and a delightful fragrance. Intermingle pinecones and red berries to seamlessly blend the distinction between artificial and authentic. Complete the transformation by attaching clusters of crepe-paper ball ornaments, firmly affixing them in place using hot glue. This artistic combination will elevate the garland, creating a captivating and harmonious display.

Glitter Feather Garland

Enhance your décor with a touch of elegance and sparkle by creating a stunning glitter feather garland. Elevate a classic white feather garland by adding a festive twist with the shimmer of gold. To craft this delightful decoration, gather materials including card stock, Mod Podge, glitter, and a Silhouette machine. Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts.


Big Bow Christmas Garland

Elevate the elegance of a basic evergreen garland by adding gracefully crafted Christmas bows with elongated tails. Create these bows by using generously long pieces of broad ribbon or fabric, fasten them neatly, and affix them to the bannister with around three feet of spacing between each bow. To infuse a touch of classic Christmas charm, experiment with vibrant red ribbons.

Mini Christmas Stocking Garland

Elevate your holiday décor by adorning your space with not just stockings hanging around, but also on a delightful garland. Crafting these adorable mini stockings is a breeze and adds an extra touch of charm to your festivities! Get the tutorial at Polkadot Chair.

Paper Star Garland

The concept of Christmas tree lights is said to originate from Martin Luther, a German priest. He drew inspiration from the stars twinkling through the evergreen branches in the night sky. This simple star garland craft elevates this idea further! Get the tutorial at Inspired by Charm.


Geometric Wood Bead Garland

Embrace the holiday spirit with a Christmas garland that combines the charm of wooden beads and the elegance of geometric brass elements. Let your creativity shine as you carefully thread the bead garland through the pine tree branches or elegantly drape it across the mantel. The result is a delightful and whimsical addition to your décor. Infuse a personalized touch by experimenting with different bead patterns and arrangements of brass triangles. This DIY project not only brings joy when displayed but also offers a fun and enjoyable crafting experience.

Felt Holiday Garland

Craft a contemporary and stylish Christmas message for your home using cut-out felt block letters. Enhance the festive ambiance by accenting it with a dried citrus garland. Get the tutorial at The Merrythought.

Bandana Garland

The Bandana Garland, a perfect addition to the Drummond Ranch aesthetic! Crafted from timeless country bandanas, this garland adds a delightful spin to traditional holiday decorations. Get the tutorial at Heathered Nest.


Corner Swag

Create a charming corner swag using a combination of wired pine boughs, elegant magnolia leaves, and sturdy grapevine. Attach these elements to 1×2-inch boards arranged at a right angle. For easy hanging, utilize an exterior removable hook.

Pro Tip: Opting for faux fir greenery works well for doorways, ensuring that the needles remain intact even as the door is used frequently. This choice minimizes any concerns about needle shedding.

Mitten Bell Garland

Create a charming garland perfect for adorning your tree during the holiday season or leaving up throughout the winter months. Crafted from cozy mittens and accompanied by the cheerful jingle of bells, this garland adds a delightful touch to your festive decorations. Get the tutorial at Scratch and Stitch.

Dried Orange Garland

Embrace the Citrus Spirit As the season ushers in the joys of winter, citrus fruits take the spotlight. Pay homage to this beloved wintertime fruit with your very own dried orange garland. Get the tutorial at Say Yes.


Christmas Centerpiece Greenery Garland

Transform basic greenery into a magnificent winter tabletop garland using our straightforward, detailed guidelines. Impress your guests with your skill in crafting this lavish centerpiece. Whether elegantly laid along the table’s center or added to a mantel for a touch of countryside allure, this garland will surely captivate. Introduce a burst of color by nestling a couple of vibrant floral blossoms to harmonize with your overall décor theme.

Advent Calendar Garland

This advent calendar garland is adorned with shimmering golden stars, promising a daily delight for your youngsters throughout the festive period. Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

Painted Acorn Garland

Celebrate the beauty of nature with this charming acorn garland, adorned in festive red and green tones, brought to life with carefully hand-painted accents. Get the tutorial at Pillar Box Blue.

Faux Fur Garland

The white and gray faux fur garland exudes an ambiance that invites you to savor hot cocoa moments and cozy fireside gatherings. Get the tutorial at Ohoh Deco.

Holly Light Bulb Garland

The Holly Light Bulb Garland is a lively and illuminated ornament, featuring a burst of vibrant colors. It’s meticulously created from green card stock, beautifully capturing the timeless holly leaf design Get the tutorial at A Kailo Chic Life.


Christmas Card Garland Idea

Transform your Christmas greeting cards into a delightful garland to adorn your mantel. Drape yarn or ribbon gracefully between the opposite corners of your mantel, securing the cards in place with charming decorative clothespins, readily available at craft and paper stores. For an added layer of festivity, consider crafting ornament shapes and involving your children in the decoration process.

Sparkling Star Garland:

During this time of year, the stars exude an extra twinkle in their brilliance. Embrace that luminance within your home by adorning it with this garland of glittering stars. Get the tutorial at Create & Babble.

Paper Flower Garland

Create this magnificent paper flower garland to instantly enhance the beauty of any door frame within your household. Get the tutorial at Little House on the Corner.


Fresh Flower Garland

Vibrant blossoms take center stage in this aromatic flower garland arrangement. Ideal for the holiday season, this live floral garland offers a splendid method to infuse your Christmas table with a burst of color.

Swan Garland

The combination of a handmade swan garland with various other celebratory garlands creates a truly enchanting ambiance. Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.


Silvery Star Christmas Garland

Elevate your Christmas decorations with the enchanting Silvery Star Christmas Garland. Crafted using a pattern provided at no cost, fashion star silhouettes from repurposed sweater material. Enhance their sturdiness by attaching dense fusible interfacing to the reverse side of the stars, meticulously trimming the excess. Infuse a touch of glamour by affixing sizable silver sequins at the heart of each star. These radiant stars are then fastened to a strand of yarn, ready to be elegantly suspended and admired.

Yarn Santa Garland

Get ready for some festive fun with a Yarn Santa Garland project! With just some yarn, adorable pink pom-poms, and charming wooden beads, you’ll be able to create a garland that captures the spirit of the North Pole. Get the tutorial at Life on Summerhill.

Oversized Holly and Berry Garland

This expansive holly and berry garland demonstrates the charm of going big and bold. Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

Salt Dough Snowflake Garland

Create a charming snowflake garland using salt dough—an enduringly nostalgic and user-friendly material. Craft a collection of snowflakes to elegantly adorn various spaces within your home. Get the tutorial at Twelve on Main.


Christmas Ornament Garland

Create a sparkling jewel-like ambiance by adorning your fireplace with a glossy Christmas ornament garland. The radiant red ornaments beautifully contrast with the timeless white fireplace, mirroring the accents seen throughout the arrangement, such as the illuminated tree.


Christmas Advent Calendar Garland

Create a festive Advent Calendar Garland for your Christmas mantel. Prepare 24 small envelopes and fill them with delightful treats like tiny toys or bite-sized candies. Secure the envelopes with numbered stickers and use miniature clothespins to hang them across the mantel. Children will eagerly anticipate discovering a new surprise every morning as they count down to the joyous Christmas day.

Gingerbread House Garland

Utilize those numerous boxes you have during this time of year instead of simply discarding them. Craft an adorable DIY garland featuring cardboard gingerbread houses that add a touch of charm. Get the tutorial at Pillar Box Blue.

Glittering Winter Garland

Sparkling Winter Garland Embrace the spirit of the season with a touch of shimmer andradiance! For those who adore the holiday sparkle, create this garland adorned with captivating snowflake ornaments. Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

Circular Felt Garland

Crafting a circular felt garland is a simple and enjoyable project. All you need to do is cut out circles from felt in different colors, secure them to a string, and then proudly display your creation as it adorns your fireplace. Get the tutorial at Dwell Beautiful.


Winter Blooms and Magnolia Christmas Garland

The Winter Blooms and Magnolia Christmas Garland offers a luxurious and sizable foundation for adorning your mantel. Enhanced with metallic touches, delicate paperwhite flowers, and the warm glow of candles, this arrangement effortlessly captures the essence of Christmas, striking a perfect balance between elegance and grandeur.


Sparkling Christmas Garland

Enhance the festive ambiance of your home beyond just the Christmas tree with a sparkling garland. Create a charming arrangement by entwining lights around a traditional evergreen garland, or opt for convenience by purchasing a pre-lit one (because streamlining the holiday season is a great idea). Opt for energy-efficient LED lights to keep the garland from getting too warm. Don’t limit your Christmas garland to the mantel; get creative by placing it in unexpected spots, such as adorning your headboard.


DIY Holly Christmas Garland

Create charming and imaginative Christmas garlands using holly leaves to embellish the chair backs. Craft the leaves by cutting various shades of green felt into leaf shapes. Make two holes at the top of each leaf and thread them onto appropriately-sized paper straws (which should be cut to around six inches) to form a graceful swag. To mimic the berries, securely attach wool felt balls to the leaves using hot glue. Fasten or tie the garlands to the chair backs for a festive touch.

Vibrant Felt Garland Creation

Transform those remaining felt scraps from your recent crafting ventures into a delightful and charming masterpiece. This imaginative garland concept can be tailored to match any color scheme you fancy—whether you’re drawn to classic Christmas hues or a delightful spectrum of colors, everyone can engage in crafting this uncomplicated festive garland.


Colorful Doves Christmas Garland

Add a vibrant touch to your Christmas ambiance with a Colorful Doves Christmas Garland. Crafted from elegant white faux doves, this garland serves as a stunning conduit for conveying messages of peace and tranquility throughout the holiday season. Elevate the festive spirit with a lush green garland as the backdrop, adorned with a rich array of jewel-tone ornaments that catch the eye. Complete the look with meticulously tied ribbon bows, adding an extra layer of beauty to the arrangement.


Silver Accents for a Garland

Redefining the traditional Christmas garland, this design breaks free from conventional draping. Diverse greens harmoniously converge in natural clusters, infusing the mantel with a sense of dynamism. Complementing this lively arrangement, a mix of aged, classical, and contemporary mercury ornaments and miniature Christmas trees bestow a glistening and captivating counterpoint.




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