35 Simple Halloween Crafts For Kids on the scariest night

Get ready for the spookiest night with simple Halloween crafts for kids! In this collection, we've curated easy and fun projects that are perfect for young ghouls and goblins. From pumpkin decorating to eerie masks, these crafts promise a frightfully good time for kids of all ages on Halloween night.

As Halloween draws near, it’s a beloved celebration cherished by both children and adults worldwide. This festive occasion allows everyone to unleash their creativity, providing the perfect excuse to revel in dressing up, crafting spooky recipes, carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and decking out homes with eerie decorations.

Beyond these traditional activities, there’s another delightful way to engage with children: crafting decorative elements. Join us on this eerie journey filled with the best Halloween ideas, decorations, and crafts. It’s time to stock up on pumpkins because you’re going to need them! We’re here to share varity of simple yet spine-chilling Halloween crafts that you can enjoy with your children.

Each year, we tirelessly seek out Simple Halloween Crafts For Kids to share with you. In this post, we’ve gathered them all into one comprehensive article: the most enchanting Halloween crafts to do with kids at home, organized by year.

You’ll also find Simple Halloween crafts to do with kids that we’ve personally crafted at home with our own children, all of which are original Deco ideas projects. As you’ll discover, we’ve curated numerous fantastic ideas for your family to work on together in anticipation of the eagerly awaited Halloween celebration.

These activities promise to create unforgettable moments, and you can even let your children’s imaginations run wild by using these suggestions as a foundation for their own creations. We’re confident that among these options, you’ll discover the perfect craft for your little ones. There’s something to suit every taste and craft supply. Fun is guaranteed! Happy Halloween.

A very different Halloween pumpkin

Pumpkins have been painted in one color for so long, now never use only one color. Beside carving Halloween pumpkins with sharp knives  is risky, expecially when you have small children around.

However, the traditional approach can be modified, making pumpkin decorating much more accessible. By painting the pumpkins in a basic color like this photo in white, you can transform them into a blank canvas, allowing you to easily create unique designs using dry leaves, as demonstrated in the photo.

A Monstrous Wreath

Add the Perfect Finishing Touch to your Home… A Frighteningly Fabulous Wreath for the Door, Crafted from Yarn or Thread, Similar to the One Featured on DIY Network .


Creating Mummy Mini-Pumpkins is an enjoyable activity for kids. They can wrap the pumpkins in cheesecloth, and it’s essential for an adult to securely attach the cheesecloth to the pumpkins using staples or glue. Additionally, affix two black buttons of varying sizes to craft the mummies’ eyes.

Spooky Homemade Halloween Game

Planning a Halloween party at home? Here’s a kid-friendly idea that requires just a few materials. Grab six empty cans, some colorful paint to turn them into creepy characters, and a tennis ball to knock them down.

It’s ideal for outdoor fun on your patio or terrace, but be cautious around furniture and decorations. Let the Halloween games begin! Via: Red Ted Art.

Monster Party Hats

If we’ve got an upcoming party on the horizon, let’s get creative and whip up some playful monster party hats, taking inspiration from the ones we admired over at Studio DIY .


“Create Enchanting Halloween Memories with Easy Vampire Crafts for Kids Get ready for some spooktacular fun with your little ones as you craft a charming vampire this Halloween.

All you need is beige paper, googly eyes, and a dash of creativity. Assist the kids in cutting out a vampire shape, adding googly eyes and fangs. Voilà! You’ve conjured up a simple and delightful Halloween craft that’s simply fang-tastic!”

Popsicle Stick Haunted House

Craft these charming haunted houses using popsicle sticks, paint, and a touch of EVA or foam for the characters. Assembling and decorating these haunted houses is an absolute blast! They make a perfect craft project for a school Halloween party.

Alternatively, adults can assemble the houses, and then let the kids have a blast decorating and painting them. We’re confident that you’ll have a fantastic time crafting your unique haunted houses!  from The Best Ideas for Kids

Haunted House

“With similar materials but on a larger, more three-dimensional scale, we have this fantastic Halloween craft idea from Happily Everly After .

Haunted Mansion

Project Kid presents this spooky haunted mansion, perfect for your child, and adding a  spotlight in our home.

Fun Black Cat Craft

Create a Playful Paper Bobblehead Black Cat Using Black Cardboard. Black cats have long been a beloved Halloween symbol, and now you can craft a delightful bobblehead version with black cardboard like the one shared in Fireflies and Mud Pies.

Black cat balloons

This simple Halloween craft for kids is incredibly easy for them to create independently; your assistance will only be needed to help them inflate the balloons. Once they have their balloons ready, they can easily cut out ears, glue them in place, and paint adorable feline faces.

Paper lamps

A Perfect Craft for Halloween Decorations. Another delightful craft to enhance your Halloween celebration or adorn your house entrance for candy-giving on Halloween is creating these charming paper lanterns as demonstrated by Crafting Chicks.”


Fireplace decorated with black balloons for Halloween


Spooky! An army of ghosts has invaded the chimney, or not, wait a minute… they’re just balloons! Yes, very well done. To copy this spooky scene at home, buy a bunch of black balloons, blow them up, and glue (or draw) a pair of eyes on each one.

Then tangle them in spider webs and press them into the chimney. You can complete the look with cardboard bats on the walls. One of the best ideas for Halloween… if you have a fireplace, of course!

Corner of balloons in pastel colors as a Halloween decoration at the entrance.
Pinterest: Kara’s Party Ideas


Create a stunning entrance for your home with a fabulous balloon display! There are plenty of great balloon decorating ideas that. But to be honest these pastel-colored balloons with a touch of black and incorporating charming cutouts can transform the entrance into a magical corner of whimsy and wonder.

Get inspired by this creative display by Kara’s Party, a renowned blogger in specialized of party decorations. Wondering how she achieved this captivating look? this is done by combining an array of pastel-colored balloons with a touch of black and incorporating charming cutouts featuring iconic Hollywood monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, and Elsa.

Halloween garland with cardboard ghosts and bats.


Elevate your DIY Halloween decorations with a “Garland of Fear.” Crafting this spooky cardstock bat and ghost garland is not only a breeze but also a fantastic project to do with kids.

Simply cut out the shapes, attach the eyes and mouths, and then glue all the pieces onto a length of string for a hauntingly fun addition to your decor.

DIY Halloween Windsocks

I Heart Craft Things presents these simple yet adorable Halloween windsocks that add a delightful touch to your decor. Hang them under a sheltered front porch to twirl in the autumn breeze, or place them indoors to create a whimsical, dancing display. via I heart craft things

Popsicle stick puzzle

“If you’re looking to combine crafting with playtime for the kids, here’s a fantastic idea inspired by Made Everyday: create puzzles using popsicle sticks.

These are crafting reversible Halloween puzzles, using large popsicle sticks adorned with pictures on both sides. The result? Loads of fun! These puzzles can be customized for any season or holiday.”


Unique Halloween Garlands Using Tree Leaves

Make the most of those cozy autumn afternoons by gathering leaves with the kids. When you find yourself faced with a cold or rainy day, channel your creativity into crafting a delightful and unique Halloween garland. Here’s what you’ll need: acrylic paints, markers, string, and wooden clips.

Unique Halloween Garland Creations

If you’re looking to adorn your entire home, you’ll adore this creative concept. This craft allows you to fashion distinctive garlands in a delightfully enjoyable manner. To begin, select four Halloween-themed shapes, such as a bat, a pumpkin, a black cat, and a ghost.

You can craft them from materials like wood, cardboard, or any available supplies at your disposal. Lastly, simply create two holes—one at the top and one at the bottom—to thread the rope through.”

Halloween monsters with toilet paper rolls.


Engage in some enjoyable Halloween crafting with the kids by creating adorable decorations featuring monsters, witches, bats, or ghosts. All you need are some cardboard, a variety of colors, glue, and you’re all set for a delightful and entertaining Sunday afternoon of creativity.

Handprint Witch

A Simple and Adorable Kids’ Craft That Doubles as a Halloween Card. Create this delightful craft, which also makes for a perfect Halloween gift when paired with a special treat via thebestideasforkids.

Pumpkin Crafting with Straws

This craft not only boasts cuteness but also offers a wonderful chance for kids to enhance their cutting abilities and develop fine motor skills. In the I Heart Crafty Things project, they utilized orange straws, but you can also opt for white or transparent ones and add a splash of paint for a personalized touch.

Beyond pumpkins

Creating this craft is incredibly simple, and it’s sure to elevate your Halloween decor to the next level. All you need to do is transform cucumbers, zucchinis, onions, peppers, pumpkins, or any other vegetable into adorable monsters.

Get creative by crafting eyes, giving them quirky expressions, or using cardboard to make your own DIY accessories.

Stone Crafts for a Spooktacular Halloween

Here’s another adorable idea for friendly mummies! Grab some round stones and turn them into your very own DIY mummies with a touch of paint and markers. They’re sure to make a ‘stone’-ishing addition to your Halloween decor!. Via: The Inspiration Edit.

Hairy Spiders

We can recreate this Halloween craft idea from ‘The Best Ideas for Kids‘ using black pompoms and colorful pipe cleaners.


Engage in some enjoyable Halloween crafting with the kids by creating adorable decorations featuring monsters, witches, bats, or ghosts. All you need are some cardboard, a variety of colors, glue, and you’re all set for a delightful and entertaining Sunday afternoon of creativity.

“Embrace the Brightest Halloween Ever!

This table proves that Halloween can be a joyous and vibrant celebration for both adult and children. Deck it out with a cheerful and colorful centerpiece featuring a riot of lively pumpkins.”

Snack for Halloween

Delightful and Unique Halloween Snacks for the Afternoon. These sliced bread sandwiches, or ‘friendly sandwiches,’ are quick and perfect for a fun Halloween treat. via Rudi’s Bakery.

Paper Spider

Create Adorable Paper Spiders and Cobwebs in No Time. Craft these charming spiders and cobwebs effortlessly using cardboard or paper and a bit of thread or wool.

It’s incredibly simple and loads of fun. While we designed these cuties specifically as Halloween decorations, these paper spiders are just too adorable to resist!”  via redtedart.

Ghostly Garland

“The ghostly garland exudes a delightful and gentle charm, making it the ideal choice for elegantly adorning our home with simplicity and beauty.

Halloween lanterns

This project is best done as a family activity with adult supervision. Older family members can handle the task of cutting out the lantern features and shapes using a cutter.

Meanwhile, the younger ones can take charge of designing, gluing, and coloring the lanterns. Once they are ready, simply place a candle inside to create the ideal DIY Halloween decoration.


We’re all familiar with the spooktacular and entertaining Addams Family. How about we honor them in style? Here’s a suggestion: craft cardboard cones in various sizes and paint iconic Addams Family members or beloved Halloween characters on them.” via; Mr. Printable.

Delight in Spooky Chocolate Muffins!

These Spooky Chocolate Muffins perfect treat for Halloween!These treats are easy to make bakery-style, ideal for a party and incredibly engoyable to eat.

Tin Can Ghost Windsock

“While it may not be as lightweight or malleable as other materials, empty cans can still be used to craft some playful ghosts. Simply adorn them with white ribbon or strips of tissue paper, as demonstrated by Chicken Scratch NY, and you’re good to go.”

image sources; FreepikDarcy MillerHandmade CharlotteLia GriffithCrafty Morning,    pinterest


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