The Year’s Best Spooky Halloween Mantel Ideas

Bring the Halloween mood into your home, and a mysterious atmosphere achieved using the gallery with images that can serve as inspiration for decorating fireplaces on Halloween.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 all over the United States, the tradition originated with the ancient Celtic cultures, and has it has made its entrance to many European countries more recently.

Thus, as the influence of the celebration of Halloween, today leads us to get in the spirit of spooky season by incorporating some fun ideas in the decoration of our homes.

Any corner of a house can be retreated in Halloween inspiration, with wickedly creative Halloween crafts from the garden, through the dining room, to the bedrooms.

Starting the Halloween décor process with a special room, this allows us to concentrate our efforts and resources in one place. The fireplaces in any room can be the focal point of gathering, becoming the special place to evoke Halloween the central place that attracts attention. That will allow you to place, modify and remove the accessories and decorations,

If you have a fireplace in any room of your home, flood the atmosphere of a room with Halloween… don’t miss the opportunity to decorate it. Create a mysterious, intriguing, mystical and even a little scary environment worthy of such a nice celebration quickly and easily.

Many symbols that will help us to compose a fantasy environment for the ” Halloween night ” on one of the most important decorative elements for these days. Create something fantastic and unique. And there are plenty to choose from: Halloween garlands, the figures of bats, pumpkins, ghosts, candles, crows, wreaths, cobwebs, skulls, spiders, and the colors that stand out the most are red, black and the orange.

To bring the Halloween mood into your home, and a mysterious atmosphere achieved using the below gallery with images that can serve as inspiration for decorating fireplaces on Halloween. In them, we can see different compositions just choose the decorations you like mix and match some of fun and dark scenery that identifies Halloween. Use the upper shelf that some fireplaces have and add a special touch to it or place the Halloween accessories and decorative objects around it, on some auxiliary furniture, or directly on the floor.

The fireplaces are a great place to take advantage of the emblematic pumpkins, dry tree leaves, also some garlands, candles and other forms and figures to recreate a Halloween landscape. Thus incorporate this fun celebration into the decoration of a house.

Line Your Shelves With BOO Décor

Spooky Halloween Mantel Decorations

Creative Countertop

Put Skeletons in Unexpected Places

Create a Foraged Look

Hang a Bat Garland

Line Your Wall With Bats

Framed Black and White Halloween Mantel

Assorted Felt Bats

Set the Mood With Halloween Candles

Pre-Lit Haunted Décor

Make a Spider Web

Black BOO Letters 

Drape Mesh Over Your Mirrors

Mix Mirrors with Silver

Keep It Minimal

A Warning Sign

Put a Jack-o-Lantern

Hang Holiday-Appropriate Art

Create an Amber Glow

Put Golden Tiny Pumpkins

Use Black and White Accents

Super Spidey Halloween Mantel Decor

Spooky Skeleton Décor

Color-Coordinate Your Décor with Black and Orange

Assemble a Big Black Garland

Halloween Critters Halloween Mantel Decor

A Witch Decoration

Spooky Candle Halloween Mantel Decor

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