50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

Enjoy our 50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas…Halloween just around the corner and it’s officially time to start getting some spooky decoration.

For those who have a fireplace mantel is definitely the perfect place to bring some Halloween spirit into your home. Thus it needs to be decorated for Halloween to be a spooky Halloween mantel. Because Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year; it is time to have fun decorating my fireplace mantel. The mantelpiece is where you can let loose. A beautiful fireplace mantel can set the spirit of Halloween, it usually has a nice space to put there any Halloween display decorations and give mood to the whole room for you and your guests. From Fall-themed displays, your Halloween decoration here comes from. Halloween mantel has an amazing variety of items as carved pumpkins and gourds of all shapes, to spooky ghosts’ arrangement with cheesecloth cobwebs, dark bats, spiders and many other things, these plenty inspired decorating ideas are here for your Halloween mantel this year.


Fireplace is a great place to create a beautiful display festive atmosphere. It works as a centerpiece area in your living room a place of gathering every day and on important occasions. The present of a fire place or mental offers plenty of moods into the Halloween spirit. It is quite easy to take your decor too far, if you are a creative person   don’t hesitate to decorate yours if you have one. Halloween decorations can work very well on any mental. Whatever your personality and style. Halloween gives you the opportunity to do adorable little decorations for your mantel to create a Halloween atmosphere. Enjoy these images below of creepy cute awesomeness ideas that will help gently floating your creative side.



Great_-Halloween_-Fireplace_-Mantel_-Decorating_-Ideas (1) Great_-Halloween_-Fireplace_-Mantel_-Decorating_-Ideas (2)source

DIY Candles For Halloween Décor;

The candles are one of the important Halloween accessories used in decorating the fireplace and mantle.  They have a classy appearance but here they evoke the feeling of Halloween. When decorated on the mental they feature all kinds of crazy inspirations. DIY Candles for Halloween Décor‎ can turn out to be the scary element creating a special Halloween atmosphere. The mantle can be paired with creepy and scary candles in different size or wrap them in black lace trim, they are really simple to make.

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas (3)source

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas (1)source

Creepy Flowers for Halloween;

Generally flowers are bright and, beautiful we love using them in our decoration for our hay occasions but what about Halloween? They become dark and ugly with unpleasant-looking in preparation for Halloween then; they can add value to your decorations. To spice things up use creepy flora in deep fall colors which can really sending misleading signals of the true element of Goth which will the maximum scary standards and give spooky Halloween decorations a touch of class.  The Halloween Decor consists of creepy wickedly awesome flowers could become an awesome indoor decoration or give your indoor a delightful touch of the macabre.

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideassource

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideassource

Cool DIY Mason Jar Crafts To Welcome Fall;

If you want to do something craftier than to transform your orange fruit into a masterpiece for Halloween use a couple of mason jars. This glass or plastic jar can be used in tons of decorated object you will be surprised how much it is useful. Mason jars can be easily turned into Halloween lanterns a beautiful piece of art. They are easily and quickly do by yourself. You’ll be pleased to find that these Cool DIY Mason Jar Crafts ‎ideas are lovely crafts to decorate your home and a Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Idea. You will find a perfect mix of spooky an elegant look. DIY Halloween mantel decorations …the options are endless.

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideassource

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideassource

Cool DIY pumpkin Halloween decorations;

Your Halloween décor would be incomplete without Pumpkins. It is one of our beloved Halloween traditions. To Craft pumpkins to create jack-o-lanterns helps spreading Halloween spirit. These luminous decorations in the form of lanterns or other craft project can be spooky or cheerful. Because Pumpkins are the symbol of fall and occasions related to this season Halloween, Thanksgiving they are well tolerated for the fireplace decorations too. There are many cool ways to use Pumpkin Designs and Decorating Ideas for Halloween as an iconic piece of Halloween décor.  Both natural and faux pumpkins are used for decorations, such as painting, decorating and carving to display your Halloween pumpkins… these Cool DIY pumpkin Halloween decorations are creative, charming and will be a big hit for Halloween mental decorations.  The ideas are endless to decorate your fireplace.

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas source

Bat Crafts For Halloween;

As pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween, bats are also a symbol of Halloween. Halloween bats are a fun holiday items for kids and sure, older kids too love a haunted house full of creepy creatures such as bats. Halloween bat decorations are really easy to craft; other than a piece of paper or cardboard to make a spooky bat many other materials like cork, yarn, pine-cone, cupcake Liner bats can be used to decorate your Halloween mantel with. These bats can be black or white as a fun way to create a Halloween version.

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas source

Haunted DIY Halloween Mirrors;
A DIY haunted ghost Mirror over the fireplace for Halloween is a creepy craft idea. A Haunted mirror will become a focal point in your Halloween decor! Make a ghost on the mirror to fit your own Halloween style using inexpensive water based paste which is a resoluble material as tempera paint or make of frosted-glass window film. DIY Ghost Mirror ~ Haunted Halloween Décor Mirrors craft idea will fill your home with festive spirit from spooky to whimsical this holiday season.

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas (1) source

DIY Vintage Halloween Garland With Bats And Pumpkins;

Can your Halloween be a Halloween without eerie garland? Halloween Garlands are a quick and cheap way to spook up your mental. Home decor would be incomplete without setting the spirit of vintage spooky garland to dress your fireplace and mantel. Have a Vintage Halloween Garland Banner that is easily crafted to bring a little fun Halloween decorating made of both Bats and Pumpkins for your fireplace mantel decor. Use black/orange card-stock for bats or pumpkins to spread the trick-or-treat spirit. Make some Halloween garland banner with black bats and orange pumpkins attached to each other.  At each end spread the pieces along the string as long as you want to drape them and hang it on the mantel. Set a Halloween Garland with Bats and Pumpkins display that is compromised to the length of your mental

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas (2)

Use Some Modern Decor;

When it comes to Fireplace and Mantel decor for Halloween modern décor elements are perfect to fit the occasion, although many of us sticks to the traditional Halloween décor. Modern Halloween decor is all about simplicity, it only needs a minimal display and are never overdone. You may want to set the mood with some Modern Décor do the job of scaring people and do some entertain using; Scary DIY Halloween Wreaths hanged over the fireplace, DIY Jack-O-Lantern Rocks, and Spiders, Snakes and Bats Design scattered over the mental beside any Halloween display. If you are one of those who love the term changes and trends consider adding more of this Modern Decor‎ in your design details.

They will help you achieving its goals to an extent. If need to change things up, find and save ideas about cool Halloween mantel decorating ideas I’ve gathered the Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas from the whole internet you definitely will love. The issue is not the max spirit but we give a leverage to put little things in our family holiday home areas where we are hoping that you could spend some good time with us. Images via: Pinterest hope you liked this post.
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50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas (1)

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas (2)

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas (3)

50 Great Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas (4)












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