30 Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas for the Mantel October is almost here and that means fall-themed displays taking pumpkins, spider webs, cheesecloth cobwebs, bats, witches brooms and other Halloween decorations to spooky arrangements whether that are in your yard, front door or indoor décor of your house into the scariest on the block.

After all, Halloween is one of the best joyous times of the year for some serious fun that people will remember for years and years. Those who have a fireplace definitely need to decorate it for Halloween. Fire place mantel is a perfect place to bring some great Halloween spirit into your home.

Halloween decoration in general is fun, especially according to this holiday many different decorating items can be added on top of your fireplace mantle, some candles, spooky ghosts, creepy spiders, bats and many other dark things that turns it into a traditional spooky Halloween look. Make sure your decorations are far enough from the fire area. Plenty of decorating inspiration ideas is available for your Halloween mantel this year and it would be more fun if you start early. Let’s take a look at these 30 Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas for the Mantel.

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