Easy Paper Flower Crafts

Easy Paper Flower Crafts contains different ways to make paper flowers. Here you will find simple options that you can repeat with your children, and various ideas for inspiration.

These gorgeous Easy Paper Flower Crafts are surprisingly an easy way to bring the garden indoors (and the project is a great way to sharpen your paper crafts skills)! Learn how to make paper flowers with these easy to follow tutorials!

It is amazing what you can create with paper? These Simple diy Easy Paper Flower Crafts are proof of that!

Want to know how to elevate your decorations game without using real flowers? Kids and adults alike will love following these simple tutorials to make beautiful paper flowers. With Paper you can create different types of lovely and inexpensive flowers to decorate your home… your options are endless.

Making Paper flower Craft work as wonderful gifts for family and friends for special occasions, as well as fantastic and frugal party decorations. Doing something creatively together for school or kindergarten will be a pleasure and will strengthen the emotional connection between parents and children and improve communication. There’s so much that you can do with them! Therefore, bring the paper, get your fidgets ready, we are starting.

Once you get deep into the project and in the hang of cutting, folding, and arranging paper, these DIY Paper Flower Crafts come together quickly. You’ll find lots of different types of easy flower crafts for all ages here, as well as a couple more challenging blooms for those with advanced skills. There’s something for everyone in this collection!

Below, find fun and easy DIY paper flower tutorials and how to make paper flowers easy for you to follow.


BEAUTIFUL DIY Easy Paper Flower Crafts



DIY Spiral Paper Rose Flowers/ Rolled Paper Flowers

This is one of the easiest ways to make a paper flowers using the spiral technique, it is quick and easy!

To create such a simple and lovely paper flowers used for a unique wedding bouquet, centerpiece, and more. All you need to create these flowers is Colored paper or cardstock (old book pages, newspaper or brown Kraft paper), a glue gun, scissors, pencil and some florist wire and tape for stems.

1-Draw a Paper Circles

Start by drawing a circle on your chosen paper type.  It doesn’t need to be perfectly round. The size of the circle will determine the size of your flower.

2- Cut and Roll the Spiral Shape

Carefully cut a spiral shape starting from the edges of the circle. Try to make the cut smooth and even. Leave a circle in the center; this is where you will affix the rolled flower. Start rolling the cut spiral from the outer edge of the spiral toward the center until you reach the center.

3-Rolled Paper

Release the swirl of rolled paper to reveal your rose, let it loosen slightly to form the flower shape. Then hot glue the swirl to the center few seconds to secure the rose in place. The tightness of the roll will affect how the petals look, so adjust it to your liking. Wrap your florist with a small metal wire that I pass through the base of the flower and then wrap around the wire with florist tape to secure it.

4-Repeat With Coordinating Paper

Repeat with varying sizes of circles and different spiral shapes on different paper textures and different colors to create a stunning adornment flower of different petal effects.


How to make a Spiral Paper Rose

Any craft for children should not be difficult. A Spiral Paper Rose is a simple template for a child and should simply be cut out by parents or adults. The paper rose, the spiral template for which you is easy to make. The Spiral Paper Rose does not require glue or other complex materials.


Heart-Shaped Rolled Paper Flower Wall Decor

Paper flowers can look almost like the real thing if you plan to make the Spiral Paper Flower Heart ( lots of spiral flowers in various shades of pink shaped into a heart) glue and other materials is needed. This canvas has the same technique as Spiral Paper Rose would, it depends on your imagination and the type of paper you use. Spiral Paper Flower Heart makes a fantastic anniversary gift on mother day or on valentine day.


Postcards Spiral Paper Rose

Postcards Spiral Paper Rose may be larger or smaller, with sheets of different colors, add stems and leaves to the flowers and make a bouquet, or glue them to a card base directly, making an image, for example, a heart. This type of technique is interesting to implement and does not require any additional costs. It’s done very quickly.



Fowers with petals may contain 5-petal and 6-petal paper flowers or more. Creating these pretty petalled paper flowers is just a fold and cu technique. These are another simple way to make paper flowers for children and with their help is to assemble crafts from individual petals. You will need Colored paper or origami paper of your choice, Scissors, and Glue or double-sided tape.





1-Make a paper square

Start out with a square piece of paper, preferably thin or lightweight paper. The size of the squares will determine the size of your petals and the overall flower. You can use square origami paper or cut the paper into squares from any rectangular piece of paper. Via burdastyle.

2- Folding Paper Flowers (8-Petal)

Fold diagonally in half to form a triangle. Fold the triangle in half twice to make a smaller triangle. Cut the folded paper to be rounded or pointed to define the shape of the flower petals.

3- Folding Paper Flowers (8-Petal)

Carefully unfold the paper to reveal an eight-petaled flower. You should have a symmetrical petal shape.

4-Assemble the Flower:

Cut out a circle from paper, felt, craft foam, or fabric. Glue this at the center of the flower. Attach another petal to the glued edge, slightly overlapping them. Continue adding petals in a circular pattern until the flower is complete.

5- Folding Paper Flowers (8-Petal)

Make more flowers with different sizes and shapes of petals to create various flower styles.


DIY 3D  paper tulips


Springtime means tulips go hand-in-hand, and this is a 3D paper craft made of the petals and core and added green leaves. Tulips can also be made in a similar way and would make a stunning card or kid-made gift for someone special.

This simple tutorial will show you how to make a full paper tulip to decorate your home, their bright, vibrant colors are sure to cheer anyone up.

DIY 3D  paper tulips are used as a gift decoration too. For an easier project, see How to Make an Origami Tulip. Via twinkletwinklelittleparty.

DIY Giant Paper Flower

These large, easy paper flowers are perfect for backdrops perfect for home decor for parties or adding big pops of color to your home for spring or summer, to be used as a photo spot or at a special event like weddings or baby showers and for nursery wall décor. Via abbikirstencollections.


Enjoy making your Folding Paper Flowers!











Layered paper flower is one of the simplest ways, the crafts turn out to be very beautiful! You can use not only paper, colored paper or origami paper, but also round cardboard or paper napkins and plates, filters for a coffee maker – there are many options. You can use several layers: two or more even with different colors.

This layered paper flower technique gives wide opportunities for creativity: with some imaginations the number, color, size and shape of the layers can give different results.


1-Prepare the Paper:

Cut out several squares measuring 15×15 cm or 3-5 different sizes from paper of the same color. The number of squares will determine the number of layers in your flower.


2-Create the Layers:

Take a square piece of paper and fold it in half twice to form a triangle.

Fold the triangle in half twice to make a smaller triangle. To create the petal shape and create the contours of petals round or tapered it needs to be cut from the open end.


3-Unfold the Layers:

Carefully unfold the piece of paper to reveal a flower shape. and set it aside for now. Repeat the process with the remaining squares, creating progressively smaller flowers.


4-Layer the Flowers to assemble the craft:

Start with the largest flower shape as the base. Lubricate it with glue along the edge without cuts and twist it into a tight tube, screwing it onto the end of the stem. Lubricate the middle of the smaller layer of the craft with glue to the center of the next largest flower. Insert the stem into the hole in this part so that the core is on top. Press the flower piece onto the stem until it sticks.

Continue layering the flowers in the same way from largest to smallest, apply glue to the center of the large piece and insert the stem into the hole in the center ensuring each layer is centered, and then press the piece onto the stem so that it sticks, the petals are staggered for a fuller look.


5-Finish the Flower:

Then lubricate the center of the green part with glue and glue it to the flower from below using the same principle.

Enjoy making your layered paper flowers!







Many ideas are to start working with, use different shades of the same color or contrasting colors. There are different types of material depending on the idea, for different interesting effects.

Combine flowers of different sizes and shapes with techniques to create various flower styles and to create a bouquet or decorative arrangement.






Simple DIY Easy Paper Flower Crafts

All that sunshine and flowers welcoming spring, this adorable paper flower craft is perfect craft to make a wonderful decoration. Make easy flowers from colored paper. Just take a piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Cut strips in straight line about 2cm from the end and any width. Continue Folding the paper as in the shown in the link and you’re done!


Children’s paper tulips

These beautiful paper tulips represent a fun spring-themed craft. For a postcard with tulips is a great gift from children on mother day from tulip painting to paper tulips. Kids will love making a bouquet of these to bring home to Mom.


Sequence of work

You need to fold your square paper several times to get 6×6 squares. Draw a bud on the top side using a pencil. It can have any form round or sharp edge.


Garlands of flowers

During the holidays, it’s nice to decorate your home with Paper Flower Crafts as holiday accessories. Children especially like this type of craft. They will be happy to be creating paper art. Amazing garlands are made from Paper Flower Crafts as holiday accessories should be bright and attractive.






Fantasy flower

Create a paper craft made of flowers that resembles a packaging bow. For example, flowers with rounded petals that are all stacked and tied together in the center with thread or wire. Each petal is slightly compressed to give it volume.



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