21 DIY Felt Balls Projects And Crafting Ideas

Enjoy The Magic of Felt Balls in Crafting and Home Decor for-Every-Occasion

DIY Felt Balls Projects And Crafting Ideas ...Felt balls, are known by many names …Felt beads, Wool felt pom poms, Wool felt balls, Pom-poms, Felted wool balls, Wool beads, Felted wool pom-poms, Fabric balls, Textile balls and Wool spheres.

They are the little felted balls of happiness that you will SERIOUS be in love affair with. They are one of my go to crafting supplies during the holidays. They literally make me feel so happy when I look at them!

Felt Ball Trees Photo by Home Talk

Crafting with felt balls has gained popularity in recent years. You just can’t help purchasing because of their colors, the texture, the versatility that can be used in various crafts. From festive garlands to adorable ornaments, felt balls offer endless possibilities for creative DIY projects.

Almost any color combination is available in felt balls, from the most muted colors to the most vibrant. They are a home decor enthusiast’s DREAM. Especially when mixing them with materials like wood, yarn and air-dry clay.

So here is my favorite fun list of the best DIY felt ball Projects And Crafting Ideas that I could find from around the web, and there is something for everyone in this list, no matter your style! Felt balls are truly one of the most customizable craft items I have found. Check out this awesome list and let it inspire you to make your own creation.

Why Choose Felt Balls?
Felt balls are the perfect crafting material for craft lovers for several reasons. Firstly, they are a, natural beauty which can be hand-felted and hand-dyed in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures, with endless creativity.

Besides, felt balls are versatile, lightweight, and easy to work with. Felt balls make a great choice for handmade home decor, garlands, dryer balls, wall art, toys, accessories, and even unique bohemian jewelry or add an extra layer of texture to your creations and many more, suitable for crafters of all skill levels.

Why not give it a try if you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, you’ll find that felt balls offer a fun and satisfying crafting experience.

Felt Ball Home Décor
Felt balls comes in different colors to add shape, texture & charm to your home your home décor for an inviting atmosphere and cozy touch. Create accent pillows, wall hangings, rugs, or coasters adorned with felt balls to add so much POP and personality to any room. Mix and match colors to complement your existing home decor accessories for a cohesive look.

Felt Ball Accessories
Handmade accessories featuring felt balls add some color to your life. Create keychains, hair accessories, or jewelry using felt balls that are soft and comfortable, also can be applied repeatedly can be unique accessories to add a pop of color and personality to any outfit.

Felt Ball Kids Crafts
Get the kids involved in crafting with fun and easy projects using felt balls is a calm and screen-free activity for rainy dayfun. Let them create their own felt ball jewelry, puppets, or ornaments with a little help to decorate their rooms or give as gifts.

Crafting with felt balls is the type of craft that even little ones can make and is a great way to encourage creativity and fine motor skills in children.

Felt Ball Holiday Decorations
Celebrate the holidays in style with some color and fun into your home this holiday season using handmade decorations featuring felt balls. Create charming drape garlands over your mantel, use ornaments to decorate your tree, and table centerpieces using felt balls is perfect for Holiday decorations in festive colors.

These handmade decorations will add a special touch to your holiday celebrations or Christmas party decor and create lasting memories for years to come.

Felt Ball Storage Solutions
Keep your felt balls properly stored, organized and easily accessible after Holiday or when you simply do not need it at the moment. With smart storage solutions felt balls prevent them from getting lost or damaged.

Store them in clear labeled containers or jars to keep them visible with color codes or descriptions to keep them visible. Sustainable storage solutions make it easy to find the perfect felt ball for your next project.

Felt Ball Crafting Tips
When working with felt balls for various creative projects, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind. Choose the right type of felt balls for your project. Choose the appropriate felt balls size, color palette, and texture that goes with your creating project.

Gather your supplies before going through into your project like sharp scissors, hot glue, a needle, thread, and any additional supplies you want to add to your project.

Finish off your project by securing the thread or by applying a small amount of hot glue and trimming any excess for successful crafting details. Use different techniques and designs while working with your creativity and make each project unique.

Felt Ball Care and Maintenance
With regular care your felt ball crafts will look in their best, even after years.  It’s important to properly care for them to give you so much pleasure for a long time.

The surface of the felt can be form smaller Nodules, textile fibers, knot formation due to friction when sitting and Dirt. Spot clean felt ball nodules, to restore the felt to its original decoration state with a damp cloth to prevent Pilling or with the lint roller or adhesive tape.

Store felt ball crafts in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or damage.Top of Form

1- Felt Balls Garland

 If you wish to add more color to your home, a handmade felt ball garland is sure to brighten up any room and create a festive atmosphere in your home.

DIY Projects with Felt Ball Garland Ideas  

Adds the perfect amount of fun and that pop of color to your nursery and decorate with felt balls while baby-proofing your baby’s room.

Felt Ball Garland display for holidays or for any occasion; String felt balls onto twine, thread, ribbon or yarn in alternating colors, and sizes to create a visually appealing. Transfer your boring cushions or pillows by adding couple of felt balls with alternating colors around the edges.

Felt Ball Garland for Christmas décor; Hanging the garland above your fireplace, along a staircase, or across a mantel, on walls or in windows. for a charming touch of holiday cheer. via onsuttonplac.

Felt Ball Garland for a decorative touch: add a personal touch to the decorative vases or around the base of a bouquet by Just attaching felt balls to a length of ribbon and tie it around the base of a bouquet or vase for a decorative touch around your home. OR you can spruce up a bouquet of flowers you are giving as a gift or as a Felt Garland As Curtain Tie-Back.

Felt Ball Garland for fun DIY decor: String felt balls onto embroidery floss to add colorful and fun DIY decor and use it to decorate a bulletin board or photo display or to decorate an unexpected spot. via etsy.

Glitter Felted Ball Garland; Glitter felt balls Garland is one of the most important items for any DIY felt ball project. Not only do these glitter display these felt balls with bright shiny colors, but they also add some delightful sparkle while making your felt ball garlands, felt ball mobiles of any other projects for nursery. via tatertotsandjello.

Rainbow Felt Ball Garland; Add a touch of charm and whimsy to your home decor with a multi-colored felt garland made of: Bubblegum, Hot Pink, Tangerine, Banana, Apple, Turquoise, Periwinkle…These delightful arrays of felt garland of colors result in a truly unique and eye-catching creating joyful and festive vibe to any space. Suitable for special occasions or adding a pop of color to your everyday decor.

2- Felt Ball Trees;

If you are thinking of quick and easy crafting and need some styling too, and nothing could be more fitting than these adorable little trees from felt balls for a room or nursery decor.  DIY tree skirts made with felt balls to enhance holiday décor. via Home Talk

 3- Boutonnieres;

If you Love Seeing a creativity making  a gorgeous wedding bouquet entirely out of felt then this project is for you.  A felt wedding bouquet is the perfect fit for the hardcore DIY bride. Plus you can hang on to them as a keepsake forever!  via somethingturquoise.

4- Felt balls Flower Centres;

Felt balls can be used as flower centers in DIY felt ball craft. According to your flower size use these hoops to customize your work.

5-  Felt balls  Cherry Place Card/Gift Topper;

These sweet little cherries are the cutest darn things. Your guests saying, “Pretty please with a cherry on top!” You can use them for place cards, gift toppers, or a party favor, an ornament, all kinds of ideas!  via ohhappyday.

 6- DIY Felt ball Ice Cream Cone Keychains;

The bright vibrant colors of these cute little ball shapes can transform them into fun craft. Create your own DIY felt ball ice cream cone keychains using the colorful felt balls! via akailochiclife.

7- DIY Felt Acorns;  

Imagine the things you can do with these delightful felt ball acorn diy for the coming seasons.  You can turn these felt balls variational projects into autumnal touch to gifts, crafts, and fall decor.

Create cluster of acorns on a branch instead of single acorns, accents to your dress or tops, and even necklaces or earrings and they are great for a Thanksgiving tablescape. via celebrate-creativity.

8- Felt Ball Mobile;

This felt ball mobile hanging from a hoop or branches has got to be the cutest DIY mobile for babies by far. The simple pops color of a felt ball brings to a nursery or child’s room are  pretty good idea. via mysparkle.

9- Simple Felt Ball Flowers;

No decor can be more simple yet interesting all at the same time, than these easy DIY felt ball projects that can light up any corner of your room. DIY Autumn Felt ball is an inexpensive craft project even beginners can venture to make. via Eryn With A Y.

10- Felt Ball Trivet;

Give your kitchen the pop it needs with these felt balls trivets. These homemade trivets are great way to add some texture in your kitchen. via Maker Crate.

11- Felt Ball Coasters;

Felt Ball Coasters: Glue or sew felt balls onto fabric squares, round cork coasters or felt sheets to create a colorful set of unique coasters for drinks or your coffee table. Very easy to make in only three minutes, you can be done with one cute felt ball coaster. Via Inspired by Charm.

12- Felt Ball Grass Centerpiece;

If you are not very good with indoor plants, then this indoor garden is a fun felt ball project. These beautiful “bright colored spring mix” of felt ball making a centerpiece spring grass will add some flavor your decor. via Tatertots and Jellos.

13- DIY Felt Ball Wreath;

Create an inviting vibrant and fun DIY wreath to your home any time of the year. This DIY felt wreath is made from colorful felt balls. You can do that with very few materials and about an hour’s worth of your time.

Just glue felt balls onto a wreath base made of foam or wire wreath for a colorful festive decoration. You can add seasonal accents like pinecones, berries, or ribbon to complete the look.

14- DIY felt ball Dream Catchers;

Felt balls, feather and a variety of craft supplies to decorate your DIY Dream Catcher make the perfect whimsical touch to a nursery or bedroom. Dream catchers are traditionally hung above the bed to take away bad dreams.  Via rebeccapropes.

15- Felt Ball Rug;

Multi-Color Felt Pom Pom Ball Rug is a cozy and comfy homemade rug. You can either use it as a sitting pad, or a floor rug for display use. Perfect for baby nursery decor! via ganapaticrafts.

16- Felt Ball Bracelet;

You can buy readymade felt balls or, learn how to make felt balls from merino wool, learn to make felted jewelry. Now you can thread felt balls onto elastic cord to create colorful bracelets. With felt balls and glass beads create stretchy bracelets as many as you want! Via Rosiepink.

17- DIY Pom Pom Curtain;

Brighten up any window with this colorful decorative Felt Ball Curtain. It may take some time, but this DIY curtain with felt balls is totally  easy to make and suitable for all ages. This lovely and colorful pompom curtain is the perfect afternoon project for all the family. Via emmaleith.

18- Felt Ball Curtain Tiebacks:

Add to your little one’s nursery or room these beautiful felt ball curtain tiebacks for a playful touch. The soft felt colors in hues of blue, pink & grey, are a perfect way to add a finishing decorative accent to a baby girl or baby boy room.

19- DIY Felt Ball Earrings;

Like tassels, Felt Ball are also super trendy and playful accessories these days. It’s all about attaching felt balls to earring hooks studs for simple and colorful earrings.

20- Felt Ball Doorknob Hanger;

There are many fantastic youtube videos and tutorials out there about hoe to create a beautiful Felt Ball Doorknob Hanger. But here are the basics via uptodateinteriors.

21- Felt Ball Gift Toppers;

Add a special touch to gifts wrapping as charming gift toppers with felt ball toppers. via thefeltstore.


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