EVA rubber, also known as Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, is a versatile material widely used in crafts due to its softness, flexibility, and durability. It has become increasingly popular among craft enthusiasts due to its numerous benefits. EVA foam is affordable and readily available, making it easily accessible for various craft projects. Its flexibility allows for easy manipulation, cutting, and shaping, expanding the creative possibilities. Additionally, EVA foam complements other materials like cardboard or wood, further enhancing its versatility in crafting.

Crafting with EVA rubber not only provides entertainment but also fosters creativity, fine motor skills, and quality family time. This material enables you to bring your creative ideas to life, thanks to its malleability and resilience. Whether you’re working with clay, elastic rubber, or drawing inspiration from the seasons, EVA foam serves as an excellent medium for your craft endeavors.

EVA foam has gained popularity in recent times due to its versatility. Its combination of hardness and malleability makes it a preferred choice over materials like cardboard or paper. It can be easily shaped into various forms while maintaining durability. The increasing demand for EVA foam has made it widely available in stationery stores and department stores. Craft experts particularly favor this material due to its ease of cutting, folding, and shaping, ensuring optimal results. With a wide range of colors to choose from, EVA foam can be adapted to suit any creative project.

If you enjoy crafts and like working with easily accessible materials, you’ve likely come across EVA rubber. It is a fantastic medium for crafting due to its softness, variety of colors, and thickness options. EVA rubber can be painted, cut, drilled, and glued, making it suitable for a wide array of colorful and economical projects. The possibilities for crafting with EVA rubber are endless, making it a beloved material for craft enthusiasts.

Discover a variety of exciting craft ideas using EVA foam, including stamps, bracelets, crowns, flowers, and more. Engage in the joy of crafting with your little one as they enhance their creativity and motor skills. Let the fun-filled moments begin as you embark on these creative projects with EVA rubber.

Here are some tips for crafting with EVA rubber:

Consider age and abilities: Choose craft projects that are suitable for your child’s age and skill level. Avoid projects that are too complex or too simple.
Set up a work space: Ensure that your child has a dedicated area to work on their crafts, with all the necessary materials within easy reach.
Use child-safe scissors: If your child will be using scissors, provide age-appropriate scissors and supervise their use. Teach them how to handle scissors safely.
Use appropriate glue: EVA rubber may not adhere well with all types of glue. Look for safe and suitable adhesives that work well with the material.
Explore colors and textures: EVA foam comes in various colors and textures. Encourage your child to experiment with different combinations to create unique designs.
Foster creativity: Allow your child to freely explore and create without restrictions, promoting their creativity and imagination.
Be patient: Working with EVA foam can be challenging, especially for young children. Practice patience and offer assistance when needed.
Encourage teamwork: Crafting with EVA foam can be a fun family activity. Involve everyone and encourage collaboration and cooperation.
Celebrate achievements: When your child completes a craft, celebrate their accomplishment and praise their effort. This will motivate them to continue exploring their creative skills.
Have fun: Remember that crafting should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Embrace the process and enjoy the time spent creating with EVA rubber.
Embrace the boundless opportunities and unleash your creativity with this wonderful material – EVA rubber.

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Eva rubber flower wreath

A creative way to adorn your door or wall is by crafting a beautiful wreath using Eva rubber flowers. This charming wreath adds a vibrant and colorful touch to any space. To make the flowers, simply cut out desired shapes from Eva rubber using a cutter, and carefully attach them onto a circular cardboard base. Lastly, add a rope for hanging, and your lovely flower wreath is ready to be displayed.

Eva rubber owl

That sounds like a wonderful approach to encourage creativity and imagination in children’s crafts! By providing them with tools and materials to construct their own creations, you are fostering their problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and artistic expression.

Cutting out geometric shapes of various sizes and colors is a great idea because it allows children to explore different possibilities and combinations. They can experiment with arranging the shapes in different ways to create unique figures, just like the Eva rubber owl you mentioned. This not only enhances their creativity but also helps them understand basic shapes and their properties.

Allowing children to build and construct using their imagination promotes critical thinking and independent thought. It encourages them to think outside the box, come up with their own ideas, and develop confidence in their abilities. They can also learn to make decisions, overcome challenges, and take pride in their finished creations.

Additionally, incorporating elements like adding a beak or ears to their figures at the end adds an extra layer of customization and personalization to their crafts. It gives them the freedom to add their own unique touches and truly make their creations their own.

Overall, providing children with the tools and materials to build and create using their imagination is a fantastic way to foster their creativity, problem-solving skills, and self-expression. It allows them to explore their own ideas and develop a sense of ownership over their creations.

DIY EVA Foam Stamps

Foam stamps made from EVA rubber are a simple and enjoyable craft project, especially for children. To create your own stamps, you can carve or cut out various shapes from EVA foam. Once you have your desired shapes, you can attach them to wooden blocks or use them as standalone stamps. To use the stamps, simply dip them in paint and press them onto paper or fabric, resulting in unique patterns and designs.

This craft allows children to express their creativity and provides a fun way to reuse plastic caps and EVA rubber. By cutting out their favorite or easiest-to-handle shapes and attaching them to the caps using a silicone gun, children can create their own personalized collection of stamps. With a container of paint at their disposal, they can easily wet their new stamps and begin stamping away, exploring endless possibilities for creativity.

Eva Foam Masks:

Use EVA foam sheets to create colorful masks. Cut out the desired shape, such as animal faces or superheroes, and decorate them with additional EVA foam pieces, markers, or paint.

EVA rubber figures

Creating fun activities using EVA rubber figures is a wonderful idea. Start by cutting out the figures and using a hole punch to create holes along the edges. Then, provide your child with colored shoelaces and let them enjoy the activity of “sewing” by threading the laces through the holes. Kids usually find this activity amusing and feel a sense of accomplishment as they engage in the pretend sewing process… via msstephaniespreschool.com.

Eva rubber Pencil holders

Creating a Minions-themed pencil holder using EVA foam is a great craft project for kids. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making it:

Materials you’ll need:
Empty can or pot
EVA foam sheets in yellow, blue, and black (or colors of your choice)
Craft glue
Marker or pen
Googly eyes (optional)
Any additional decorations you’d like to add (such as stickers or pom-poms)


  1. Clean and dry the empty can or pot you’ll be using as the base for your pencil holder.
  2. Measure the height and circumference of the can or pot, and cut a strip of yellow EVA foam that matches these dimensions. This strip will cover the outside of the can or pot.
  3. Apply craft glue to the backside of the yellow EVA foam strip and carefully wrap it around the can or pot, ensuring a snug fit. Allow the glue to dry completely.
  4. Use the marker or pen to draw the shape of the Minion’s goggles on a piece of black EVA foam. Cut out the goggles shape and glue it onto the yellow foam strip, slightly above the middle of the can or pot.
  5. From the blue EVA foam, cut out a rectangle shape to form the Minion’s overalls. Glue it onto the yellow foam strip, below the goggles and extending around the can or pot.
  6. Cut out small black circles from the black EVA foam to represent the Minion’s buttons. Glue them onto the blue rectangle, evenly spaced.
  7. If desired, you can attach googly eyes above the goggles to give your Minion some extra personality. Simply apply craft glue to the back of the googly eyes and stick them onto the yellow foam strip.
  8. Allow the glue to dry completely before using your Minions-themed pencil holder.
  9. Optionally, you can further decorate your pencil holder with additional EVA foam shapes, stickers, or pom-poms to make it even more fun and personalized.

Now you have a cute and functional pencil holder that will help keep your children’s colored pencils organized and easily accessible. Enjoy this craft project with your little ones!

Threading EVA rubber with pipe cleaners

Here’s another activity that promotes the development of fine motor skills. Start by cutting out some heart shapes and making holes at the ends. Provide a pipe cleaner to your child and encourage them to thread it through the holes. They can even turn it into a unique bracelet. This activity helps strengthen their fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration in a creative way…via msstephaniespreschool.com


Eva rubber bag

This simple bag for children is made from a colorful piece of EVA rubber shaped into an elongated rectangle. By folding the rubber, we create the structure of the bag. To secure the sides, we need to create holes and sew them together using a cord or wool. Additionally, we create a buttonhole on the lid and attach a button for closure. A strap is made by using another strip of EVA rubber, which is threaded through holes at the back of the bag. Finally, the bag can be decorated according to personal preference. Shapes can be cut out from EVA rubber or pre-made decorations can be purchased from craft stores. You can find detailed step-by-step photos in the link provided below the image.

EVA rubber roses 

Making EVA rubber roses can be a fun and creative craft project. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make them:
Materials needed:
EVA rubber sheets in desired colors
Floral wire or pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Green floral tape
Pencil or dowel rod
Step 1: Prepare the EVA rubber sheets
Choose the colors you want for your roses. EVA rubber sheets come in various shades and are easily available at craft stores. Cut the sheets into petal shapes. You can either freehand the shapes or find a rose template online to trace onto the rubber sheets. Each rose will require around 7-10 petals of different sizes. Start with larger petals on the outside and gradually use smaller ones towards the center.
Step 2: Shape the petals
Take one petal and gently curl the edges by rolling it around a pencil or dowel rod. This will give the petal a natural curved shape. Repeat this process for all the petals, varying the degree of curling for a more realistic look.
Step 3: Assemble the rose
Take the largest petal and apply a small amount of hot glue near the base. Place the next petal slightly overlapping the first one and press firmly to secure it in place. Continue adding petals one by one, slightly rotating the rose as you go, and using hot glue to attach each petal.
Step 4: Create the rosebud center
Cut a small strip of EVA rubber and roll it tightly to create a bud-like shape.Secure the rolled strip with hot glue at the base. Attach this bud to the center of the rose, gluing it firmly in place.
Step 5: Attach the stem
Take a piece of floral wire or a pipe cleaner and bend it in half. Apply hot glue to the folded end and insert it into the base of the rose, ensuring it is securely attached. If using a pipe cleaner, twist the remaining portion to create a longer stem. If using floral wire, you may need to wrap it with green floral tape to make it look like a stem.
Step 6: Finishing touches
Adjust the position of the petals and the overall shape of the rose as needed. Use floral tape to wrap the stem, starting from the base of the rose and working your way down. Continue wrapping the tape until you reach the end of the stem, ensuring it is tightly secured.
Repeat the above steps to create as many EVA rubber roses as desired. You can experiment with different colors, sizes, and shapes of petals to create a variety of beautiful roses. These roses can be used as standalone decorations, incorporated into floral arrangements, or given as unique gifts.

Chair decorated with Eva rubber

Creating a chair decorated with Eva rubber (also known as EVA foam) in the shape of an elephant or other animals can indeed be a fun and creative project for a children’s party or for school. While I cannot provide direct templates for cutting the various parts of an elephant chair, I can guide you on how to approach the process.

To create the chair, you will need the following materials:

  1. Eva rubber sheets: These are available in various colors at craft stores or online. Choose the colors you desire for your elephant chair.
  2. Scissors: Sharp scissors will be required to cut the Eva rubber sheets.
  3. Adhesive or double-sided tape: You can use adhesive or double-sided tape to attach the cut-out parts to the chair. Double-sided tape is a good option if you want to avoid permanently altering the chair’s appearance.

Now, let’s go through the steps involved:

  1. Design and template: Sketch or find an elephant template online that suits the size of your chair. Enlarge or reduce the template as necessary. You can find elephant templates by searching for “elephant outline” or “elephant template” on search engines or craft websites.
  2. Cut out the template: Print and cut out the template of the elephant shape. Trace the template onto the Eva rubber sheets. Use scissors to cut along the traced lines to obtain the different parts of the elephant, such as the body, head, legs, and ears. Repeat this process to obtain the desired number of each part.
  3. Assembly: Place the cut-out Eva rubber parts on the chair, starting with the body as the base. Arrange the other parts accordingly, such as attaching the head, legs, and ears to the body. Experiment with different arrangements until you achieve the desired look. You can use adhesive or double-sided tape to stick the Eva rubber parts to the chair.
  4. Finishing touches: Once all the parts are attached, you can add additional decorations using Eva rubber or other craft materials. For example, you can create eyes, tusks, or tail details using smaller pieces of Eva rubber and attaching them to the appropriate areas of the chair.

Remember to consider the chair’s material and structure when attaching the Eva rubber parts. It’s essential to ensure that the chair remains stable and safe for use even after the decorations are added.

By following these steps, you can create a chair decorated with Eva rubber in the shape of an elephant or any other animal of your choice. Have fun with your project, and I hope it brings joy to the children at the party or in school!


Eva rubber flower headband

This charming flower headband is ideal for children’s parties, dress-up, or playtime. It consists of adorable rubber flowers crafted from colorful Eva foam, which are delicately strung together using multiple interconnected pipe cleaners. For an added touch, you can embellish the headband with charming ribbons or bows. It exudes a delightful springtime vibe!

EVA rubber crown

If you’re interested in making Indian crowns with EVA foam! It sounds like a fun and creative craft project. Although I don’t have access to specific tutorials, I can give you a general idea of how you can make them. Here’s a step-by-step guide:
Materials you’ll need:
EVA foam sheets (various colors)
Craft glue or hot glue gun
Decorative items (such as sequins, beads, feathers, or gems)
Elastic cord or ribbon
Pencil or marker
Optional: craft paints and brushes

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Start by measuring the circumference of your head using a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string. Add an inch or two to this measurement to ensure a comfortable fit.

  2. Take a sheet of EVA foam in your desired color and use a ruler and marker to draw a long strip with a width of about 2-3 inches. The length of the strip should match your head circumference measurement from step 1.
  3. Cut out the foam strip using scissors. This will be the base of your crown.
  4. Decorate the foam strip using other colors of EVA foam. Cut out shapes like diamonds, teardrops, or any other designs you prefer. Glue these shapes onto the foam strip to create a decorative pattern. You can also use craft paints to add more color and details.
  5. Once the glue is dry and the decorations are secure, shape the foam strip into a circular crown shape. Overlap the ends slightly and glue them together to secure the crown shape.
  6. Attach an elastic cord or ribbon to the ends of the crown to create a way to wear it comfortably. You can glue or tie the elastic/ribbon to the inside of the crown.
  7. Finally, embellish your crown with additional decorative items like sequins, beads, feathers, or gems. Use craft glue or a hot glue gun to attach these decorations securely.
  8. And there you have it! Your Indian crown made with EVA foam is ready to be worn and enjoyed. Remember, you can customize your crown in any way you like, so feel free to get creative and add your own personal touches.
    I hope this general guide helps you get started with your craft project. Enjoy the process and have fun making your Indian crowns!


Little houses made of Eva foam craft

Discover how to create charming Little Houses to adorn your home or workplace. These delightful creations can be displayed individually on tables or combined to form a whimsical Christmas Villa, complete with twinkling lights that add a touch of enchantment to your surroundings. Crafting these houses is a breeze, and you have the freedom to customize the details according to your preferences. With just cardboard and eva rubber (foamy), along with a generous dose of love and a sprinkle of time, you can bring these miniature wonders to life.
Materials needed:
Eva rubber or foam (foamy)
Hot silicone
Decorative accessories (crowns, garlands, buttons, trees, etc.)
Christmas lights
Cut out the pieces of each house from cardboard based on the provided patterns.
Cover the patterned part of the cardboard box with Eva rubber or foam. Use hot silicone to securely glue the edges, doors, and windows.
Cut out frames from Eva rubber or foam, making them slightly larger than the cardboard frames. Create holes inside the frames to allow light to pass through.
Attach the Eva rubber or foam frames to the cardboard house, ensuring they cover the windows and doors.
Cut strips of Eva rubber or foam in an irregular manner to create a snow-like effect. You can also use additional cardboard pieces to make windows, fireplaces, or roofs and cover them with the same material as the structure of the house.
Add a lined cardboard floor to the house and decorate it with various accessories such as crowns, garlands, buttons, trees, etc.
Place the Christmas lights on the edge of the roof.
Once completed, your turquoise house should be ready!
Remember to personalize the decorations and have fun with the process. Use your creativity and add any small decorative objects you like to make the houses unique and charming. Enjoy decorating your home or workplace with these little houses!


Eva rubber wrapper

If you need to create a small gift or candy box as a party favor, consider making this charming flower-shaped case. It’s easy to make and visually appealing. In the image linked below, you can find templates for cutting out each part (leaves, petals, and the case) along with step-by-step photos. All you need is some EVA rubber and a hot glue gun. Enjoy the crafting process!

Eva rubber butterfly

Create various animal or insect shapes using Eva rubber, showcasing your skill and creativity. Butterflies, in particular, are a simple yet delightful craft project made with Eva foam. These colorful insects are beloved by both boys and girls and can even serve as charming decorations for your room. Enjoy the process of creating easy and stunning crafts with Eva rubber.

Via: Bibi Morbide Creazine

Eva rubber earrings

Would you consider wearing Eva rubber earrings? They feature thin strips of colored Eva rubber, delicately attached to the standard metallic structure found in earrings commonly available at bead shops. As a final touch, they are adorned with a transparent stone. Can you envision yourself wearing this unique accessory?


A Bracelet made from Foam Rubber

These lovely bracelets can be easily crafted using eva rubber, allowing you to create beautiful accessories to share and cherish. They are incredibly straightforward to make and serve as a delightful reminder of your bond. They make a perfect gift idea, especially for occasions like starting school. Simply cut strips of Eva rubber to the desired length for each wrist. Attach heart-shaped accessories using Eva rubber, and use adhesive Velcro’s as closures. Opting for adhesive velcro ensures easy placement and a secure fit.

Notebook lined with Eva rubber

Creating a personalized notebook lined with EVA rubber is a fun and creative project that you can undertake to customize your child’s notebook. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make one:
Materials you will need:
EVA rubber sheets in different colors
Craft glue or hot glue gun
Pencil or pen
Optional: additional decorative items like stickers, sequins, or markers
Start by selecting the design for the notebook cover. You can draw it freehand or print out a template or image from the internet to use as a guide.
Place the notebook on top of the EVA rubber sheets and trace its shape onto the rubber with a pencil or pen. Make sure to leave some extra space around the edges for folding and gluing.
Cut out the EVA rubber cover using scissors. Make sure to cut along the traced lines accurately
Now, it’s time to decorate the cover. Cut out various shapes and designs from different-colored EVA rubber sheets. You can create animals, rainbows, unicorns, or any other motifs that your child likes. You can also cut out letters to spell their name or add other personalized elements.
Arrange the EVA rubber shapes on the cover to create your desired design. Play around with different placements until you’re satisfied with the arrangement.
Once you’re happy with the design, start gluing the EVA rubber shapes onto the cover using craft glue or a hot glue gun. Apply glue to the back of each shape and press it firmly onto the notebook cover. Be careful not to use too much glue to avoid excess mess.
Let the glue dry completely before handling the notebook. Follow the drying instructions mentioned on the glue package, as it may vary.
Once the glue has dried, you can further personalize the notebook by adding additional decorations like stickers, sequins, or using markers to draw details.
After completing the decoration process, make sure to fold the excess EVA rubber around the edges of the notebook cover and glue it down securely. This will give a neat and finished look to your personalized notebook.
Allow the notebook to dry completely before using it.
And there you have it! Your personalized notebook lined with EVA rubber is ready for your child to use and enjoy. They will love having their own custom-designed notebook reflecting their interests and personality.


Greeting card made of Eva foam

Create a unique and memorable greeting card for your little one’s friend. To help you get started, here’s a simple step-by-step guide for making a greeting card using Eva rubber:

Materials needed:

Eva rubber sheets in various colors
Glue or adhesive tape
Markers or pens for decoration
Any additional embellishments you’d like to add (such as stickers or glitter)


  1. Start by folding a plain cardstock or construction paper in half to create the base of your greeting card. This will be the canvas for your Eva rubber design.
  2. Choose a color of Eva rubber sheet that you’d like to use for the main design element. It could be a character, a shape, or anything that fits the theme of the card.
  3. Draw or trace the design on the Eva rubber sheet and carefully cut it out using scissors. You can create multiple pieces if you want to add more details.
  4. Once you have your Eva rubber design cut out, use glue or adhesive tape to attach it to the front of the card. Make sure it’s securely attached.
  5. Now, you can add additional decorations and details to the card using markers, pens, or other craft supplies. Personalize the card with a birthday message or the recipient’s name.
  6. If you’d like, you can also use other colors of Eva rubber to create additional accents or background elements. Cut out smaller shapes or strips and attach them to the card to add more depth and visual interest.
  7. Finally, let the glue dry completely and make sure everything is securely in place. Your Eva rubber greeting card is now ready to be given as a special gift!

Remember, this is just a basic guide to get you started. Feel free to let your creativity and imagination run wild and customize the card to your liking. Your little one’s friend will surely appreciate the effort and thought put into creating such a unique greeting card.


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