Chinese New Year Holiday

Chinese New Year is the largest and most important annual festival celebrated by Chinese and and Chinese descendants around the world. The Chinese New Year is celebrated as the symbol of spring’s celebration, in China it is still called the Spring festival.Begins according to the Chinese calendar which consists of both Gregorian and lunar-solar calendar systems.On first day of the first month in the Chinese calendar and ends with Lantern Festival which is on the 15th day of the first month, but maily based on the lunar Chinese calendar.

Because the track of the new moon changes from year to year, Chinese New Year can begin anytime between late January and mid-February. The first day of Chinese New Year 2012 (Chun Jie / 春节 2012) will be celebrated on Monday, 23 January 2012, marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese Lunar Calendar,and the festival will usually last for as long as 15 days, till the 6 February 2012. the first and second days of Chinese New Year are public holidays in Singapore.Emperor Huangdi in the year 2637 B.C.E invented the Chinese calendar.

The Chinese New Year is of a very interesting and unique history.According to the Chinese legends, there was a giant beast Nian who used to swallow humans in a single bite. people realized that Nian was scared of red color and loud noises this made people relief from being horrifyed. They started bursting crackers and used red color to scare the beast. Since then, this day was named as GuNian meaning “Pass over the Nian”. Chinese considered the day an auspicious one that brought them a new life and celebrated it as a New Year.

Fireworks Dragon Dancing, Lion Dancing and other traditional performances, are arranged in parks and streets in cities and towns. Chinese New Year is a time for families to be together. Every family thoroughly cleans the house, to “sweep away” any ill-fortune, making way for the arrival of good luck. , new clothes are usually worn to signify the new year A reunion dinner is held on New Year’s Eve, and is an occasion for families to come together and eat. China Highlights, offer traveler the unique opportunity to celebrate . The festival is celebrated grandly and extensively across the country.