Traveling to Amazon Bolivia

Amazon riverboat expedition is a hands-on discovery of remote Amazon rain forest and rivers near theBolivia/Brazil border. The world’s largest river and richest ecosystem can be explored on an expedition-style ship or an oceangoing cruise ship. Based on the newly renovated, air-conditioned riverboat, giving you a genuine experience of the Amazon and its rain forest and wildlife. And to explore Bolivia’s remote wilds on horseback, hikes, nature walks, motorized launch excursions, and from the comfort viewing decks. Bolivia holds thousands of unexplored Inca and pre-Inca ruins, thousands of square miles of Amazon rain forest.

The upper Amazon basin has an incredible diversity of plant and animal life as well as indigenous people with unsurpassed wildlife viewing, and very few tourists. It is the least populated, least explored of the nine South American countries that comprise the Amazon Basin.


Annual flooding in the Bolivian Amazon ensures minimal human presence ,keeps the region wild and allows widest range of bird over 1,300 bird, 220 reptile, 100 amphibian, 20 primate, 316 mammal, thousands of plant and tree species to dominate in the world, while the rainforest reserves make for excellent wildlife viewing. Those people that do live in the Amazon Basin have adapted well. Their main mode of transport is the dugout canoe, and they find plenty of food in the animals, fish, and fruit of the surrounding rainforests and rivers. The best way to experience all the Amazon region has to offer is to cruise its namesake river on a comfortable riverboat. You’ll get the chance to see animals you’ve never seen before in their natural environment, such as monkeys, sloths, dolphins and many, many more as Amazon is one of the most famous yet undiscovered parts of the world. Showcasing the greatest river on earth, the largest rainforest on the planet, the diverse wildlife and interesting people, Cruising deep into such a large and complex ecosystem as the Amazon will give you lasting memories… making for a truly remarkable cruising

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