Best Christmas Table Runners for the Holidays

Creating a beautiful Christmas table is one of the most crucial elements beside of course, your holiday menu. A striking color palettes, DIY decorations and handy table runners are other surefire ways to impress your holiday dinner guests.

Best Christmas Table Runners for the Holidays…Once winter comes around, the Christmas Eve is became just upon us.  It is time to get into Christmas party mode with brightly decorated trees, dressed front door with a festive wreath, backed pies and roasted chicken and setting your dining table for the occasion while your guests are just on the way.source

Decorating your tabletop for Christmas is the key a festive holiday and something you must think about seriously. Thus, plan to create an elegant and merry table to host your family for Christmas dinner this year. A standout dining table not only impresses guests— which gives you the opportunity to give them a taste of your creative skills.

Creating a beautiful Christmas table is one of the most crucial elements beside of course, your holiday menu. A striking color palettes, DIY decorations and handy table runners are other surefire ways to impress your holiday dinner guests. Table runners that runs in the middle of your table and a portion of the table only can create a gorgeous centerpiece more than tablecloths that covers your whole table. Separating food items from each person’s place setting as they eat creates a naturally blends people and food.

A long Christmas table runner is a key piece when setting the perfect Christmas table that can serve as a way to designate a space for a touch of class and makes an occasion of a family festive dinner. Christmas table runners aren’t always the first thing you think although it creates a focal point of your tabletop décor.

The table runners work well straight onto a bare table or on top of the tablecloth alongside the Christmas tablecloth. It also serves as eye catching accent pieces while being a base of the centerpiece and candlesticks. Personally, I love table runners because they create a feast for the eyes during a season, spreading the holiday mood on a select portion of the table and coordinating other decor based on the runner style and color. Thus, move away from a formal Christmas table décor with Christmas printed table cloth that create a busy space on the table and enjoy using long table runners and placemats instead. You even can extend the table runners way beyond the dining room. A Christmas garland, Christmas lights, branches of greenery or a Christmas wreath when arranged in the center or along the table runner with or without varying heights of candles will give style a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece. The net result is creating a runner in a simple way to add a totally different effect.source

You don’t have to be an expert to upgrade your table settings this Christmas. Creating gorgeous Christmas table runners can be quickly made at home. For your assistance, we have gathered a few of the most beautiful table runner ideas from classic tartan to soft grey, classic red-and-green patterns to more modern from the internet that offers so many possibilities. Have a look below to set the perfect holiday table that is inviting, stylish and striking with these simple Christmas table runners to amp up your holiday theme while highlighting the bountiful meal placed atop it. Browse some of our favorites and find your perfect Christmas table runner.

Take some time to DIY a runner for your Christmas table that can be layered and styled in a variety of ways.

Christmas Quilted Table Runner 


Set a Christmas dinner table to impress this year with a handmade Christmas Quilted Table Runner. A Quilted Table Runner  can make a great centerpiece for your family everyday meal.

Modern Christmas Table Runners


Spruce up your table with table decorations with modern Christmas table runners that has pretty multiple colors. This type of table decorations is to match your Christmas themed décor. modern Christmas table runners are stylish, beautiful decoration for winter and is the perfect addition to your table during the Christmas season.


Long Fabric Christmas Table Runners

When it comes to Christmas themed table runners, you can go with a printed or solid fabric with usual Christmas color scheme…The most usual colors are red, green, white, gold, and silver. OR Christmas color scheme that isn’t common with length of sheer fabric matching the color of your window drape or wall. These Christmas color scheme create a cheerful atmosphere that everyone will recognize!

Jelly Roll Christmas Table Runner


This another lovely but different table runners you can make. Nothing makes the holiday season brighter and homier than remnants fashioned strips of fabric and quilting sewed to create a DIY decorative accessory… a jelly roll Christmas table runner to become an incredible holiday seasonal flair.

DIY crochet Christmas table runner


Crochet hobby keeps your hands busy.  Creating a DIY crochet Christmas table runner is always a nice addition for the cold winter months. Take your time and enjoy making a crochet table runner that looks festive .

DIY Christmas table runner no sew

No Sew Buffalo Plaid Table Runner


This DIY table runner is one of the easiest things you can make because you don’t have to sew. Just choose the fabric color and size that appropriate size for your table to give it a total transformation on a budget.

Modern Farmhouse Christmas Table Runner


This type of Christmas Table Runners is not holiday specific. Goes well with the farmhouse theme and it can stay on the table all year round. They add classic beauty to your dining table.

Rustic Christmas Table Runners


Rustic Christmas table runners is a classic beauty to your dining table and elegant all at once which will really impress your guests.

Cross Stitch Christmas Table Runner


What a better way to dress your table this Christmas with your very own masterpiece showing off your crafting skills than to make a beautiful Cross Stitch Christmas Table Runner? Choose a holiday design to be stitched in cotton threads on a plain fabric or a pre-hemmed fabric. A perfect project to do in the run up to the holiday festivities.

Burlap Christmas Table Runners


Christmas table runner, unique holiday decor to decorate your table, but basic sewing skills is needed. It is made of natural burlap and any kind of decoration in the middle for a festive theme. The burlap Christmas table runners can be such a Christmas classic or go for a chic velvet strip or something shimmery to last you through the new year.


Felt Christmas Table Runners


This is a super cute Christmas Felt Table Runner to share for those who know a bit about sewing. Grab some festive colored felt in holiday colors green, red, white or ever blue and gray to fun your table. You will be thrilled with how this Christmas felt table runner turned out.

 Embroidered Christmas Table Runners


Add an extra touch of Christmas cheer with this delightful embroidered table runner will let your food take center stage. The festive Christmas theme table runner aside from that hint of is a total charmer! This neutral runner—aside from that hint of Christmas—will let your food take center stage.

Garland Christmas Table Runners


Quick, easy, beautiful and pleasing to the eyes; pieces of the outdoors in your decorating, especially at Christmas. To creative a garland Christmas table runner you need living greenery, fruits, branches, flowers, you may add candles to spice it up a little bit. It’s casual and cozy to feel sharing dinner with nature.

Plaid Christmas Table Runners

This is the easiest off all. You will need plaid fabric runner. Being simple this quilt runner is sure to capture the hearts of your guests.

Stenciled Burlap Table Runner


Stencils are the easiest way to spruce up the aesthetics of the Christmas dinner night. Put your individual touch onto anything. Whether you want snowflakes or snowman or Christmas trees. just paint the figures on the runner to create your next Christmas table runner.


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