Christmas Decorating Styles & Trends

christmas villages holiday-decorating-trends

Christmas Home Decor Styles Trends … Most Christmas decorations follow the same traditional decorating themes and ideas. To update this Christmas decoration matter, discover our picked trending Christmas decor styles for your home to have a perfect Christmas… Perfect color-coordinated Christmas theme with the right atmosphere that will turn your home into a wonderland on these festive days.

Because we love all color and style themes for the holidays, thus here we present its decoration for Christmas Parties. So, follow us with these wonderful festivals and decide which one of our proposals is your favorite. They are totally unique Christmas home decorating styles to discover from themes, textures, colors, and decorative ideas.

christmas villages holiday-decorating-trends

Image: Festive Circles Garland


If you dream of an adorable holiday décor with no traditional red, green, or white in sight and to have a fairy tale Christmas décor then go beyond neutral colors that convey sweetness and delicate decoration. To feel love, go beyond these traditional three colors to have a romantic Christmas decoration that would assemble your imagination. A romantic Christmas style is a trend that offers the right balance between naturalness, simplicity and sophistication. The Romantic Christmas Decorating Ideas goes around nude color and dusty tones which are illuminated with the brightness of gold, silver and pearly finishes.

pink christmas style-romantic christmas


Wrapping-Paper in romantic christmas style

Pink-Candlelight - romantic christmas


Country Christmas home decorating ideas;

This is one of the most beloved Christmas home decorating styles. In fact, there’s just something about country style Christmas decorations. Many families love an old-fashioned country chic Christmas decoration as they have extra magical and cozy. This rural Christmas style holds within it the main secret of making your interior look anonymous. The country Christmas decor ideas mainly includes; a country style Christmas tree which is decorated with country style Christmas ornaments, hanging stockings, vintage wall decorations and lots of different old-fashioned decorative items.

Christmas home decorating style


country chic Christmas decorationsPHOTO BY LAUREY W. GLENN

Rustic Front Porch

country-home-Christmas-decorating-ideas-rustic-styleTRADITIONAL RED  – CLASSIC LOOK;

A Christmas in red is the usual Christmas we know since decades. Traditional red has a classic look that emblematic Christmas tone that dares enough to add white, green and brown tones or different vivid colors. This style is for the most nostalgic.

Traditional Christmas decorating ideas for the holidays brings all feelings of nostalgia and the same Christmas emotion every year.

Traditional Red theme is an ideal style for those who gather the whole family spreading the sense of belongingness provoking the emotions in all of them.

Traditional-Red-Christmas source


Traditional Red – Classic Look

traditional red christmas
Traditional Red Christmas

green-christmas-living-room-with-decorationsImage credit: David Brittain

red christmas


This year, we’re all dreaming of a white Christmas. A quick way to bring in that peaceful winter palette and have white Christmas decorations is by replacing most of the Christmas traditional colors with white Christmas decorations. Decorating in neutral colors as using the pearl-gray color the basic décor color item helps bring this Christmas style. Adding the pale blues to the white; reminiscent of snowy and frosty landscapes.

The white Christmas theme ideas to have a white Christmas is long; white Christmas tree decorations, white Christmas tree with lights hanged on your tree, white ornaments, and some other white personalized touches on your fresh tree or acrylic one will definitely create a dreamy white aesthetic. White Christmas decorations for your home just makes the whole season feel a little more relaxed.


white christmas


all-white Christmas tree with pastel metallic ornaments looks chic and refined

 white Christmas


Vintage inspired Christmas decorations are definitely one of the best Christmas decorating styles that never die. Retro Christmas are an in-thing now and there is plenty of variety to go with from retro glass ornaments, throwback figurines, and vintage beaded garlands.

If you consider that vintage Christmas decorations 1960s or the 1940s  Christmas decorations are trend again then replace your modern living room with old fashioned Christmas decorations. As said “old is definitely gold”. Brighten up your Christmas tree and home with holiday classics to appear elegant and luxurious.

Vintage Style – Old Fashionedsource

christmas-onion-indent-ornaments-vintage-style-christmas-decorationssource bedrooms-old-fashioned-christmas-tree
Gift Wrapping In Vintage Style For An Old Fashioned Christmassource


This year,  Christmas trend has come to be more natural, sustainable and more eco Christmas decoration. Natural Christmas trend are extremely easy to decorate and un- expensive. Decorate your house in a natural eco-chic decoration idea this Christmas to resemble the forest surrounded by its colors, natural branches and materials and smells.  Bringing the charm of outdoor nature into your home, fill it with a wonderfully fresh and Christmassy scent and enjoy your holiday season.

Natural Christmas trend Natural Christmas trend 1

Orange and Clove Pomander Ballssource

Pretty Pinecone Ornaments

Cranberry Centrepiece

Winter Wonderland Fairy Tale Christmas Decorations;

A winter wonderland is an extra snowy and magical Christmas style decoration. A magical, snowy breath looking Christmas tree is the highlight of the Frosted Fairytale style. To create a regal and strong appeal use pale blues and pinks, or pale blues, gold and silver to cooperate a Christmas makeover with a magical, fairy tale theme. Both are a hot trend this season.




wonderland christmas decorations



Industrial Style Christmas Decorations;

Urban themes and metallics are something really unique. Golds and silvers are on the urban Edge this Christmas and are popping up. As they have an amazingly whimsical look when hanged to your tree or a full house Christmas decoration. Stunning industrial materials and metallics such as rose gold and copper to create an industrial style Christmas tree add artistry and intricacy. Industrial style Christmas décor sure to drive your guests crazy.

Steampunk Star Holiday Ornament - Industrial Christmas Tree source

industrial style Christmas decorations 1 industrial style Christmas decorations 2 industrial style Christmas decorations 3 industrial style Christmas decorations 4

Scandinavian Christmas;

Scandinavian Christmas decorating style allows you to create an interior full of nature, keeping things pretty simple and highly functional. The Scandinavian decor is a classically Nordic designs that suit any home, sticking to a palette of silvers, creamy whites, rich lush greens, reds, and introduce rich pale wood tones for a welcoming look, along with animal skins, faux fur and wool blankets to add some warmth when it’s cold outside. Scandinavian holiday decor will reflect an intimate atmosphere for hearty chats to thrive.

source source

Coastal Christmas home decorating styles;

Many people love living by the beach and bring that coastal feel to home. For Christmas seasonal beach decorations can be created and owning a beach house filled with holiday cheer. Coastal inspired Christmas decorations can be easily woven through watery turquoises, trees festooned with seashells, polished oyster shells and starfish strewn throughout, coral shell filled with marbles and shelled candles on your fireplace. Beach Christmas decorations are plenty that help in sharing the joy of a festive holiday home.


Rustic Christmas decorations;

Rustic Christmas home decor adds natural warmth look to your home, tones down a modern, luxurious twist and helps everyone reconnect with the past. Luxury accents and earth like colors elevated through items like plaid, burlap, and woodsy accents gives some old age to your home to incorporate that rustic look that you love. The most inviting should be your rustic style Christmas tree, because it makes your home more warm and inviting.


Victorian style Christmas decorations;

Victorian style Christmas decorations is Classy and Majestic. The most popular ages of modern times for Christmas inspirations is the Victorian Era… the era of royalty and romanticism. One of the most significant seasonal traditions of the Victorian era is the Victorian Christmas tree. The Victorian style Christmas tree is one of the most exceptional tradition, it is richly decorated and splendidly illuminated. The Victorian Christmas Wreath, Christmas Stocking and the Victorian Archway are Victorian style decorations which displays class and elegance too.



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