A Little More Festive Scandinavian Christmas Decor – Part 2

A Little More Festive Scandinavian Christmas Décor…We just can’t get enough from Christmas… A little more beautiful interior sketches! Christmas Decoration Ideas are of a wide variety of types and many options … Christmas are without a doubt one of the season’s most beloved holiday decorations to choose from. Winter holidays including Christmas is a way of life and are the best time of the year to embrace all the best things about Scandinavian style.  

As all of us dream of a nice Christmas decoration, and a typical trendy and minimal style for decorating our homes for Christmas; How about try something totally new this year…a Scandinavian Christmas. Try decorating your home in a Scandinavian Christmas style this holiday season?


Scandinavian style is characterised by Nordic threads which are characterised by its cozy, rustic and minimalist style to simplify its decorations. This style acts beneficially upon us, as it helps in relieving stress with the simplicity and relaxed nature of Scandinavian living. Scandinavian design isn’t set side only for furniture, but Scandinavian Christmas Decorative accessories can take your holiday décor to new heights.

Scandinavian is also known as Nordic style, a European celebration in the Scandinavian countries; Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. These are the land of ice (where to spend christmas in Scandinavia). The Scandinavian countries have their own respected long Scandinavian christmas history and Scandinavian Christmas traditions.  Their beliefs are very unique especially in the way of celebrating the holidays perfecting the art of staying cozy in the winter. When it comes to how we decorate Scandinavian Christmas style for the holiday season we use the simple and minimalist elements based on clean lines as European celebration of winter to contribute to a pleasant mood with a stripped back atmosphere.


Scandinavian Christmas decorating is a wonderful simple style of decoration which is trendy and modern in anticipation of returning warmth and sun. Scandinavian style has been an increasingly trend for the last several years, as homeowners are turning towards a minimalist interior. The main features of Scandinavian Christmas decor are the use of the neutral tones. Scandinavian Christmas decor is characterized by beautiful design elements and by prevailing white color scattered in as highlights against clean-lined, straight-edged furniture. The bright colorful explosions are the most important element borrowed from Scandinavian style. This approach was brought to Christmas decorating.

To sum it up, a Scandinavian Christmas decorating is a simple holiday style, it is all about minimalism. It’s minimalist approach to decorating, relies on neutral color palettes with natural elements like; evergreen twigs and tree branches, pine cones, green wreaths made of pine leaves and branches, and of course reindeer that are one of the main features of this style. To add more colors to your decorations, you can add an abundance of accessorising and ornamentation, berries, stockings and fabric


Here are some of the most beautiful and eye-catching rustic and vintage tones of our favorite Christmas decorating ideas for the holidays with Scandinavian Christmas decor that steals the hearts of many. Beside DIY ideas for your inspiration making your home into a winter wonderland without the Christmas chaos. We’ve found A Little More Festive Scandinavian Christmas Décor which is our favorite Scandinavian-style decorations that will lead you to a classy Christmas… Discover the Top 10 Holiday Inspiration for a Scandinavian Christmas. Decorations that kept secret into a truly gorgeous home, and how to get A Little More Festive Scandinavian Christmas Décor and That Scandinavian Christmas look.


[1] Choose a Neutral Holiday Color Palette;

This Scandinavian trend is all about those pale neutral color palettes which is continuous throughout the entire home. The neutral colors are placed of traditional Christmas clutter with small touches of holiday cheer to spread a different comfort zone. The Decorating with Neutral Holiday Color Palette for the Scandinavian-themed is the use of whites, cream shades, and more neutral colours with soft greys, Lighter pastels to create a non-stressful, more peaceful environment of serenity, which purely focuses on the heart of home design. Since it is Christmas a gentle splash of occasional Christmas in red and white, winter greenery and even blues here and there may be used throughout decorative pieces. is a matter of selecting the touches you want to emphasise to give a hint to the season; such as the odd bauble, ribbon ties or fair isle cushions and stockings.


These bright colours and some pops of black for contrast mixed in with neutrals allow you to create designs that are nature-inspired and add interest but without overwhelming you with holiday fervor. Your staple colours will be white, beige (the natural wood variety), silver, and some gold. White lights, simple ornaments, and neutral decorative pillows will create a tasteful holiday feel. From there, you can add occasional reds, shades 0f greens, and even blues that evoke the azure tones of snowy landscapes. A typical Scandinavian holiday color palette is white; a pops of red, earthier golds and terracotta’s, bright accents in brilliant blue wool blanket, green wreaths, brightly coloured bulbs for the tree, and candles is the perfect backdrop for holiday decoration. These Colourful, high contrast bright colours are to complete the feel use different silver finishes. Adding candles to glass surfaces or near mercury glass will glow warmly and reflects the light is a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetic and add holiday cheer while remaining relaxed.


[ 2] Put your tree in a basket;

“A Scandinavian winter look should feel like a breath of fresh mountain air.”

If you want a Scandinavian Christmas interior, there’s no getting this feel like the Christmas tree…the centrepiece of any Scandinavian Christmas design, along with your other Scandinavian furniture at Christmas – if any – . Traditionally, most families in Sweden and Norway wait until the day before Christmas Eve to set up the Christmas trees. How to make Scandinavian christmas tree decorations; Christmas tree decorations is kept far away from the traditional Christmas tree we always deal with less is definitely more. It has another look but still has its glory. Scandinavian Christmas tree is Minimalistic yet stylish Christmas Tree, using fewer decorations and making sure they are all within your neutral colour palette.


Believe it or not, a modest and simple tree is the way forward. When choosing decorations, it has 4 main components: lights, tinsel, ornaments and an angel/star on top. Hearts, stars, and angels are among the most popular motifs. It is not over-adorned with colourful decorations. All it needs is few of all glancing amongst the green branches to keep it modest and simple. To embrace this trend to its full, get creative and construct your own Christmas tree from large branches, twigs or handmade wooden trees as wooden branches – is a popular trend in the Scandinavian home. Use ribbons, flowers, white lights, and handmade ornaments to trim your tree. When the Christmas Tree is embellished with ornaments hung in a consciously spaced arrangement. Scandinavian Christmas tree decorations must follow your color scheme of course! Decorating your Christmas tree really brings the family together as most households have the entire family joining in.


 [ 3] Use natural materials;

Bring that natural feeling to your  home; the outdoors inside of all types of natural beauty a typical natural paradise. Your house should smell like a forest ongoing themes within the aesthetic. with wood, moss, evergreens, pine cones, and other natural materials make them part of your decor. People in the Scandinavian countries love the natural feeling. It should come as no surprise being outside, Even in the midst of extremely cold, dark winters.


[ 4] Set the Mood with Candles;

Soft and dim candle lighting is key in Sardinian design during the cold and dark Nordic winters and Christmas is no exception. Sardinian design popularly creates the Northern Lights with Cozy Candles. It is, after all, the time of year with the least amount of daylight, with the northern tip of Norway being in complete darkness for about 60 days a year. You can these beautifully stark white appearance in a jar, decorated with some pine branches, clustered in a tray to complement your space by soft lighting in the evenings. It’s also important to realize fairy lights aren’t just limited to your Christmas tree, they can create a beautiful effect when draped over mantle pieces, shelves, coiled up in glass jars or even hung vertically in the corner of a room for a twinkling glow.

But don’t limit dimly lit candles and lanterns to the living room. So, make sure to fill your house with pretty mood lighting…as on a table to be a focal point or through a heavy scatter of windows, hanging from the ceiling to evoke that mellow mood of the holidays. Mix-and-match candles, paper lanterns, twinkle lights draped over furniture as on the dining room table is a recognisable classic Scandinavian look. Because Light plays an important role in Scandinavian design and the simplest way to add an extra coziness to your home. use a generous amount of different lighting; Candles, accent oil lamps and lanterns for Christmas especially, will glow create festive cheer; typical of the Nordic style of living without requiring tons of decorating.

[ 5] The Underlying Theme: Simple and Stylish-Simplicity is key;

“The simplest decor will have the biggest impact”. Scandinavian decorating is all about emerging simplicity theme; simple clean lines, neutral colors, and stylish appeal. traditional or modern Scandinavian beautiful minimalistic designs remain the same. Keep holiday decorating simple to fall in love in Scandinavian home décor that create a welcoming center in your home.


[ 6] Get crafty with a little DIY Unique Decoration;

Christmas is also about arts and crafts there is always an element of do-it-yourself to the décor; Scandinavian interiors at Christmas are of no exceptions. Scandinavians love to express their unique creative spark into DIY  Scandinavian christmas decorations. One thing always stands out the festivity of the Scandinavian christmas decorations to make is minimalistic and is expressed in many ways and forms. Add a festive feel to your home décor with the natural symbols of this holiday with DIY unique Christmas decoration of banner, wall display, Wreaths and Advent calendar.


[ 7 ] Scandinavian Christmas Gift Wrapping ;

Gift wrapping is done like always; the sweet simplicity of the Scandinavian way. Just add a simple personal touch. Plain brown postal paper packages mixed natural elements, lace band or a paper cut snowflakes and stars, or a pine cone or branch …nothing shiny and glittery but finally simple, yet stylish Gift-wrapping ideas and DIYing as much as possible as ways to present your gifts.


[8 ] Use lots of knits + furs;

Textiles are another a strong nod to the Nordic’s in Scandinavian design and, once again, Christmas is no exception especially when adding the final touch for your Scandinavian Christmas décor. Coziness is key so bring out those abundance of different textures and fabrics throughout your home whether it be chunky knits, cushions, woven fabrics and (faux) fur throws. Cozy rugs, cushions and throws are a must and so important during the holidays, that’ll give your space that bit of rustic charm. These textiles elements can be complemented beautifully when used in contrast of each other. They will make Christmas feel warmer just by looking at them.

[ 9] Geometric Elements;

Scandinavians love their geometric designs; artistry and craftsmanship play an influential role. For Christmas, consider using natural resources and transform them into functional, beautiful geometric shaped pieces. thick Himmel-inspired stars + diamonds, or triangles mixed with metallic additions to make modern glistening appeal of the Christmas tree.


[10] Chic Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments;

Danish Christmas decorations and DIY Sandinavian christmas ornaments are Rustic Christmas tree Topper made of Basket weaving is an integral part of the Scandinavian Christmas traditions of Nordic Christmas. These Chic Norwegian Christmas ornaments may be in white, neutral color and red. Norwegian Christmas ornaments for Christmas front porch decoration or outdoor décor are giant sizes to complements the Scandinavian Christmas theme. Scandinavian Christmas decorations to make and Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments of Basket weaving, Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments are used for gifting as well are of variety of ideas.

Here are Some more inspiring pictures await you in the gallery below. With these splendid Scandinavian Christmas decoration ideas; get enjoyed with the stylish cool colors, shiny decorative elements and the elegant minimalist Scandinavian Christmas Décor.  Give your home a rustic yet charming look this Christmas season in a fresh Christmas collection. Beautiful!


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