50 Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion…If you are candle lover, you know that candles are perfect for adding a romantic glow and making the most beautiful atmosphere for relax and enjoyment. The candles can be used for many different occasions as they are easy and affordable to make and tie in a flower theme throughout your holiday.

Candles can be useful for any holiday; the holiday season isn’t just about December, candles are for  HalloweenThanksgiving Day, New Year and Christmas. Candles can make these holidays look appropriate, especially when it comes to Valentine; romantic candles create this lovely atmosphere.


Candles can be decoration with a personal favorite using many interesting staffs you have at home.  Candles are as decorative as a framed piece of artwork, designed to complement a wide range of styles and personalities, giving your home its character and atmosphere. Candle decorations in interior design are an integral part of any home no matter what your design theme is.  Candles instantly grant your home a touch of warmth.

The easiest part of candles decorations is that they can be placed anywhere for an instant in the bathroom or at the reception hall. They add a nice glow and a fresh scent and let your guests know no detail was too small for your home decor especially for any occasion. Candles are that one component that can enhance any home for every occasion and instantly bring a dull room to life. They convey a trendy, modernistic design theme turning your home into a homey and a comforting one.

While candles never get old, sometimes their arrangements do. So, we have for you the 50 most interesting and easiest Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion. From centerpieces to holiday décor, many different ways to decorate with candles and for every occasion that add warmth to your home.

Everyone loves candles thus, to make the candles your favorite decor for holiday, look at them and make every day to be special… they’re the go-to housewarming gift. Inspirations are on micasarevistawestelmhgtvstyle at home , elmueble and not on the high street .

Side Table Candle Terrariums;

These gorgeous terrarium candles are point of light made of Candles of different sizes grouped inside. Terrariums are transparent, sealed glass container that help solving two design problems in one. First, they add visual interest when candles are placed inside in groups. Grouped candles together may vary in height and texture. Second, they are almost safe, not to worry about setting your house on fire, whether freshening up a coffee table or keeping at your bedside.

Decorating with Lantern Candle Holders

Lanterns are magical, that glass objects add sweetness to your décor. The use of the lantern began thousands of years ago and continues to this day. So many stories and myths involve the lantern history. So, when you add candle lanterns of different heights and shapes to your decor, you bring an awesome way of that magic into your home. They also provide enough candle light into a warm glow. They perfectly imitate with a bit of safety for lit candles.


Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_03

Use Candles In Bathroom For Special Nights

Candles always bring light, warmth and make you feel relaxed and unwind. Of course, it’s a traditional decoration for valentine day and for any romance. Candles would make a relaxing and rejuvenating experience after a long day as it glows sweetness and warmth. Candles of all colors – from classical white to violet – and of all shapes would help to create that special effect for a soothing ambiance. Enjoy coziness and beautiful tender light with candles can turn your bathroom into a spa.

Creativity Of All The Colors

The infinite variety of sizes, shapes and colors of candles allows you to use candles as a decorative accessory. It helps to let your imagination fly to creative decorative ideas with candles. Play with the color palette of the textiles of the room and the candle décor to provide their warm glow as original and festive as this one.

Decorate With White Candles

White and green are a natural pairing. when combined, both create a composition to create a cozy atmosphere. This arrangement is beautiful; it uses the light to affect our perception of reality and symbolize positive energy. It enhances a happy influence of calm on all the surrounding. This calm that is supported with lights will attract family harmony.

Power Of The Odd Ones 

Images with odd numbers create an interesting home functionally and cause the eye to be forced to move between objects. This visual depth and satisfaction are much more interesting when you see an odd number of things. The Rule of Threesa set of three candles-arranged in odd numbers tend to look dynamic and more natural and still achieve the same visual interest.


Lighting always has the powerful for attracting positive energy because it has the same power of fire according to Feng Shui. If you love candles always place them in an odd number to stimulate creativity, passion and success.  In bedrooms always think of achieving an even and equal elements numbers.

The Power Of Candles

They cannot be missing in any house. They create a good welcoming and intimate atmosphere. In addition, they also highlight corners with power especially to those areas that are unnoticed as symbolize the care of all the details. When you light a candle, their glow lights the magic.

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Enjoy Some Candle Inspirations

Candle lanterns and much greenery for beautiful decor

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_01

A chic pillar candles and a candle tray buntings for special evenings

Table with lamp, decor, triangular mirror on the wall and candles.


Amazing birthday candles in a form of floating butterflies.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_12Candle lanterns,  candles in glass candle holders and tea lights to decorate the table coffee table and wall.

A tray to put your candles on for a clean surface from wax.


Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_21For a cooler display, you may add touches of seasonal or holiday decor; pinecones, fake deer heads and much more.

Lots of candles on chic and sophisticated candle holders to spruce up any table giving it a more formal look.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_24

A refined metal candelabra with tall white candles is all you need for a cozy decor.
Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_25


Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_30Beautiful white candle lanterns with candles glowing all through the stair way.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_32


Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_34


Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_36

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_37


Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_39Modern styling for a minimalist space.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_40



Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_43A unique small bowl with tea lights in it to be an easy DIY for your table.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_45A glass candle holders with some strawberry fruit and some greenery around.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_46A glass candle holders and some greenery and seasonal fruits around.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_49A  big pink candle in a glass candle holder with pink blooms for a chic touch of romance.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_51A gorgeous  metal clock with small candles is a chic and refined touch to your wall that will look like no other.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_52A metal holder inspired by leaves to spruce up any your home decor.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_50

A modern candelabra on the mantel frame in a shape of a tree  with candles on the wall or shelf.

Candles Inspirations For Every Occasion_53


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