55 Easy and Creative Decorating Ideas For Candle Holders

Easy and Creative Decorating Ideas For Candle Holders…Candle holders are great when it comes to decorating, because they set the mood around your home. Candles are a popular accent way to bring a touch of relaxation, ambiance, warmth and comfort to any home, no matter the style. NO matter the occasion festivals or celebrations at home; your birthday, Christmas or any special occasion to light the candles.  Light up any corner of your house at any time of the year to create an intimate and cozy environment.

Candles have never fall into oblivion although it was invented centuries ago. Although it is impossible to mention now how was lighting when electricity had not yet appeared on the scene, candles had its original utility… means of light. It is no longer its main task, candles never go out of style. And it is that these small lamps of natural and twinkling light are to serve to decorate the centerpiece, shelves or the bathtub. Candles serve as those details that makes the difference of transforming any moment at home.


NOW, Candles are capable  to create a memorable, aromatic atmosphere especially if they smell insanely good and their delicate scent in the air. Candles are inexpensive and suitable addition to be transformed into stylish additions to your decor for every season, occasion and reason.

Candles can be incorporated into unique arrangements that showcase your creativity. With a number of different materials, they can easily be spruced up to fit in with any home décor. However, placing right candles at right place, in the right manner and customizing them with your awesome talent and thus romantically creative decorating ideas come through in everything you do in your design.

Let’s have a look at these candlesticks and get inspired for some creative ideas on decorating with candles.

Candle Stands; –

Decorating with candle stands are great when putting a little creative thinking in decorating your home. When it comes to decorating with candle stands, it turns out to be an awesome idea because they set the mood. Add simple and modern candle stands in a similar color and shape to create a warm and a more welcoming atmosphere

For a contemporary look choose candles of different heights combined with flowers which helps in giving an intimate atmosphere to your home décor. Candle stand is not a new idea for decorating. They are really quite simple and original option to decorate your home creatively while giving the home décor the finishing touch.

Lanterns; –

Candles whether in decorative candle holders or in lanterns, when are lit give light and magic to any corner. Candles glow to your living room with their play of lights are great creators of atmospheres that they highlight areas that went unnoticed.

A set of lovely lanterns in beautiful soft colors at the side table or hang them as to create a magical soft lighting effect amazed with its gleaming effect. Candles are never missing in our homes just place lighted stylish lanterns in a row to get a more dazzling look. Lanterns are the detail that will illuminate the room.

Hurricane Candle Holders; –

Decorative hurricane candle holders are best for setting the mood of a space. Hurricane candle holders offer a quick way to update your decor giving a contemporary look. From their name, they are able to shield a candle flame creating more shine and gleam. They are mostly larger in size and hold bigger candles mostly to sprucing up a seasonal display.

Brighten up your living room with a more personal touch of hurricanes as they make a superb centerpiece vase …A statement piece of a romantic home décor.



Fill your house with candles, they look amazing when grouping several different candles on the center table or a coffee table as a centerpiece.

Make a small arrangement of white candles placed together in a tray, fresh leaves, aromatic plants and paired up with green moss bedding. For the final touch use ribbons to add a more designer look to the candles.

White and green look magnificent together create magical corners. Put them in the form of a bouquet or centerpiece in places where they are very visible to make a fresh atmosphere in an environment more relaxing. Do not leave the flat surface of your center table empty create centers full of light. Put candles to fill the space and make your table look wonderful.

Adding Candles into Fireplace; –

Fireplace in the living room is not only meant for lighting fire, there is another way to enjoy a rustic house dim lights display.  If the fireplace should not be missing, place a set of candles of different sizes in the fireplace. A simple tip of placing big candles of different heights inside the fireplace, will bring an elegant look to your space and an ultimate look. A big display of large grouping candles alone creates sparkling light when lit. Use a group several candles of same color varying in heights to add more dramatic impact to your living room.

Candles placed in a fireplace add more depth to the room, you will not need any other home décor items to add up as well. Use to decorate your living room with candles individuals or in groups of varying sizes, colors, styles and shapes to bring more variation in the arrangement.

Mirrored Candles; –

Multiply your light of candles while placing them on a mirrored tray or in a well-placed mirror. This simple design trick the light of candles will be reflected through the mirror, vividly thereby increasing the light. It will add a reflective element and a brighter feel to your home décor by doubling the scattered light throughout your space when it gets reflected by a mirror.

Glass Jars; –

An awesome simple decorating idea for an illuminating effect and to make candles perfect decorative element is to place candles in large mason jars, jars of jam, cans of canning or glass candle holders. And other simple but clever designer trick is decorating candle jars with ribbon to give an outstanding look.

Candle holders are great when it comes to decorating…A single tall candle placed in the middle of stones and flowers will give an excellent touch to the candle arrangement your living room. You can use more than one Mason jar or glass candle holders with different colors or sizes to spruce up your home.

“TEAM” LIGHT- Grouping of Candles; –

A simple tip to decorate your room with candles is to group several candles on the floor or on high shelves. Individuals or in groups, depending on the space. Candles of different sizes will give you a big display that you will not need any other accessories items to add up.

If you love candles, use candles of varying sizes, colors, styles and shapes to bring more variation in the arrangement and will bring an elegant look to your space.

Candle Trio; –

Trio candles in a beautiful glass include something for every season and any taste. Decorating your living room with trio holder brings more sophistication in décor.

Place Dreamscapes collection of pillar candles in an elegance candle holder for a perfect look. With seasonal scents and assemble fresh flowers in the base of the glass; diffuses quickly fills the whole room making for an inviting home.

Trio candles are an appealing addition to your décor that add a more modern touch to the décor. Trio candles in a beautiful glass candle holder, you do not need to do a lot of work for good home décor.

Consider Using these decorative candle light ideas and the use of these very simple decorative trick to make your room more modern and stylish.

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