Pampas Grass Decoration Ideas And Tips

The use of natural dry plants became super-hot home decor trend that made good impressions namely the use of The use of natural dry plants became super-hot home decor trend that made good impressions namely the use of pampas grass when used in interior decorations. when used in interior decorations.

Pampas Grass Decoration Ideas And Tips…New trends appear in interior design every year and staying on top of the latest trends is a burden. These trends may be new inspirations or forgotten fads. For the coming year, interior designers use nature in the interior decoration to deal with.

Sustainability, the catchwords in this context are fish trap and natural materials such as bamboo, ceramics, willow and other natural materials sets the tone for the coming years. These natural elements are already present in numerous ways in modern homes.

The interior designers had integrated indoor plants as sustainability concepts into their projects, as a new layer in interior design. The use of natural dry plants became super-hot home decor trend that made good impressions namely the use of pampas grass when used in interior decorations. Pampas grass decoration is the year’s newest (and most surprising) 2021 trend will whether used in a rustic interior or a contemporary style. That’s why we have chosen Pampas Grass; the new concept that has entered the mainstream we’d collectively fall in love with.


These waving wheats are lush, feathery, and undeniably gorgeous, Pampas grass is also known by its scientific name, cortaderia selloana.
Pampas grass is a charming ornamental grass are cereal native to South America- Southern California. Later it was introduced to North America, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia. It has used as an attractive ornament indoors decorative element once dried among both homeowners and professional interior decorators alike. One stalk of dried pampas grass is perfectly complements modern décor, persevering another decade of interior décor and adding fluff and texture from living rooms to bathrooms.

How long does dried pampas grass last?

Pampas grass is usually very durable. In a dry state, it can last for several years about 10/15 years. As an indoor decor element, plumes can last for several years. That is why its investment is well worth it,” … it works well for décor on any holiday. It also doesn’t like or need to sit in water, because the ornamental plant will quickly go moldy if it gets wet, also no sun needed, no nurturing whatsoever. Spraying each pampas stem with a little fresh spritz of hairspray from time to time prevent them from shedding.

If you do decide to mix it with some other pieces dried plants are the best choice, like leaves, twigs, and dried flowers. ” Its maintenance is very simple, just remove the dust regularly with a feather duster.


Pampas grass is a plant that originated in the American pampas. It is characterized by eye-capturing tall feature with delicate colors and slightly feathery flowers, green leaves. This ornamental plant quickly becomes a great eye-catcher in the room. As a decoration, it looks elegant, beautifully swaying that fits in almost any interior. In most cases, to combine attention to both line and mass pampas grass are combined with opaque glass vases, ceramic or porcelain to create the many variations of line and mass.


Pampas grass are offered in different colors. usually they are of neutral colors, from silvery-white or taupe, light yellow, golden wheat as well as different shades of pink and even blue despite their species- about 25 different types-.


How to color pampas grass;

The gorgeous colored pampas grass adds soft, fluffy texture that brings the outside in, adding a relaxing accent vibe to any space. Because colored pampas grass is usually more expensive, coloring at home is a good idea. Pampas grass and the other dried flowers and plants are colored easily using the following technique:

For this you need:

  • Pampas grass
  • Rubber gloves
  • Acrylic Dye paint of your choice such as pink, turquoise, mint or pink
  • large flat container to mix
  • water
  • Cardboard to dry
  • brush

That is how it goes:

Wet or dry pampas grass both ways no discernible difference to the end result.

  1. The first thing to do is fill the container with warm (not boiling) water and add some acrylic Dye paint shake vigorously. Here it is important to stir well until the liquid becomes a homogeneous color.
  2. Take each stem and gently dip it into the water and painted with a brush if necessary to ensure that you get the dye all the way into the stem. Repeat with the rest of the stem
  3. You can leave them all steeping stems in the container for ten minutes.
  4. Finally, the pampas grass is left to drip dry and then placed on a piece of cardboard and dried. Alternatively, it can be dried hanging with a washing rope or in the container. Pampas  takes a long time to get completely dry …up to two weeks.
  5. To make the pampas grass fluff up again, you should first shake it out a little and bring it into the right shape with a blow hairdryer on a low cool setting.
  6. A little tip: spray the pampas grass with hairspray. This will set the pampas grass in place, keeping its shape for a long time.

Pampas grass season & the best time to plant

There are many unique ways to Include Pampas Grass for decorative purposes in any occasion décor as wedding décor, unique internal home décor, because it is generally available all year round. Pampas grass is extremely easy to grow, and its first full bloom, usually in late August or September to February. The best time to plant pampas grass seeds in a garden is in early spring. Pampas grass decoration wedding

The pampas grass decoration become wedding décor trends. Many types of flowers are used for the modern romantic weddings. As a stylish addition, pampas grass became the bridal decorations choose and seems to be trending for a couple coming years too. Pampas grass can be placed in multiple different ways in wedding décor to deliver a light and fluffy atmosphere with natural beauty. With its extraordinary and stylish feature decoration it offers many possibilities for fall wedding. At the end of a hectic day, you can have a special piece and use it at home. With their present afterwards they are a refreshing reminder every day in front of you.


Most designer believes that this elegant cloud-like stalks grass’ popularity is due to its ease, low maintenance and versatility, but also due to its unique texture and characteristics. Similar to a flower arrangement it brings the outside natural element in. Dried pampas grass is neutral enough to go with just about any color palette and style it also provides a soft and delicate textural quality that flowers do not have.
Designers now choose pampas grass for centerpieces and bouquet arrangements, as well as home decor for the following;

Low maintenance – Since your pampas grass decor is eternal. Being dried so it thrives on neglect, it generally requires no water, no sun and no nurturing and absolute nearly no maintenance thus cost no fortune.

Provides textural quality to a room – Pampas grass creates a calming texture into the spaces and a sculptural look. The gorgeous and the neutral-color of Pampas grass adds a relaxing touch of drama while allowing your living space to come alive, giving you a unique tactile experience.

Brings the outdoors in –Pampas grass has proved by bringing it into the home it creates a captivating outdoor flow of materials in your home that strive with décor.

Neutral colors – Designers love the endless possibilities brought by natural element to a space. thanks to its neutral colors that goes with just about any décor style, perfectly filling any décor space. It creates a gorgeous neutral palette with lots of texture cohesive with any color palette and style.

Find the best methods you like for adding this stylish grass into your decorations. We’ve assembled some of the smarter ways of beautiful and timeless beautiful wheat-toned grass to take advantage of.




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