55 Amazing Willow Décor Ideas For This Spring

Spring is in the air! Willow is not only an Easter kind of thing; they can create an interesting visual effect when used for decoration. The white willow branches are a stunning decorative element creating a truly special atmosphere for all occasions; it is especially great for spring décor.

Pussy willows are so great for a holiday decoration, these willow branches can easily be shaped adding sparkle to your existing silk or dried floral arrangements. Willows may be artificial or natural decorative branches and linear forms to use in decoration, floral designing and displays. It’s enough just to put a bunch of pale green willow leaf into some pretty tall vases, vintage cups or jugs and decorate your window sill, mantel or table with it as they are perfect for centerpieces at an event or reception. A good idea is to add Curly willow branches with some spring natural element as flowers like tulips or daffodils – they create a dramatic but simple contrasting centre-piece which will look cool together. Here’s a few Amazing Willow Décor Ideas For This Spring that we just love inspiration from wunderweib and momtoob.


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