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Christmas décor in the Dutch style is approaching with the holidays

The Dutch style of Christmas décor is known for its unique and traditional touch. Sure to add a touch of elegance and charm to any space. So, let's embrace the Dutch spirit of the holidays and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere this season.

Christmas décor in the Dutch style is approaching with the holidays…and we would love to share them with you.

Cleo Scheulderman, an accomplished interior designer and decorator from the Netherlands, has been busy creating exquisite holiday decorations that perfectly reflect her distinctive style. Her design approach is characterized by its daring use of color, pattern, and texture, and she is widely recognized for crafting spaces that are not only fashionable but also functional.

One of Cleo’s most remarkable undertakings this holiday season involves a sleek and contemporary apartment nestled in the heart of Amsterdam. The apartment is wonderfully adorned with Christmas decor that highlights the unique design sensibilities of the Dutch.

With her keen design sensibilities, Cleo has masterfully blended traditional Dutch holiday elements, such as wreaths, candles, and wooden embellishments, with modern touches like metallics, geometric shapes, and statement pieces.

The outcome is a stunning and harmonious space that is both celebratory and chic, capturing the spirit of Dutch holiday decor in a contemporary and innovative manner.

Dutch Christmas decorations offer a distinctive fusion of customary and contemporary elements, producing a cozy and welcoming ambiance throughout the festive period. These decorations incorporate natural materials like holly leaves, pinecones, and candles, which are coupled with glimmering lights and vibrant ornaments, resulting in a delightful and celebratory exhibit.

The advent wreath, a Dutch Christmas custom, has grown in popularity over time. This beloved ornament, which usually appears on a table or mantelpiece, is a circular wreath composed of evergreens with four candles. The wreath has enormous significance since it stands for the impending arrival of Christmas and the happy anticipation that goes along with it. One candle is lit each week leading up to the festival, signifying the passing of time and enhancing the anticipation and eagerness for the holiday.

The Christmas tree, which is a classic holiday decoration, holds a special position in Dutch culture. It is frequently decked out with lights, ornaments, and tinsel and acts as the focal point of many Dutch homes. Natural components like holly leaves, berries, and pine cones are usually used into the tree’s adornment in order to add a touch of rustic charm and signify the link to nature that the winter season represents.

Candles are also a popular decoration during the Dutch Christmas festivities, as they create a warm and cozy atmosphere. They are placed in windows and around the house, giving a soft glow. The traditional seven candle candelabra is often displayed in some homes, signifying the seven days of creation and emphasizing the importance of rest and contemplation during the holiday season.

The Dutch are famous for their Christmas decorations that utilize lighting to create a delightful and enchanting ambiance during the festive season. Among the favored options are lanterns, fairy lights, and string lights, which are utilized to embellish windows, trees, and different areas of the house.

Although traditional elements such as natural materials and candles continue to be cherished, contemporary elements like oversized ornaments, glittery accents, and vibrant colors have been integrated in recent years. These modern additions infuse a playful and fun energy into the décor and make a bold statement in any household.

The combination of classic and contemporary elements in Dutch Christmas décor generates a cozy and inviting ambiance that honors the holiday season. The shimmering lights, natural materials, and other embellishments all harmonize to create a festive display that embodies the joy and enchantment of Christmas.



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