Beautiful and simple DIY stone crafts: natural and elegant decoration

If you are one of those who like to decorate with natural materials, without a doubt, small pebbles or stones are unearthly beauty can turn into unique and special decoration items.

Beautiful and simple DIY stone crafts: natural and elegant decoration… There are many natural materials that can become a good media for decoration. Among them are small pebbles or stones, collected or found along the seashore or on any water surface. They are of intricate shapes and colors.

If you are one of those who like to decorate with natural materials, without a doubt, this unearthly beauty can turn into unique and special decoration items.

We love simple DIYs, and craft idea that can be done with very little budget and sometimes with non and give excellent results. We can make crafts with paper, old bottles , with jars, old jeans, glass containers or even with stones.


Crafts with small stones… river rocks, sea stones, and pebbles are not only great for garden stone decoration and styling outdoor living space, but crafts with decorative stones are great for inside your home. These accent materials are loved to be collected by kids and adults alike and can give your space a natural feel that adds beauty to any space.

Due to the great diversity of shapes and sizes of pebbles and stones, not to mention the number of color patterns, we have collected interesting crafts with stones and durable decor ideas on how to use them in interior décor, making them look elegant and functional at the same time:

Below is some fantastic collection of DIY stone crafts with pebbles and river rocks and DIY home decor ideas for both inside and outside your home; crafts even the kids would enjoy!

Decorative crafts with stones

Making different DIY stone crafts and Decorative crafts from natural material does not require special skills or skills: for this you just need to use simple and detailed instructions.

We’ve got interior stone decoration, decoration with stones on the wall, figures with easy stones, and DIY home decor crafts and ideas with pebbles and river rocks for indoor and outdoor home.  Here you will know how to make figures with stones, décor accessories, home improvement projects, gifts, and art that are sure to rouse your inner DIY creative energy.

These can be both simple paintings and applications, as well as unusual figures, products for decorating walls and furniture. Most of the crafts discussed can be done with children and teenagers which will develop attention, memory, and fine motor skills in children. You will be surprised at the beautiful and simple things you can do with them.

What stones to use

The most popular types of stones used for crafts are smooth oval & round beach sea stones for pebble art crafts; Bulk baby size colorful sea rocks; Flat tiny to small Oval and round shaped sea and river pebbles. Bulk stones too can make the most realistic animals and figures crafts

Choose sea and river pebbles with minimum porosity to ensure high-quality adhesion of any varnishes and paints to their surfaces. Almost flat, even pebbles shapes are considered ideal for DIY craft: oval, circle.


Decoupage on stones

Decoupaged Stones are simple and quick. Most of these decoration on such natural materials as pebbles uses ordinary paper napkins with pictures, fabric, greetings cards, magazines/catalogues, and wallpaper. Decoupage is easy and fast technique, allowing you to get a verity of decoration and designs for your home.

Decoupage involves cutting out pictures, gluing them and then coating the pictures with layers of varnish to a finished look that it appears as professionally painted. Additionally, it is recommended to use both glue and varnish, white acrylic paint, a flat wide brush on pebbles with minimal porosity and one smooth side.


Rock painting craft ideas with pebbles and stones

Another way to decorate sea and river pebbles is to paint them. Painted stones, and rock painting are an ancient art. You can use a variety of paints and supplies on rocks.

Basically, anything you like…paint markers, paint brushes, pastel paints, chalk markers, chalk crayons, sharpies, oil-based pens, sealant and even glitter pens …but it is recommended to use acrylic paints: they dry quickly, do not smear with a protective coating of crafts with varnish.

Whether you like to use any of above panting materials on stones, pebbles, or rocks to make art, they are all fun to paint with, depending on the project you have in mind. Create decorative rocks to brighten up your home and garden.

Paint rocks with the kids

Drawings on sea stones is an enjoyable DIY crafts for kids. Painting rocks are fun ideas to keep your kids entertained and a great way to spark their creative side and let them express themselves.

Painting rocks and stones is an easy DIY craft to do at home with paint. Use Large smooth stones to draw letters and words, butterflies and fish, flowers, and leaves.

Panels and paintings

Pebbles are becoming an alternative to the paints using different technologies on a plain background, or a prepared drawing. Pebbles are painted in the desired colors, arranged as elements for a decorative picture on a wall canvas.

The stones are glued to a textile or wooden base with a frame or not according to your desire.

Silhouette painted rocks 

Silhouette, an image or design in a single hue and tone. A silhouette is drawn on a small sheet of plywood covered with primer. Stones of different sizes are generally glued to fill inside this silhouette. Pictures in any form is created.

Carving and engraving on stone

Making stone decor by carving and engraving is a rather difficult, but quite doable task. To create crafts, you may go manually or mechanically on the surface of the stone. Hand engraving – manual method – is one of the oldest methods of material processing. Mechanical engraving – sandblasting method, laser method, shock method, milling method- are modern engraving techniques.

Whatever the technique used the stone is polished to be smooth, and then the stone is rubbed with wax or varnished.

Decorate with stones

Stone Crafts for Candlestick

Another popular use of pebbles in decor is the creation of candlesticks. Create a beautiful new lamp from a wide glass of any shape. Stones of the same color and approximately the same size should be placed inside … add a few rose petals or flowers. Then Place a large candle inside the pebbles.

You can glue mall sized pebbles on the outer surface of a tin can. You can place candles -glued-on top of large stones.

This original candlestick will decorate the interior. Such candlesticks are safe and please with originality of design, and a romantic atmosphere in the interior is guaranteed.

Use stone crafts for serving

Sea pebbles can be used for serving in a Mediterranean and eco-style in the house in many ways. Décor… Mat. Relaxation for your feet. Vases… Eco style.

Single stones can decorate personal plates on the table. Several scattering stones can work as a centerpiece on the table… a great option for decorating an exotic table setting.

Sea Pebbles and stone crafts: Inspirational Interior Decor Ideas

Show your imagination! Stones can decorate mirrors canvas, photo frames.  Stand for hot sea pebbles. Stone rug for the hallway. Flowerpots decorated with pebbles.


Make your own games

On an evening in the country, or on the sea, it is so pleasant to while away the time for a leisurely game of chess, checkers, simple tic-tac-toe, or scrabble, and dominoes. To make one of these games’ stones need to be selected approximately the same size. After that, every detail is drawn on pebbles.

Photo of stone crafts


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