Glamorous And Affordable Mercury Glass Decor For Special Occasions

Mercury Glass Decor…Poor Man’s Silver – Glamorous and Affordable Mercury Glass Decor For Special Occasions. Mercury glass vases or centerpiece are used as items to create decorative and stylish atmosphere for special occasions found in almost every home. Mercury glass, also known as silvered glass, as it was sometimes called so. The interesting thing is that it has nothing to do with the precious metal. All that glitters aren’t silver nor mercury, it contains neither mercury nor silver (at least, not anymore).


Mercury glass or silvered glass has actually been around since the 1840s in Europe and eventually made its way to the US after discovering its beauty. Mercury glasses are on the rise, back in vogue and have lately started to be increasingly popular, as recently its beauty has been rediscovered. Mercury glass was originally considered “poor man’s silver,” shimmery accessories currently produced in the Czech Republic. It’s obtained of glass that was double blown wall with mercury inside and then sealed. This technique used to make mercury glass in the 1840s. Today, its mass is produced without the double blown wall using different techniques.



Decor made of a mercury glass glam up a room and really look elegant and classy. They are the perfect thing to complete the beautiful Christmas mantel decoration with an elegant wreath in the center or surrounded by traditional greenery items. Silver Glass in decoration is used in an any interior to add a little vintage vibe to your holiday décor as they look refreshingly and stylish. Beautiful for any type of occasion or application, featuring timeless charm decorations that can be used all year round leaving a shining impression on your guests, family and friends.



Please, feel welcome to see some inspirational photos of many good ideas on mercury glass decor using decorative plates, vases, glasses, bedside lamps, pendant lamps and votive candle holders which look Glamorous and Affordable Mercury Glass Decor for Special Occasions.


Mercury Glass Decor Christmas;

Mercury glass is beautiful for any type of home and adds a timeless vintage charm. Decorations with Mercury glass also create the look of a vintage era of days gone by. They are growing trend in décor and can be used to make lots of different items such as; mercury glass Christmas ornaments, Mercury Glass Centerpiece, mercury glass candle holder, mercury glass vase, mercury glass wall decor, mercury glass wall art, mercury glass mirror and many more. Chandeliers and pendant lamps are popular mercury glass items too, great for any room of the house.  With these samples of Mercury glass, you can deploy touches throughout your holiday event. Go decorate your home for Christmas with a pretty Mercury Glass Décor on mantel and table. Here we look at some Mercury Glass Decor Christmas that are currently inspirable for this holiday season.



Fall Mercury Glass Decorations:

People always like to decorate their home with all fall items especially pumpkins. The more spectacularly fall item decor is mercury glass. The metallic sheen of silver and gold of mercury glass is perfectly raising to give your home a new look. They are special when added to Holiday displays to warm-up your home. Mercury glass for fall decorations creates an opportunity to be creative not only for the season but any time of year.


Mercury Glass Halloween Decorations;

Halloween is a fun time of year, and it is easy to take Halloween decor too far. Mercury glass has gotten very popular these days and is going to get plenty of use this season.  Accordingly, mercury glass Halloween decorations are too heavy-handed to get into the spirit. Mercury glass will the perfect addition for Halloween decorations this year. Gorgeous silver pumpkins, ravens, candles all make for great Halloween décor that really elevates the look. Mercury glass is very glamorous and can be a bit worn and vintage that is why it can take place in Halloween decorations. Create Glamorous and Affordable Mercury Glass Decor for Special Occasions with Mercury Glass Halloween Decorations.



Mercury Glass for Easter;

The beauty of mercury glass is that it works in all decor styles and all occasions from Christmas to Easter décor. Easter Centerpieces are always a fun one because they are classic, elegant and timeless bursting with beautiful color. These playful Easter centerpieces made of mercury glass freshen up your Easter decorations. You will love the inspirational symbol of the season … the Mercury Glass Egg and Mercury Glass Bunny. These ceramic or glass bunnies and eggs can have silver mercury glass look or gold depending on your Easter centerpiece décor.



Wedding Mercury Glass;

These days Mercury Glass Decor wedding became popular; showing up at vintage wedding receptions and everywhere these days.  Mercury Glass and its silvery appearance is hard to miss. It has many uses, it is a favorite décor element used as a mercury glass candle holder, an elegant mercury glass vase for floral bouquets and often appear in wedding centerpieces. Mercury glass vases are great as they elaborate table settings or as a decorative accent piece. Depending on the style, combine a look of elegance and charm to look anything from antiques, vintage, contemporary and modern by reusing collectibles from the past and pairing them with antique. Mercury glass is used in a number of unique ways and styles for ceremony spaces, reception and more. If you still have no ideas for how to incorporate mercury glass into your own wedding, we’ve put together elegant ways to decorate your wedding with Mercury Glass ideas to get you started.


DIY Mercury Glass Décor;

How to Make Mercury Glass Create the look of mercury glass for less; mercury glass is a vintage, timeless and weathered decorating element for all time and any occasion. It can be used any time of year especially Christmas. Gorgeous enough to glow all around the house at Christmas night. To get the coveted look for less, DIY decorators can make their own upcycled versions of mirrored glass decor objects for a small budget. Turning old objects into mirrored decor “mercury glass” all you need is just a spray bottle filled with tap water, spray paint, and some garage sale glass containers.  Here’s how…Mercury Glass has many colors; DIY rose gold mercury glass, DIY gold mercury glass vase, DIY pink mercury glass, DIY copper mercury glass. white, gold or blue DIY Colored Mercury Glass work so well for so many different decorating styles.



For DIY Colored Mercury Glass; True mercury glass is silver color, but it can be either metallic or colored. You can create a modern look with gold, bronze, or even another metallic spray paint color that’s perfectly cozy. Upgrade with color with one color and style, or DIY Mercury Glass in any color can be created by mismatching various colors, textures and styles.

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