Christmas gnomes – a classic decoration for a festive interior

Gnomes are characteristic elements at Christmas time use them to decorate your home.

‘Christmas gnomes’…There’s no place like Gnome for the holidays – especially when it’s all decked out with the merriest gnome creative decorating around!

Among the mass of New Year’s characters, an outlandish style has emerged in holiday décor from Scandinavian tradition… the gnomes. They are fashioned for charming and mysterious, for more characteristic of Scandinavian culture.  Gnomes actually came to us from Scandinavia and become tied with Christmas as so many other home trends.

In Sweden, figurines of these characters are a favorite decoration at Christmas, they are considered the guardians of the house. They have probably found their niche in our traditions during the winter holidays to bring festive charm and holiday magic to your seasonal décor.

Gnomes are very loved … In recent years this style has also begun to be appreciated and respected in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and they have also gained popularity all over the world, spreading the love for Scandinavian-style decorations.

Gnomes have taken over the holiday and winter scene beside our darling Santa and reindeer figurines. They will create coziness and a magical atmosphere, and additional décor – gifts, mittens, Christmas balls, stars – will make the interior elegant and beautiful and will suit any style.

I don’t have a single friend or family member that doesn’t have at least one gnome tucked in a Christmas tree, guarding the front door, or sitting on the mantel. They add just the right amount of whimsy and cheer to your holiday decor.

These elfin fellows with their long beards and pointy hats have long been just shaping the mood have long been just shaping the mood. Gnomes are characteristic elements at Christmas time use them to decorate their home.
They can be found on almost anything, from sheets and pillows to doormats and ornaments, they are so familiar like Santa Clauses, snowmen, Snow Maidens, and other snowflakes-Christmas-trees-balls.

Gnomes will make a great company for Santa Claus or Santa Claus, so the main character of the New Year holidays can often be found surrounded by these cute creatures. After all, they are the main helpers of Santa Claus.

Gnomes are available in a wide range of hues — bright greens and red, muted neutrals or tone-on-tone palettes. The collection features gnomes of different sizes and colors that will allow you to decorate the space in an interesting and wonderful way-. They are perfect to place in home decorations, under the Christmas tree or on a shelf, to create a welcoming atmosphere and amaze your guests. Some prefer to use them to decorate their windows and gardens.
We’ve found some of the best and cutest Christmas gnomes you need to add to your holiday decorating this season.

In short, they can be used in many ways to decorate spaces during the Christmas period. From DIY gnome signs to a jolly woodland gnome tablescape, tree and mantle, this is one Christmas decorating idea that will make everyone feel right at gnome for the holidays!

Find out how to add some Christmas gnome charm to your own home. Don’t forget that gnomes are a nice and original gift idea for your friends.

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