50 Elegant Christmas Stockings Crafts

Elegant Christmas Stockings Holiday Crafts … A home just isn’t complete for Christmas until you’ve hung some Christmas stockings. Christmas stockings are a staple part of any Christmas decorating scheme. There’s something special about Christmas stockings, they come out year after year, so make your look special. And Santa the most famous resident is counting on them to be there. It’s simply the idea of carrying out a beloved holiday tradition … and of course, it is expected that the gifts inside are small and practical. As it is the provided convenient spot for Santa to put his stocking stuffer gifts!

These stocking area made to get into the Christmas spirit whether you’ve hung them over the fireplace mantle, over the staircase,  tabletop trees, and even walls can be used too. Place them anywhere to freshen and brighten up your space. Use them as a focal point in any place of your home even in bedrooms. They bring a lot of happiness during holidays, doesn’t matter where.


Discover an amazing collection of stocking kits for some great deals! Today to add some fun and lot of happiness during holidays to your decor we collected you 50 great ideas. These Christmas ideas are available in internet for the Christmas decoration of your home;  the socks Christmas that might inspire you.

If you want to give this Christmas stocking tradition a more festive look to your home Elegant Christmas Stockings Holiday Crafts are for Christmas decorating your home in a new different way. With the right design choices, no matter how they might be, they will bring a very American touch, and you will be surprised by how much this will provoke a much warmer and more pleasant atmosphere.Elegant-Christmas-Stockings-Holiday-Crafts_05

The hanging of stockings has been an essential highlight of Christmas and a very symbolic elements for centuries in different areas around the world. Particularly the tradition of Christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace comes from the legend of the Christmas stocking which started in the European countries. A kind man named Nicholas, who was born in 280 AD, in Patara, a city of Lycia, in Asia Minor, who became devotee of Christ and ordained as a priest in Church… Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas used all his riches to help the poor, by giving gifts to children altruistically throwing them through the chimneys of the houses. According to the story, in reality, Saint Nicholas put gold coins in the stockings of three poor sisters. He rolled down the gold coins, which was so small that they landed in the poor sisters’ stockings that hung from the fireplace to dry. Since then, over the years children have hung up their Christmas stockings or putting out shoes, eagerly waiting for gifts from Santa Claus. Hanging Christmas stockings have been associate with gifts.

In short Christmas stocking symbolism and Christmas stockings were created behind the meaning of generosity, kindness and good deeds. Originally, the little ones used one of their everyday socks for this purpose, so it became a very important and fun element for them.



Today, Christmas stockings of a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs. Christmas stockings are well decorated, can be bought, homemade or crafted. Today, some families make their stocks of homemade craft designs. They create unique Christmas stockings stitching for each family member. The name is crafted on the stocking making the job of Santa easier, identifying which stocking belongs to which family member. For the coming holiday it would be a great occasion to make decorative socks crafts in family.

How to make a Christmas stocking…to make them we are going to see different templates of Christmas stocking decorating ideas in the form of a boot and ways to use them as holiday ornaments through images and related links. Because there is large amount of designs, below we will see some simple steps from different websites to make homemade Christmas stockings. Make your own unique Christmas stockings. Sew together colorful felt, fabric or use any recycled materials that has sentimental value like an old t-shirt or blanket to create a one-of-a-kind stocking. By making your own DIY Christmas stocks version you can switch up the contents to different designs no matter what your holiday decorating style is for different times of the year. Make personalized Christmas stockings for your family, personalize them with initials and names or make stunning, funny, awesome, gorgeous, crazy, and fun patches that represent each family member’s personality.

sourceChristmas Decorating Ideas for Kids- stocking

For DIY Christmas stockings; first, we will use the template to measure and cut the fabric in the shape of a sock, or you can use an old sock to cut out the design. In either case you should leave a margin of at least one centimeter. You can play with your size and shapes of the template and make different elegant Christmas stockings with different design for each member of the family. Repeat this step to get two fabric boots to join both sides together and thus they may contain gifts. Sew both pieces or use glue on the margins, turn the stocking over and add a ribbon or bow to your boot to be able to hang them. Begin to decorate your homemade Christmas stockings on your taste.


Paper Christmas Stocking;

It might not come in your mind to use paper to make out a Christmas stocking hanged on your mental. But here we have a surprise, a new way to make paper Christmas stockings. An easy full-sized Christmas stocking out of constructed paper/ card stock hanging on a mantle, is so fun to do.


These Paper Christmas Stocking has lot of utilities. These beautiful boxes are fun decorating it with all sorts of materials and can be used in so many ways. These paper stock used as personalized gift boxes, large gift baskets, mobile stand, desk accessory, bookends to a pen holder. How to make a personalized paper Christmas stocking is so easy to make, just follow the link.

Pet Christmas stockingsPet Christmas stockings;

If you’re the type of fur baby parent and they are a part of your family, include them in the festivities. Make sure your four-legged buddy is not left out and be in to celebrate Christmas. In this important family occasions, let the furry ones get excited with a personalized pet stocking.


Make a Christmas stocking for every family member, and include the furry ones, give them their own stocking this year too? Customize a Christmas stockings for Santa to fill these cute felt stockings with goodies inside. Pet Christmas stockings include a monogram with your four-legged friend’s name.

Kids to Bling-Out Store-Bought Christmas Stockingssource

Baby Christmas Stocking;

When you or your best friend is expecting a baby, add a little personalization for the baby’s first Christmas. A magnificent DIY Baby’s First Stocking adds a regal touch to the holiday hearth decorations. Or as a Christmas gift for a newborn it would be very practical and a holiday touch to a fabulous baby gift. Either way a personalised baby Christmas stockings are an Easy DIY No Sew Stocking.Elegant-Christmas-Stockings-Holiday-Crafts_22

When it comes to making memories, personalised baby stocking is presented to make the holiday special. Baby’s First Christmas Stockings are a fun Christmas tradition for the whole family as they make your holiday happiness lives on—in your heart for years to come. Make sure your first baby enjoys the fun on Christmas eve with crafting holiday stockings personalized, classic or DIY simple-sew and no-sew stocking.

White Monogrammed Christmas Stockings;


I am sharing white monogrammed Christmas stockings, it sounds to be luxe and easy and not to mention great fun to create with. They can be made of fabric or felt stockings are soft to the touch. I have found that they are warm materials and no body can’t resist fallen deeply in love with this craft material and are monogram initial Christmas stockings. Monogram stockings is one-of-a-kind craft project and give you and your family the best Christmas gifts.


White monogrammed Christmas stockings would grow with your decor no matter the color of your theme. Red monogrammed Christmas stocking   or  Plaid monogrammed Christmas stockings are other two completely different from the previous white Christmas stockings but still shaming. Monogrammed Christmas stockings are sturdy enough for last-minute gifts.

Monogram Stockings Family Christmas Stockings Set


Monogram Stockings Family Christmas Stockings SetElegant-Christmas-Stockings-Holiday-Crafts_08


Felt Stockings Christmas Craft;

These felt Christmas stockings were hung and crafted with care, they do spread the Christmas cheer. Use snowy white felt and bright colors or multi-colored with cute designs to make these handmade stockings. White felt Christmas stockings help you to think of beautiful winter days. The white felt color is used much in making stocking because many designs, colors and themes can be added. White felt Christmas stockings can be personalized with a name of your choice.


Working with felt to make handmade felt stockings are so enjoyable, you can make a plethora of winter and holiday themed stockings for gifts this year. If you celebrate some form of Christmas Adorable DIY felt Christmas stockings with cute designs are to hang around homes. Use some easy stitches such as blanket-stitched edges and techniques to create embellished handmade felt Christmas stockings.


Embroidered Christmas Stockings;

Embroidered xmas stockings gives a handmade touch to your holiday décor. They Introduce new traditions displayed beautifully on your mantel this year. Beautiful embroidered Christmas stockings may be personalized with machine or hand embroidery. No house is complete without personalized Christmas stockings but Embroidered Christmas Stockings sure to become a family heirloom.


Embroidered Christmas stockings are a great opportunity to mix vintage stockings with new modern touches. Each member of the family deserves to have his name beard on Christmas Stockings among the names of their loved. This traditional Christmas habit is decorated with an attractive embroidery with pretty shades of red, green, silver, and gold or other wild colors on a celebratory Christmas stocking. Personalized embroidered stockings are hanged by the fireplace waiting for a visit from Santa. This will help Santa Claus to know which socks belongs to whom to be able to leave his gifts.


 Woodland Stockings;

Craft these cute creatures with felt, fabric adorable woodland creatures and accents like a storybook to style stockings come to life.


Different creatures are shocked ; deer, fox, owl, penguin … transformed into a magical woodland wonderland for  grandchildren on the holidays. These magical woodland wonderland  creatures keep the children in fairy land enjoying  the holiday.


Elegant-Christmas-Stockings-Holiday-Crafts_24 Elf Christmas Stockings;

How to Sew an Elf Christmas Stocking to Brighten Your Mantel. These DIY Christmas Stocking Ideas can turn your ordinary DIY Christmas Stocking into an elf stocking.

DIY Elf Christmas Stockingssource

Take on the traditional versions of DIY Christmas Stocking transferring to an elf stocking just by adding a curve. Add a personal touch to your holiday stocking with a pointed or curled toe to your Christmas stocking instead of a rounded toe to provide a fairy tale lookstocking_-_042stocking_-_052

Crochet Christmas Stocking


Crochet Christmas Stocking;

This idea is for the crochet experts. If you can have a hand skill with a crochet needle, you need to make these adorbs stockings of Snowman, Santa, Elf reindeer, and Fairy figures etc. Let your imagination fly! These hands knit Christmas stockings are a fun idea for Christmas, something a little different.  With just simple embellishments you can create a cute little face on crocheted socks…. very easy with the minimum amount of assembly. These hands knit Christmas stockings can be kept safe and hanged on your mantel for Christmas every year to be a family tradition. It is very important that each sock of each member of our family bears his favorite Christmas character. When you weave these Christmas socks the faces are knitted flat   with all the details as we want, assembled and then stitched to the stocking before it has been sewn up.


Crochet Christmas StockingElegant-Christmas-Stockings-Holiday-Crafts_04

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