17 0f Our Favorite Paper Crafts for Adults

Our Favorite Paper Crafts for Adults ideas, like • origami tulips • quilling art • paper runner • paper mask • paper flowers • hot air balloon • and more!

Our Favorite Paper Crafts for Adults…When it comes to crafting, originality in the materials we use can make all the difference when it is based on their functional value and intended purpose. Paper which is known being versatile and many options in color, texture, and size can allow for almost any type of craft project.

Along with the availability to be formed into a three-dimensional design, you can many accessory aids such as stamping, coloring, folding styles, dyeing, and other techniques to create beautiful results.

There are countless different paper craft ideas for Adults out there, all in a range of unique styles and difficulty levels for everyone when it comes to paper crafts.

This gallery has a linked guide on your paper crafting journey with ideas ranging from Paper flowers to Paper Origami work. These timeless creative hobbies encourage crafters young and old to think outside the box and allow you to spend your time positively and intentionally. Get inspired with our fun list of Our Favorite Paper Crafts for Adults and pick up inexpensive, easy projects.

The crafts ahead are easy projects for gifts, home decor, and more and creating each one is a good way to mix up your crafting expertise.

Simple paper crafts for adults


Construction Paper Kite

Summer is a fun time to enjoy… and one of the enjoyable times is when you create a paper kite and see it fly in the sky. But in fact, you don’t have to wait for sunny days to enjoy creating paper kites.

This paper kite craft will be just as colorful as it will be fun to make. Follow these easy instructions to create a colorful kite of your own design.

With some simple materials such as washi tape and acrylic paint will add extra flair to the kite paper to make this project come alive and get outside!




DIY Fruit Bookmark 

There are a million ways to make a paper bookmark, from simple designs to full-blown bookmarks.  If you’re tired of boring bookmarks, try creating something so pretty. Pretty enough you could go a step further and create all your bookmarks or even give them away as gifts. You can simply draw a pretty darn fruity picture, cut it out and decorate it with a brush the choice is yours.


Pop Up Watercolor Flower Cards

Looking for an extra special unique mother day card, you could make it with a gorgeous, huge pop-up watercolor flower instead of driving to the store to buy one.

A Postcard with real magic inside, designed by hand using watercolor textures, so it looks like a big 3D watercolor flower. Make a beautiful DIY Pop Up Watercolor Flower for mother on her day card with a big pop up flower is something touchable.



Scrappy Tags From Recycled Boxes

There is nothing quite so satisfying as using recycled items boxes found in your home and turning them into beautiful tags.This ridiculously fun scrappy tag project using leftover and extra remnants of fabric and pieces of ribbon and trim. The tags turn any treat into a perfectly adorable gift that is perfect for the coming holidays or a porch drop.


Diy paper crafts for adults


Paper Animal Masks

Let your imagination go far by creating paper animal masks. This type of craft uses newspaper as the main “art” supply. This is a new version of the most classic craft uses of newspapers is for Paper Mache. Just choose the paper template that you will love and follow the steps.


Paper wreath

Agree, this wreath looks amazing!  To make such accurate details (see video) you need a device- a plotter cutter- that cuts out all the details using a template, although you can cut everything by hand if you are patient enough. Other supplies like 15.6″ wreath form, cardstock and buttons are needed.


Marianne Design Paper Arts

This is a real master of paper arts which take this type of creativity to a completely different level! Such works can be framed and hung on the wall, or you can create unique postcards that you cannot buy in a store.

This card can be found under each Collection #139 and link to more information on the Marianne Design website. On the website of Marianne Design, you can find the work description and extensive materials list here.


Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame DIY Craft

For those who have extra fidgety energy this frame craft is right up your alley as it is visually stunning, with vivid colors and lots of texture and pops of color!


3D paper crafts for adults


3D Hot Air Balloon Paper Decorations

Nothing says Spring like multidimensional hot air balloons floating through the sky or used as a decorative element in a nursery room. These 3D Hot Air Balloon Paper Decorations with monofilament for the finishing touches will take flight and allow your excitement to soar. The key element of Seeing a hot air balloon so magical is layering pieces of cardstock paper with different color varieties that will meet anyone satisfaction.



3D Hot Air Balloon Invitations

Give your invitations a creative twist with a hot air balloon design… Handmade Kirigami Origami. This lovely invitation card is for multiple uses e.g. Wedding Party Invitation Cards or decorations, Greeting Birthday Card, baby shower gifts, and all other special occasions you need to make a memorable one of these invitations.


Pretty Paper Forest

Create an amazing magic forest with this paper craft using eccentric colors for an enchanting forest with household recycling. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the paper Forest transporting you to a world of creativity and wonder.

Let your imagination roam free as you bring these enchanting Pretty Paper Forest designs to life. Cut, tear, and shape the paper to your heart’s desire. Use the magical artistic wonders inside you using Decorative Paper as your key to unlock a world of inspiration and joy. Embrace the magic and let your imagination blossom!



Paper Quilling

The so-called paper rolling is the art of creating 3D paper artwork. Made of flat, narrow and long paper strips twisted into spirals. Using this quilling technique, you can create truly breathtaking ones. Paper Quilling by Sena Runa is one of those 3D paper artworks each project  of Sena’s home decor designs is cheerfully festive.



Origami Kusudama Flower

Paper origami crafts are a fun paper crafting hobby. Make one or a whole bouquet with this Origami Kusudama Flower, the choice is yours! This tutorial will show you how to make the Kusudama flower fold step by step. Take your origami skills to the next level with these incredible folded paper flower! These are serious pieces of art, if you ask me.



Paper crafts for adults at home


DIY Paper Leaf Mobile 

Bring a touch of nature, a green look to a child’s room, or to your nursery, with this lovely children’s mobile or a chic decorative pendant! Generally, children’s mobiles are often accompanied with music and a rotation function, which helps the baby develop a nappy mood. Surprisingly it is easy to make. You just need scissors and a steady hand to cut out the leaf shapes correctly- no cutting machines or tools required here.



Crepe Paper Monstera Leaves

This intermediate craft idea is not that difficult to implement, but if you’re feeling up to the challenge – go for it!  it will require your attention to detail and drawing skills. Or Download liagriffith SVG file. You will have to not only Grab your curling tool, paintbrush, and Mod Podge to convey the color of the leaves, but also reliably form each bush, observing the peculiarities of its structure…– they’ll be your secret weapons to bring these beauties to life.




Frosted Paper Celestial Wall Art

Drawing and cutting out the crescent moon and stars is quite easy. The secret of effectiveness lies in the use of different types of decorative paper, and the way you arrange each piece. But of you have the talent, prepare the details from ordinary white paper and then decorate it with glitter!  With hot glue, all elements are fixed on metal rings.


DIY Table Runner for All Seasons

This DIY Table Runner doesn’t need much of a tutorial, but you can follow step by step on momadvice to tell you exactly what to do to  to create this look. It was super simple and costless.






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