Home Holiday Christmas Christmas Card Projects: Decorative Ways to Recycle Old Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Projects: Decorative Ways to Recycle Old Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Projects: Decorative Ways to Recycle Old Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Projects: Decorative Ways to Recycle Old Christmas Cards…Christmas has already passed and as many other holidays are over, everyone has received a lot of gifts and merry Christmas greeting card throughout the season. Old Christmas cards has value to our hearts, but may be piling up and most people toss all of them and don’t want to store. That seems a bit wasteful …instead you need to recycled holiday cards. Uses for old Christmas cards are many, if you’re running out of ways to recycle them, or don’t know New Uses for Old Christmas Cards start crafting!

Old Christmas cards can be consider recycling materials and easily turned into various Christmas Recycled Card Crafts. Happily, there are a lot of ways to do so let’s have a look.  Throw them away by recycling these old Christmas cards and no need to feel a little guilty.

Recycled Christmas Card Crafts


DIY Christmas card Ornaments;

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of recycling cards is making ornaments made from old Christmas cards. Holiday merry Christmas greeting card gain new life when you turn old Christmas cards into decorated tree ornaments. There are lots of different options to make Christmas card ornaments either they can be dimensional or not taking geometrical shapes.  Recycled Christmas Card Crafts may be of various shapes and sizes, and everything depends on what you like and what old Christmas cards you have at hand. Transforming Christmas cards into ornaments can be in the shape of angels, baubles, houses, snowflakes and all the shapes that come to your mind.


Framed Christmas Card Silhouettes;

Some Christmas cards are cute enough to keep them and not to thrown away. They deserve to be displayed in frames. Put some old cards in some cheap framed Christmas card display so that they would make nice backgrounds with or without string Christmas lights. You have an instant way to update your home to a whole other level with some holiday card display decorations. You and others can see these adorable crafts using old Christmas cards and enjoy them too.


Wreaths made from old Christmas cards;

A wreath is a convenient way to display the holiday merry Christmas greeting card you’ve received… wreaths made from old cards are lovely wreath to welcome visitors this holiday season. The main idea is to glue them overlapped into a circle and adorning it with a ribbon bow.


Christmas Card Gift Tags and Gift Toppers Cards;

You can make some gift tags from old Christmas cards to give them again to your friends and family as Christmas cards arts and crafts. The idea is easy is place them on the gifts after renewing Christmas cards of old ones  by decorating  the cards with sparkles, rhinestones and other details to  give your gift toppers other super special shapes.


Christmas Card Banner;

Christmas cards can be used for several purposes; old Christmas cards may use to make a fun and unique banner and garland which uses lots of cards. There are many awesome banners out there; you may use triangle- cuts or  retag-angle-cuts to make Christmas Card Banner from recycled Christmas cards.


Recycled Card Tree;

Christmas cards can be used for several fun and festive ways to Display Holiday Cards that you can enjoy year after year. Cute Recycled Card Tree ideas can be a modern decoration created with lovely art.


There are many more handmade Christmas card making ideas to do with the old Christmas greeting card: tabletop trees, coasters, snow globes get inspired– turn on your imagination and create something really special while you reuse them. Explore this collection to make out of recycled Christmas crafts using recycled Christmas cards and holiday merry Christmas greeting card into useful crafts, home décor and pretty accessories to use next year that would make a whimsical addition to your mantel or an interior door. Create lovely recycled Christmas cards into ornaments, decorations and gifts from last year’s Christmas cards and will put holiday greeting cards to good use. These creative upcycled greeting cards projects are easy-to-make just click through the links to visit the original source for more info.


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