Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail…When I was young, it was great for me or anyone to receive an unexpected card in the mail, but now days everything has changed… cards are sent by emails… mailing Christmas cards. For me, there’s nothing gives me the joy than to send and receive Christmas greetings by mail with a special message inside. And now as an adult it is more delightful to receive gorgeous Christmas cards and more delightful if it is a homemade Christmas card. Homemade Christmas greeting cards are the most versatile and favorite present one can receive for New Year or Christmas.Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (4)

Because the distance, not every important relative or lover ones can come to celebrate Christmas with us on Christmas Eve. Not only those in distance, it is pleasant to give your loved ones and receive an original and unforgettable gift… family xmas cards.  That is why greeting cards are an effective tool to communicate and be connected to the people who we care about and show our important feelings. DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards are alternative to the power of words that helps us express our emotions.

New Year and Christmas are the two most beloved holidays for every person. This is not only a time of festivities and celebrations, but also an occasion to do something special made by hand. Naturally, the best gift will be one that will be made by hand. If you are not that crafty person to work out with simple handmade gifts, then it will be much easier to handle a postcard made together with your kids.  In creating such a family xmas cards as gifts, the main thing is to show you and your kids’ creativity and imagination.

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Handmade cards to congratulate Christmas

Handmade Christmas cards are interesting Christmas cards allow you to make loads of fun while personalizing your own Christmas decoration and the message, as well as being a sign of affection to share with friends and family. The tradition of greeting Christmas with cards continues … this old-fashioned tradition appeals to so many around the world.

The custom of sending cards to congratulate is still preserved through postal mailings. The popularity of personalized Christmas greeting cards for most holidays is not shocking. Along with Christmas Eve, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Three Kings gifts and many other occasions are considered a gift by themselves. Crafting and creating Handmade cards make these gifts more expressive and original.


This article reviews the Christmas classic of Christmas cards and lists six ideas for craft card making. It highlights the option of Greeting cards as a Christmas classic. Indeed, card giving is becoming more popular as decorating the home and Christmas tree. At the Christmas holidays, cards are one of the most typical gift tag wrapping delivered by hand. The traditional Christmas cards postal mailings – although increasingly in disuse it is of course considered as gifts themselves. Models of cards are found everywhere in the market on net ready to be printed, but a design you make by your hands has two great benefits…first is the creation of fully personalizing card which includes both the message and the greetings… the second is pouring all the affection into the card.

Generally speaking, a gift that actually had an effort to make does not meet that cost, it is more appreciated than something bought without more.

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Six homemade gift card ideas for crafting Christmas cards

The homemade gift cards can be very simple with many color, texture, size and shape or a little more sophisticated. We will go through some possibilities of family holiday cards to make with which to express affection to our loved ones at Christmas.

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  1. Simple cards.

Cards can be very simple, made usually from a one piece of stiff paper or cardboard. There is the option of turning them into folded Christmas cards by folding them. The traditional cards have a short and sweet message on the cover and then it can be opened and have more holiday sentiments inside, or it is a single piece without folds. Size is determined by common usage, but the classic shape of the cards is rectangular are popular Christmas cards type, but they can also be cut in many innovation shapes; square, hexenal, geometric shapes, curves or whatever the creativity itself has.

In addition to written messages in many text forms, the cards can include drawings, art design, photos and any other type of illustration. The cards can be modified to be more complex- or in other words decorated with all kinds of materials: paper materials of different sizes and colors, drawing materials, markers, links or fabric ribbons, colorful buttons, beads, Eva gum, glitter paint, etc. Those simple cards made on a cardboard base are not folded but still give the same affection of folded Christmas cards  which are more delicate and containing the outgoing message. Simple cards are very popular for holiday greeting cards for business.


2. “Endless” cards. 

The never-ending cards are The Card that Never Ends … card that opens and unfolds over and over and over.  They are widely used in recent times and became alternative Christmas cards than the simple ones. It is an Endless Folding Card technique by combining several pieces of cardboard folded and glued in a special way. The foldable Christmas cards are quick Christmas cards; their elaboration is surprisal very easy to make, not at all as difficult. A very best family Christmas cards.

  1. 3d Christmas cards.

As their name indicates, they are cards that have a series of 3D paper cuttings not just two dimensions of the paper. These modern Christmas cards are also named 3d pop up Christmas cards or foldable Christmas cards. When opened in the middle of the 3d card it includes an extremely beautiful figure like Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeer and snowmen inside. These decorated holiday greeting card allows a relief to be appreciated. In general, they are laser-cut hand-assembled design made with cardboard figures, which are folded and adhere to the interior. 3d Christmas tree card is the most popular of all 3d Christmas cards.  (via amazon)

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (11)

  1. Pop-up cards.Basically,

They are unique holiday cards made of  2 Dimension cards foldable Christmas cards, by use of flaps, revolving parts and other movable pieces to enhance the figure inside. But they are somewhat more complex than two dimensions. Unlike the 3D cards it consists of 2 sheets, one is the outside cover, while the one on the inner side is cut and folded in a way to give the desired shape: figures or written messages. It is also made of 2 sheets of cardboard of the same size. Pop-up cards vary from simplicity to more complicated. Pop-up, “squash” or “inflatable” cards are personalized Christmas cards to generate a pleasant surprise when It is Popped-up on the person being gifted. 

  1. “Squash” card;

They are so called so behind the English word squash which means “tight” or “bulky”. From the outside the card looks like a simple cardboard square. It consists of many endless folded cards that, when opened, it appears to be personalized Christmas cards with unique photo Christmas card to display favorite photos in a very curious and original shape. The Squash” card may look very complicated, but this folded photo Christmas card is actually quite simple. (via nicecrane designs).

  1. “Inflatable” card.

This type of card is personalized Christmas cards and especially attractive because, all it requires is to blow… Inflatable” card are much so easier than the 2d or 3d cards… The key is in how to fold the paper there is no gluing and hardly any cutting. It requires the recipient must blow to inflate the gifted card. They are gorgeous Christmas cards, cheerful and contemporary. (via worthpoint)

Send your DIY & Homemade Christmas greetings to your loved ones and create real little Christmas miracle – of course tastefully decorated! Extract ideas from today’s collection and use your intellect and creativity to modify your thoughts into constructing the beautiful Christmas cards. These are so simple to make Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards. Once you are done, get inspired to have fun with other holiday DIY & Homemade craft projects, have a look at some of our past articles to help get you started, 39 Cute Homemade Felt Christmas Ornament Crafts – to Trim the Tree and Fun Christmas Crafts With 50 Great Homemade Advent Calendars Ideas. Enjoy these holiday greeting cards! Happy X-mas! source pinterest.

Enjoy Our Merry Christmas and Happy New Year CardBeautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (3)

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Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (2)

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (1)

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (4)

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (3)


Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (5)

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (6)source

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (7)


Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (9)

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (10)


Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (12)

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (13)

Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail source; wohnidee and playpink
Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail source
Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By MailImage Source
Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (1)source Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (2)source Beautiful DIY & Homemade Christmas Greeting Cards By Mail (3)source


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