80 Most Beautiful Cinnamon Christmas Decoration Ideas That’ll Spice up Your Home

Fill your home with the smell of Christmas with these Most Beautiful Cinnamon Christmas Decoration Ideas that'll Spice up Your Home. Home decorating with cinnamon sticks is fun, they are wonderful for Christmas tree decorating and creating fragrant holiday table centerpieces.

Most Beautiful Cinnamon Christmas Decoration Ideas That’ll Spice up Your HomeThere is time were people celebrate holidays as part of their religious beliefs, family tradition, or not at all, this is because no one can ignore the festal feeling that comes with it. Family traditions vary as much as the families themselves… traditions that can be very simple or otherwise.

Family traditions hold values and beliefs, but traditions change as do families, it either grow or fade while others are born alongside new family members. The most valuable and practical tradition are inherited and carried on, passed on as family members have left us like Christmas magic, being with ones you love. Children grow and begin families of their own, elders pass away passing down their traditions from one generation to the next … but many new traditions are born while other generations are born.

One seemingly simple tradition has stood the test of time, this one tradition revolves around Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Christmas tradition fills your house big or small and the kitchen with the glorious smell of fresh-baked cookies and bread. Whether you prefer gingerbread men, crisp spring Erle or crunchy biscotti made of cinnamon dough. OR cinnamon tradition of decorating your tree with cinnamon roll Christmas tree, cinnamon Christmas ornaments, gingerbread cookie ornaments and cinnamon Christmas cookies. In both cases it’s the most wonderful time of the year to enjoy all kinds of Christmas cookies and enjoy some fresh baked Christmas cinnamon cookies this holiday season.

The Medieval History of the Christmas Cookie- Christmas Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the spices of Christmas…Like many Christmas traditions that has long been a time of celebration around the world, the origin of this delicious holiday cookies custom lies its roots back to solstice rituals from eons ago. Long before Christmas the celebrations revolved around food and later became the huge commercial holiday as it is today. Winter solstice festivals celebrating the changing of the seasons has been held for ages, across the world from East to West. The feast is celebrated before the famine of the winter. Spices like cinnamon and other spices added sweetness and texture to the dessert tray were just starting to be widely used, and dried and kept being used through the winter.

The choice of many ingredients beside cinnamon like sugar, lard and butter may have been limited and were important supplements and expensive delicacies by medieval cooks. Thus, only on the most important occasions and holidays like Christmas families afforded treats like these. The traditional of Christmas Cinnamon flavors are still heavily spiced.

Christmas decorations with the aroma of cinnamon;

When you say “Christmas” you think about some warm attractive ideas for the Christmas decorations and the smell of Christmas flavor with the warm cinnamon ideas and its lovely smiles. While Oranges are the fruits of the season cinnamons are the familiar scents we all look forward to. Cinnamon sticks are usually used to add its distinct flavor and fragrance to hot beverages or add a fragrant spice to a wide array of foods.

If you want to wake up all your senses you could use cinnamon sticks for decoration during the most wonderful time of the year as you will be amazed with these scented decorations for sure!

Take a look at these DIY Christmas decorating ideas with cinnamon sticks they just don’t just look good, easy to create, but also, their aromatic makes us feel the festive spirit too. Decorations with cinnamon sticks are not only a beautiful giving a cozy warm vibe to your house but wonderful for Christmas tree decorating and creating an elegant holiday table centerpiece.

Smell  like Christmas … decorate your home with cinnamon that will bring the festive spirit and aroma of Christmas to your home.

Ideas for handmade Christmas decorations with cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks of pleasant brown colors have wonderful texture and unique aroma which are extremely versatile way to decorate the house with. You can decorate the house with these extremely versatile sticks or make the cinnamon dough ornaments, simply with any shape you like gingerbread dough ornaments for example-the possibilities are endless and to put them on tops, or in some bowls of pine nuts and fruit.

Festive Window decorations with adorn winter wreaths and or around candles centerpieces, enhance the spirit of the beautiful winter holiday. You may also use these Handmade Christmas decorations with cinnamon sticks for wall and fireplace decorating with cinnamon garlands to make them look festive and creative. Home decorating with cinnamon sticks is fun, can be quickly change with a few details to accommodate any special occasion in winter. DIY cinnamon ornaments and cinnamon Christmas decorations offers great cool ideas and Christmas crafts opportunity for kids and adults to create fragrant, attractive and eco-friendly holiday decor.

Combining any natural items with cinnamon sticks to create Handmade Christmas decorations as raspberries, pine cones, nuts and dried fruits or using colorful ribbons, strips of burlap or cotton fabrics, natural ropes or twines to design striking and help create an interesting, unique and eco-friendly Christmas decor. It’s amazing when particular things as Cinnamon sticks turn simple handmade Christmas decorations into a memorial Christmas decorating item. Theses warm and spicy aroma conjures up happy memories of traditional Christmas decorating when smelling exotic flavor, you feel the pleasant aroma of Christmas.

After all, ahead, you’ll see just what we mean. Here is a large collection traditional Christmas decorating ideas to choose from…DIY snowmen, gingerbread men, stars, and snowflakes. OR unexpected modern options like Star Wars and Disney ornaments. Go ahead decorate your tree with symbols and characters of our favorite cinnamon Christmas ornaments while filling up the house with a pleasant scent too of cinnamon. Scroll down and see very fragrant ideas of Most Beautiful Cinnamon Christmas Decoration Ideas That’ll Spice up Your Home



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Miniature Christmas trees made with cinnamon sticks, Christmas tree decorations






Two-Ingredient Cinnamon Ornaments


Star Shaped Cinnamon Ornament 




Chewbacca Cinnamon Christmas Ornament


Cinnamon Christmas Trees






Cinnamon Snowman Ornament


Cinnamon Bird Ornaments


Fabric Cinnamon Trees


Autumn Spice Salt Dough Ornament


Dried Orange And Cinnamon Ornament


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