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88 Clever Ways to Decorate with Cranberries

88 Clever Ways to Decorate with Cranberries

Clever Ways to Decorate with Cranberries ...Add holiday cheer to your home with colorful Midwest cranberries from wreaths to table settings. We are presenting you some interesting DIY décor ideas which are so creative…The word is cranberries.

The red bright color of Cranberries themselves are amazing seasonal touch for various decorations. They’re not just for cocktails recipes anymore. Decorating with cranberries is an easy and affordable way to insert color into your holiday decor. Cranberries are traditional for Christmas décor and a beautiful and festive way to dress up a home. Cranberry decorations are for a holiday venue for the winter holiday season and a placemats décor as a table centerpiece, mantel decorations, luminaria, and other decorations. That’s why we’ve gathered these ideas of Cranberry Christmas Décor Ideas using cranberries – with branches and without ways to incorporate this natural décor element indoors and outdoors.

Red berries are a wonderful Christmas decoration, on the one hand, cranberries and other red winter berries support the main color of the holiday, besides, they allow us to introduce a piece of eco-style. If you could free up significant time for such creativity, you can choose the relatively easy process or a little more difficult. In any case, as a result of that it will undoubtedly please you, and guests will be convinced of the rich possibilities beyond your imagination and impeccable taste. We have divided this guide into several large parts. It’s obvious why this little red berry packs a lot of holiday decorating punch!

Here’s one of our favorite large-scale galleries of berries but brilliant invitation designs for New Year and Christmas decor that will certainly inspire you. Get inspired by these cranberry decoration ideas. Enjoy the Holidays…

Berry Christmas theme;

Add a splash of emerald green to a tonal red cranberry palette and enjoy the berry Christmas theme. via festive.

Christmas Candles Decorating With Cranberries;

Red Berries For Decorating Christmas Candles

What Christmas or New Year is complete without red or white candles? Their appearance on the festive table, combined small lights with red berries spreads the joy of the holiday. Many ideas are in front of you.

A simple yet stunning centerpiece to decorate Christmas candles with red winter berries. Place five votive Christmas colored candles (red, green and white colors) in a line down a red rectangular serving dish.Fill the rest of the dish with artificially frozen cranberries, garnish with a few pine twigs and dust with artificial snow.

DIY Floating Candle Cranberry Decor

In addition to tea candles and red winter berries, you will need a practical and beautiful transparent glass to act as containers – a jar, vase, tall candlestick, glass or goblet and to pour water into. There is something so simple and beautiful about floating candles, which are the most popular technique. To enhance the effect, another green twig, needles or spices are placed inside the transparent glass container. Put these cute floating candles cranberry décor where you want to create a perfect Christmas look at your home.

DIY Candle Holder Cranberry Centerpiece

If you prefer the option of a festive centerpiece on my table, there are many more ways to decorate them with winter berries. Create cranberry candle holder Christmas decorations and centerpieces that look very romantic for the Christmas night. With just a few festive supplies, a variety of glass containers that act as candlesticks and some fresh cranberries or faux cranberries to have a simple, festive DIY holiday centerpiece. Fill a clear glass container with a large pillar candle in the middle and light when entertaining.


Lanterns Cranberry Christmas Decor;

Traditional Lanterns Cranberry Decor

Traditional lanterns with cranberries inside look so exciting as it makes the space cozier. old-fashioned lantern piece with some cranberry into is great for outdoors and indoors and will enhance the look of any corner of your house wherever you will place it. The amazing look will be provided  when the bright shining light from these lanterns displays and which will enter into your life on this Christmas. Put cranberries into a bowl with pinecones or into a lantern, place a large pillar candle in the middle to add a festive touch…other examples are;

Simple DIY Ice Cranberry Lanterns

There are some things which can never go old, and this can be said in the case of Cranberry lanterns.  If you are interested in getting a handmade Christmas décor Idea, then these beautiful DIY Holiday Ice Lanterns are easy to make. These simple DIY Cranberry lanterns can be placed anywhere. The magnificent Christmas decoration ideas with cranberry lanterns can be placed on tables, Windows, fireplace any other corner of your home as Incredible DIY holiday lanterns that brighten your Christmas to create a perfect Christmas Vibe.


Frozen Cranberry And Fir Luminaries

This Simple DIY Ice Cranberry Lantern is something special a unique centerpiece to be placed on the table or outdoors for your holiday. This glowing parfait is made by frozen cranberries, pine leaves, fir luminaries and ice in the decoration of Christmas. The cranberries may be artificially frozen cranberries or natural but that depends on the place it is displayed.

Winter Berries With Other Natural Materials;

Decorating with fresh greenery and natural seasonal fruits, nuts, green – needles and indoor plants, red, white or yellow flowers and cones with berries for the holidays is easy. Combining red winter berries with other natural materials is so festive for Christmas decorations.

Red berries and needles


Berry red display and fresh flowers 

Create chic Christmas table with a beautiful combination of wonderful fresh flowers with   red winter berries as a floral centerpiece. Flowers like Poinsettia, calla lilies, Helleborus, roses, and natural twigs  are added to complete your arrangement.

Red Berries On The Branches 

Depending on which style you like, the composition can be laconic or impressive.

Red Berries in the Green 

Christmas wreath of greens and red berries, a chair decor for a festive table or a pendant ball.

Clever Ways to Forms Cranberries;

If you like to be creative for a longer time then these Christmas decorations with bright red berries are beautiful, festive and most importantly crafting them in original shapes bring some joy into your home this Christmas. If you are looking for new ideas for crafting and decorations this Christmas, then try creating more complex berries products. These berries are inspirable and will last for several weeks and are suitable for many different festive compositions.

Cranberries Balls and Pyramids Forms 

You will need a floral sponge base or on a hard foam in the shape of your desire -balls, pyramids– and a set of small florist pins with which you will gather and pin the berries into the base. Berries with a dense core will be best preserved in such craft activity.

Christmas Berry Pearl Bead Garland Decoration

To create such Christmas Berry Pearl Bead Garland, you will need to string cranberries on a thread, thin fishing line or craft wire to make a cranberry decoration garland. Christmas Berry Pearl Bead Garland can be hung on a Christmas tree, wrapped around white candles, across the mantel , or strung through a chandelier over a festive table.


DIY Berry Wreath

A nice idea for outdoors is to make a welcoming cranberry Christmas wreath by gluing cranberries to a foam wreath, that will look awesome on your front door.

Unusual Winter Red Berries For Festive Decor;

Cranberry holiday decorations can involve in a delicious drink too! A refreshing combination of red berries with ice is a fruit-lovers dream… Simple and healthy.

Berries In Ice:

Serving Miniatures:


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