100 Unique WREATH Ideas to Inspire You This CHRISTMAS

Christmas wreath for DIY lovers

Unique WREATH ideas to inspire you this Christmas…With Christmas on the doors, the Christmas gifts are located under the tree, all arranged with ribbons and bows.

All sorts of Christmas decorations especially unique wreath ideas became the highlight of the season as well as Christmas arrangements placed around. It is that wonderful time of the year again enjoying decorating our home with unique Christmas wreaths that adorn the door and other spaces.



Once Christianity took hold in Rome the wreath became one of the most popular decorations during the Christmas holiday season. Over the centuries and in many different cultures around the world, wreaths have been used as a piece of clothing made of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs, jewelries and many other materials in a shape of a round ring which represent a circle of eternal life. Also, Christmas wreaths became typically used as household ornaments through time to decorate houses and buildings for the winter season and festivities. Wreaths are used as an Advent and Christmas decoration adorn the door, windows and other spaces.

Since America and Europe have been Christianized, the wreath has become a symbol. This circle shaped crown represented the victory of the eternal spirit over death. Which was widely associated with the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on the Christmas season.
When using a wreath in Christmas decorating, it gives the meaning of a great example that can never be missing.

Unique WREATH Idea to Inspire You This CHRISTMAS

Because of this and so other reasons we have brought a selection of creative wreath ideas and incredible Christmas wreath designs to inspire you this Christmas. Wreaths became an element that we cannot out of our mind while decorating list when it comes to Christmas celebrations.

“When it comes to Christmas décor, my philosophy is dare to be different,” Chris H. Olsen says.

All over the world the wreath has been used for centuries and have certainly a long history of symbolism spanning many different cultures.
Christmas wreaths became one of the most beloved Christmas decorations that adorn the doors of houses, windows and many other places today. Here’s some background on where the idea of the Christmas wreath originated, various symbolisms of the wreath, why they became an annual integral part of our modern cultural tableau and Christmas decorations.


Cultural Traditions of the Wreath;

The wreath has been used by the ancient Celts of Europe symbolically for centuries. Pre-Christian, or Pagan cultures placed much importance to celebrate the return of the sun or the birth of God on the December celebration of the Winter Solstice. The ancient Celts used holly branches in their traditional decoration of the winter solstice. The Winter Solstice -the shortest day of the year- was a time of death and rebirth. Evergreen wreaths were gathered as the anticipation of the coming spring light.
In Sweden, the idea of these holly branches wreaths was decorated with the addition of 4 candles for the same purposes … symbolizing the power of the sun.
The wreath likewise meant not to be a religious symbol in ancient times. In the Persian Empire, wreaths were a symbol of importance and success, worn as headbands on important occasions; at festivals, at sacrifices, at weddings and banquets.
Wreaths were initially hung at the doorways of ancient Rome as a sign of victory and were worn as crowns on the heads of Roman leaders and victorious athletes in their Olympic Games.
Today, the modern Christmas wreath as many other Christmas decoration traditions has been attributed to be a melting pot of religious and cultural beliefs throughout the centuries.


Modern Meanings of the Wreath at Christmas;

Christmas wreaths have been around for a long time and become an important part of any modern decorations. It was initially created from fresh evergreen leaves. Since evergreens are green throughout the year, they were the obvious the best choice during many holiday traditions. The wreath is a circular shape that has no beginning and no end, symbolize the eternal love and rebirth. Christmas and holiday wreaths stand for the Christian immortality and cedar for strength.

Today, the wreath symbolic attributes are much simpler, it has evolved into a sign of joy, a desire for peace, generosity, giving and welcoming the family gathering.

Once they are part of any Christmas decoration you have to think about deciding between purchased wreaths for the holidays, OR Christmas wreaths DIY…fresh Christmas wreaths or artificial ones.

unique wreath for Christmas

We bring you a selection of 100 Christmas wreath decorations, Pinterest Christmas wreaths, and other links so you can find your favorite. There are lots of Christmas wreaths, but we have selected those 100 Unique Christmas wreaths with special fine touches for decorating your house that we liked the most.
Give your home a personal touch, it doesn’t matter if you have a house or a small apartment, we believe they are of different ideals to suite any. And most are even some you can do!

CLASSIC VERSION... Christmas wreath door decorations

CLASSIC VERSION… Christmas wreath door decorations;

It is perhaps the most traditional elegant, classic style Christmas wreath door decorations, but if you want to give it a more personal fresh and original touch; incorporate it with seasonal natural flowers full of smells of different types.  And this is an original way to color any classic Christmas wreath version. So, you don’t only get that classic version of Christmas wreath door decorations but in addition a beautiful smelled floral Christmas wreath that floods your home with peace and harmony, as relaxing properties are attributed to it.




It is one of the most beautiful handmade DIY Christmas wreaths with ribbon and the cutest reindeer we have seen. Composed of regular pine cones and berry twig embellishment to which detailed with vivid colors. It will look great anywhere in the house.

Rustic Door Decor, xmas WreathRustic Door Decor, xmas Wreath

Wreath Wall Decoration

Christmas wreath for DIY lovers


If you want is to play with shapes, try opening your sights by arranging small 3 Christmas wreaths in geometric shapes. Playing with geometric shapes, in this case; the small 3 Christmas wreaths are in a triangle, a circle and a square shape made on a golden metal. You can add a white flower or white poinsettia flower (the flower of the season) and branches. the result Is so lovely. These little Christmas wreaths seems to us such a chic Christmas decoration, that you will want to hang on a wall the rest of the year.  Via Pinterest


Christmas wreath for DIY lovers


Christmas wreath for DIY lovers;

If you are passionate about crafts this Christmas wreath can be made by you. All you need is a metal crown, a golden hoop, a leather ribbon, some twigs and a candle, are these simple elements can create up this this precious Christmas wreath, a spectacular and romantic proposal.  Via Pinterest


RUSTIC SWEETNESS Christmas wreath.


The pieces of natural wood serve as the nest of the house that lives inside. The detail of the decorative Christmas wreath will delight the little ones with its touch and it is that tenderness emanates from all sides. Via Pinterest


DIY Christmas wreath.


The coastal Christmas decor is a beach Christmas wreath which its accessories are taken from the sea. Coastal Christmas decoration Idea is an eye-catching recycled Christmas wreath idea upcycled what you already have… starfish, sea coral and shells. This holiday decorating style is a coastal holiday decorating.

3-styles-snowman art-wreath- to Inspire You This CHRISTMAS3 WREATH DECORATION;

3 Styles Deer snowman can add a festive feel to your kids. Add them on their door or window. OR use this Art Wreath Christmas Door as a Christmas Ornament placed anywhere in your children room.

Hawaii Christmas wreath decorationsHawaii Christmas wreath decorations;

This is a pink Christmas wreath idea that sweeten any part of your house. A Hawaii Christmas wreath decoration is a Floral wreath for a sweet effect, an essential complement for these holidays.


It is characterized by its realism and the distribution of its leaves asymmetrically. Made of metal  structure with wicker on the top, it will be a fantastic ornament for hanging or used horizontally as a centerpiece.

Christmas wreath IN GREEN AND RED

Christmas wreath IN GREEN AND RED;

A green Christmas wreath of a classic lifetime Christmas wreath combining it with the two Christmas popular colors are excellence: green and red.

DIY Christmas wreath with ribbon and A BOW

DIY Christmas wreath with ribbon and A BOW;

DIY green Christmas wreath as simple as this one, made with green leaves and a red and velvet bow at the top. This little detail that gives its beauty. @luciabe. Via Instagram @luciabe


Decorate your own wreath which is full of energy and joy like this one from @ lovely.decor.home made with red and silver Christmas ball wreath ideas made of recycled Christmas wreath ideas used from the past years.


There are several DIY Christmas wreath ideas and options when decorating a Christmas wreath, but doing it with seasonal hanging elements, like this DIY Christmas tree wreath that has a Christmas tree, we love it.  We have the step by step to create this DIY Christmas wreath .


Another wreath design made of wicker another way to play with the materials.  The wreath is partially surrounded by opaque spheres in white giving a clean, bright and a natural look. Although its rustic material it makes this Christmas wreath perfect for lovers of Scandinavian style. Via Pinterest


Wicker is one of the most used materials during this year, it gives the most rustic appearance to any wreath. Combine Wicker with Christmas ornaments made of burlap and cloth or of your choice. Get a beautiful rustic Christmas wreath ideal for the Christmas Spirit if you want to run away from the classic green and red Christmas wreath.


Balloon Wreath;

This whimsical balloon wreath is so easy and quick as it was made by using just a couple of items found in any house. The whole process took no time at all. The balloon wreath is fun making with kids. This Balloon Wreath is such a lovely Christmas decoration expressing the festive mood of Christmas and even more special when they are handmade. Get the tutorial at Studio DIY!.

Unique Christmas wreaths for front door TO RECEIVE SPRING IN WINTER

A pink Christmas wreath idea like this hanging on the winter front door decor with a fresh and floral pink touch. This cool wreath creates a sweet pink and green Christmas wreath with a spring touch on the cold winter days.

This Christmas you have the perfect opportunity to make your home with an amazingly beautiful view of the winter front door decor and many other places. Unique Christmas wreaths for front door pleasantly gives a lovely welcome to visitors, friends and family alike.

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