Best Theme Parks for Kids in Riverside, California – Castle Park

Castle Park is an amazing surprise for your children. One of the best ways to treat your children is rewarding them when they do something good or gain a good habit. Also if you are teacher at school, you should reward your students for high marks and being polite. Three things might be such a reward; it may be a present or some money or a day out. The first two things are easy to do but the last one is more confusing and more interesting for them too. So I come now to help you about this idea. There are many places founded for children to enjoy their time but not all of them are for adults too and include all the facilities that a family or a trip needs. What is your opinion about a place for both children, adults and mix all your needs together? Once you are done, get inspired to have fun in other locations with your kids, have a look at some of our past articles to help get you started, DUBAI KIDS AND FAMILY ATTRACTIONS and Walt Disney World Family Holiday and Vacation , Orlando.

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Castle Park is what I am talking about. It established in 1976 to be a family friendly as all members in the family can play, have fun and enjoy their time. Not only families can go their also school trips can be arranged hitting this amazing place. Especially for groups, it makes discounts to bring students for a day out of the school. Of course it doesn’t stop expanding from the day of its foundation till now. Castle Park takes place in 3500 Polk Street, Riverside California. It available each day in the year from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. This park contains 27 rides as it considered as a fully amusement park. At Riverside’s Castle Park, you will find 25 acres, 35 unique rides, championship miniature golf courses, a water playground, circus tent themed “Big Top.”, retail shops, a video arcade and many other things that are waiting for your family to explore it all. Eighty feet into the air will be your place if you ride the gondola cart and your children will be pilots with the Dragon Flyer. Playing, jumping and having fun needs energy and power to continue the day so you will find their family restaurants such as Big Top Restaurant, cafes such as Plaza Cafe and the Fry Factory. Also healthy food like fresh fruit and salads is available for those who are making diet, vegetarians, kids and who wants to keep fit, there is something for everyone. If you have babies don’t leave them anywhere get them with you, there are restrooms across from Buccaneer cove. Three packages are available for birthday parties at the park. Many other rides and funny things you can know them by yourself when you go there. Take your camera with you and don’t forget to share your comments with us, it will make us so happy. Have fun and visit our website to know more about things related to your family.

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