Homemade Hanukkah Menorah Cards

The festival of lights is celebrated in so many religions, this time we are going to celebrate it with the Jewish in the form of Hanukkah Celebrations. Hanukkah occurs in late autumn or early winter, it is considered the Jewish Christmas, this year it starts on Dec 9th this year. Hanukah is an eight-day spiritual journey which celebrates the miracle of a single night’s worth of oil lasting for eight nights. The eight candles of the menorah are the symbol of Hanukkah, the eight candles of the menorah are arranged in an even straight line. lights can either be candle flames or oil-fueled.
I have been working on holiday items for many holidays, thus I decide to share some good items I gathered from the net with you on Hanukkah. Homemade Hanukkah Menorah Cards are of beautiful blue and white colors that expresses your joy for the holiday.


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