22 Fun Clothespin Craft Ideas for Kids or Adults

Discover creative clothespin crafts for all ages! From adorable Clothespin animal crafts to stylish home decor, these simple and budget-friendly projects will inspire your imagination. Whether you're looking to add a personal touch to your space or create unique gifts, explore our collection of clothespin crafts, and unlock endless possibilities. Get ready to unleash your creativity with clothespins as you embark on fun and inventive crafting adventures.

Clothespin Craft Ideas …Clothespins are a very simple invention that are cheap and easy to find craft supplies. However, one can make out great crafts of these. They are all very creative and fun ideas!

The very first Clothespins were made of wood and currently we find them in PVC. They are available with a wide variety of colors and designs that make clothespins much more fun.

Their uses are varied, since they are not only used for clothing but also for other issues in our homes such as preserving food containers once opened…etc. Besides their low cost, and so easy to find make them an ideal complement for crafts and creative ideas.

Clothespins made of wood offer an elegant finish in all crafts than plastic, they have greater versatility, and wood offers special colors and tones, plastic clothespins do not allow it nor do they have the same level of resistance.

The good thing is that everyone has clothespins at home, regardless of the material, and when the crafts get old they become an excellent option to recycle your clothespin craft projects.

Clothespin crafts…

Sometimes it happens that we are a little out of ideas and it is difficult to know exactly what projects to do without a little prior guidance. Therefore, with this article we will be happy to provide you with some ideas on creations with clothespins. And you will find at the end of this gallery beautiful images with clothespin crafts.

DIY Clothespin Craft Home Decor



Make a party Clothespin decoration banner with clothespins using your favorite spray paint colors. Great home decor for kids on Mother Day or Valentine Day as well!

Clothespin decorations…Clothespin Clock 

Having a wall clock is essential for a school classroom or a children’s room. If you want to create one using clothespins. For this clothespin craft idea, you will need 12 clothespins, a clock mechanism, a plastic or natural wood board in a square, triangular, oval… or round shape, and glue.

Decide the shape you want your clock to be, then cut the board or have it prepared for you.  Choose the colors of the design, the tone and paint the board, as well as the clamps. For these you can use acrylic paint or washi tape or combine different materials or even leave as it is, that depends on your personal touch. Once ready and dry, install the mechanism and place the clips matching the hours on the clock.

DIY Clothespin Flower Pot

A way to recycle any round jar that could end up in the trash. Cut the container to a height of approximately 1.5 cm- the Hight of the clothespin. Wash the jar well and secure the edges with insulating tape or paper tape in the case of jars with an un-smooth end.

The base is ready, all that remains is to glue the entire diameter with clothespins. You can make your any design with paints or washi tape or both in different finishes.

Clothespin wreath crafts

One of the un-ended decorations for all times is wreath. Although you can place them anywhere in the house, inside or out, they are typical to welcome your guests. We have already seen how they can be made with different materials, and for any occasion. Today’s craft is very simple, recycling our clothespins so to make a beautiful Clothespin wreath craft.

The materials you will need are wooden clothespins, adhesive paper with different colors and designs, a piece of wood or hard cardboard, purple and turquoise paint, and a fabric plastic or readymade flower.

The first thing we have to do is make a circle base for the wreath. Next, we are going to decorate the clothespins in purple and turquoise. Place the clips in two circle rows to have a good visual impact. On top of it, and between the clips, we glue the flower, one of those that are typical for design you chosen and out a butterfly in the center…

Heat Resistant Clothespin Trivets

Another DIY clothespin crafts are Trivets -a hot stand- which are an easy clothespin craft. A Trivets is always a relevant and necessary thing in the kitchen or dining table to protect surfaces from the intense heat of pots and pans when serving food.

For these purposes, it is better to use wooden clothespins, as they have good heat resistance, since the plastic may accidentally melt a frying pan or pan. The crafting technique is simple with the help of your child remove the springs from the clothespins, and he can easily glue them together with cold silicone or adhesive to glue into a circular shape.

Napkin holder with clothespins

Napkins are a necessary accessory on any table. To continue recycling clothespins it would be nice to make a beautiful napkin holder with wooden clothespins, to put the napkins on the table. A wooden clothespin for napkin holder is for a rustic style kitchen or a country house. It is very easy to make, you will need clothespins 19 clothespins, and white wood glue, or  silicone, either hot or cold.


Decorated clothespins to organize your Headphone

It is an idea with clothespins to hang clothes, very easy to do and almost without spending anything. If you’re still using wired headphones, if so, organize your headphones so they don’t roll around the house.

Clothespins are used as headphone holders, very easy to do and almost without spending anything. Depending on your taste and budget decorate the wooden clips in any color like  dots, lines, flowers, hearts, whatever you can think of.

Via: Eclectic Recipes

Table of pending things with clothespins

Use your board kitchen to utilize keeping track of items in order and keeping track of homework assignments.  With this chart, we take the responsibility for cleaning up few of the messes everyday.



Snowflake with clothespins

Add these Snowflake with Clothespin to the Christmas decoration of your home. They only need a few minutes to make them…simple as that. For each snowflake you will need… Eight clothespins, Glue and Paint or washi paper (optional). Start by take the clothespins apart to be two halves. Carefully glue them together. Arrange the eight pieces to form a snowflake.

Start by gluing the four pieces and then add the other four pieces into the spaces in the center. If you want, you can paint each flake. Use spray paint. These delightful snowflakes that can effortlessly be used as magnetic feathers s to be fixed on the refrigerator or to be hung on the Christmas tree or even useded as a unique placemat.

Table Trimming with clothespins

Transform an accent table into a stunning piece by a makeover using vintage wooden clothespins. Trim the table edge with these unique trims, securing them in place with a small amount of wood glue or silicone.

When  the glue is dry apply a coat of primer and paint to the table, resulting in a refreshed and visually appealing table.

Chandelier made of clothespins

You can make stylish lamps from wooden clothespins. Clothespins are attached to any type of frame metal or even wood. Within  minutes your craft is ready! The finished lamp gives beautiful and soft shadows on the floor and walls.

Reindeer Clothespin Ornaments

Christmas projects are always a joy, and it’s never boring to do crafts with them. As Reindeer and Christmas go hand-in-hand, which is why making reindeer Christmas crafts is one of the famous crafts that can be made.

ake these adorable reindeer clothespin ornaments, for example are easy to make. They only take 15 minutes to make! All they need is choose the mini sized Reindeer and glue them to the clothespins and voala. These mini reindeer are simply irresistible, and they can even be used as charming gifts. They help you to dive into the festive spirit.

Tablecloth Weights with clothespins

Transform your tablecloth with a touch of creativity by a nontraditional crafting Material. crafting a unique tablecloth weights using clothespins, is a  brilliant idea was conceived by  Heidi,it took only one hour to do so. Let’s explore how you can make these clever tablecloth weights.

Clothespin doll crafts

Clothespin People Ornaments

Say goodbye to boring Christmas ornaments and elevate your holiday tree decor with charming handmade Christmas clothespin people ornaments dressed in bright colors! These delightful creations will add an adorable touch to your festive Christmas decorations. Via: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com




Superhero Puppets with clothespins

This fun and easy kids craft is perfect for keeping little ones busy and enjoying having fun. Help them to create their own Superhero Puppets using clothespins, paint, and imagination! This is a new and exciting craft activity for kids of several ages.

Today we present to you an awesome and easysuperhero clothes pin which are perfect for a quick and simple kids craft idea. This clothespin superhero craft idea will not only keep them entertained for hours, but also inspire their creativity and imagination, and encourages fine motor skills development.

With just a few simple materials and easy-to-follow instructions though the link under the image, so your little ones can create their very own superhero characters out of clothespins.

DIY Clothes Pin Ballerina Ornaments

Creating ballerina clothespin ornaments is a delightful Christmas craft activity for an elegant tree decoration.  This activity can be enjoyed by both children and adults. These cute Ballerina ornaments are made with simple materials like clothespins and Eva foam. Clearly, she needed a colored dress.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of style by adding wings or any other details such as eyes, nose, and mouth. Once you have completed your ballerina clothespin ornaments display it or hang on a Christmas tree, a garland, or any other desired location.

Clothespin animals


Creative Bird Buddies Clothespin Crafts

If you want to use the clips to hang a message or drawings on a rail or bar, these delightful and imaginative DIY Bird Buddy craft are very fun! We must paint the Clothespin with acrylics and paint the eyes and beak too.

Glue some colored feathers to the sides to resemble the wings and on the head, and our charming birds are ready for decorations for any space! Engage your children in this activity or use it as a unique gift for someone special.


Make A Clothespin Craft Crocodile Craft

Creating a Clothespin animal craft such as scary crocodile clothespin craft can be a fun, fantastic, and simple Clothespin crocodile craft. This unique clothespin craft activity can be made both at home and as a quick and an easy preschool craft idea. But to be completed you’ll need a little help from a teacher or parents.

In order to craft a successful plan, have all supplies on hand in advance to make it easier to finish the craft without a struggle. Creating crafts with kids is not only fun but educational. It helps stimulate their imagination and develop fine motor skills.



Colorful snails

Creating a colorful snail clothespin craft is a fun and creative activity for children. Here are the step-by-step tutorial over at Dzieciaki W Domu.


Angels clothespin craft ideas

This craft is something for everyone. You can clip these homemade Little Angels with Wings onto your Christmas tree, gift ties or around the house. All you need to make an angel craft is a 6 inch / 15cm doily and mini clothespin.

For an additional touch to  Give your angel a gorgeous sparkly dress by glueing glitter to the lengths of the clothespin.


Clothespin  Dragonflies

You will make this dragonfly made with wooden clothespin in a simple way. Enjoy having a great time with your children painting Clothespin Dragonflies in different colors, let them express their creativity through their imaginations.!

In the same way we used to make the airplanes wings made of EVA foam you can also use in these dragonflies, or made with a painted clip and some cardboard wings decorated with glitter, glued on top. To make them look fun we can glue some moving eyes on them.

Now your wooden clothespin dragonflies are ready! You can use them to decorate any corner of your house and let them “fly” around. Enjoy creating these beautiful dragonflies and adding a touch of creativity to your home decor!

Clothespin Worms

That sounds like a fun and creative craft project, just with pom poms, they  are glued to a clothespin and two googly eyes to make a summer worm craft with free kids crafts.

How to make fun clothespin crafts

Children’s crafts with clothespins


Cars with clothespins

These homemade clothespin cars sound like a fun for kids who like cars! They are creative project for childrento make but also to play with. They are good for hours of activity.

Clothespin Airplane 

What do you think if you can create airplanes made with wooden clothespins?  The wings are made of EVA foam, just glued for decorations.

Another idea is to paint them with some paint. You can then put a strip of flexible magnet and use your clamp plane to grab notes on the refrigerator. Enjoy creating and playing with your homemade wooden clothespin planes!

Use your creativity and handyman skills to discover creative and practical ways to use wooden clothespins in your daily life you no longer use or have misplaced. From home organization to DIY crafts, get inspired and start using wooden.

Let your imagination run wild as you design various clothespin crafts as they are simple, fun and most importantly inexpensive. These ordinary household items are of endless possibilities to make seasonal décor.


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