30 Unusual and Unique Mother Day Homemade Gift Ideas

HANDICRAFTS FOR MOTHER'S DAY.. What is the best Mother's Day gifts? A gift given to the special women in our lives… That is as unique and heartfelt as your no.1 lady… Now is an opportune to get creative with a gift that shines her heart.

Mother Day Homemade Gift ideas given in this article to come up with some unique gifts off your own. Everyone loves gifts, and everyone goes berserk trying to think of the perfect gift to give their loved ones on their holiday.

What is the best Mother’s Day gifts? A gift given to the special women in our lives… That is as unique and heartfelt as your no.1 lady. Of course, this depends on each mother style, but we can be sure of one thing: all mothers in the world are happy when we receive a gift made with love. Now is an opportune to get creative with a gift that shines her heart.30-Unusual-and-Unique-Mother-Day-Homemade-Gift-Ideas-_09

In my opinion it is a hard work when you go thinking for days and then go some more days of fierce fighting at shopping malls to buy that perfect gift for your honored person in your life. Well here we are asking for a new start, which involves changing the gifted idea. Instead of buying a gift, make a homemade one which will be truly one-of-a-kind. So, kid: let’s get to work to say “thank you” to the woman who gave you the gift of life. Here are some Unusual and Unique Mother Day Homemade Gift ideas that you can try with very little effort and be greatly appreciated. These Unusual and Unique Mother Day Homemade Gift Ideas can work for grandmas, mothers-in-law, aunts, stepmoms.30-Unusual-and-Unique-Mother-Day-Homemade-Gift-Ideas-_07

We have prepared a large selection of adorable Mother Day Homemade Gift Ideas that children of all ages: from babies, who can leave their mark on a gift, to the older ones, can make a meaningful gift for Mother’s Day.

We have divided the gifts for mothers according to the operational difficulty and also, according to the theme and style that your mother may like. Thinking of different types of moms and their different styles we have Mother’s Day gifts for all tastes; working moms, moms who like to cook, or gardening, fashionable mothers, a handy mom and particular ones.

What to give on Mother’s Day?

The first question that arises is what do I give Mom? We suggest you think about what mom like best, her tastes: planting and gardening, then a precious gift would be plants. That’s why we added original Mother’s Day gift that may pay attention: surely mom has a hobby or passion that can inspire you to choose the gift. And if no matter how much we think we can’t think of everything, but these are some 30 Unusual and Unique Mother Day Homemade Gift Ideas and inspirations to help.

Simple gifts to make for Mother’s Day


Flower Petal Candle Holders

Flower petal candle holders is a way to preserve some of mom’s summer memories in the form of dried flower petals. Making this candle holder with dried flowers is really simple. The first is to start drying petals in the microwave. This technique is very similar to a traditional flower press whether in a book or between two ceramic tiles and absorbent materials in-between…in fact there are many ways to preserving flowers. Then we just have to glue them delicately on a glass jar, first brush the candle jar holders entirely with vinyl glue and resting the flowers on top.

DIY string art gift idea

This yarn technique of tensioning threads will help you express your feelings toward your mom by making a memorable gift in the best way possible. Arrange the nails around the perimeter of the desired drawing and in the center draw a heart and also arrange the nail nails around the heart shape contour.  Keep the distance between the nails at a constant regular distance from each other. This keeps the symmetrically of the figure.  Now the loom is ready for your colored yarn to pass from one nail to another.  Upon finishing remember to make a knot with each color. This simple Mother’s Day loom card made of colored threads or yarn will convey all your tenderness and love.


An alternative yarn gift is using this technique with a “mom” figure and you may add personal photos glued on a small wooden clothespin to hold them.

Original crafts to give on Mother’s Day


DIY explosion box for mom

An explosion box is fashionable and spectacular box containing layers “explode” to reveal photos, notes, and other decorations. We propose you this simple version of DIY explosion box card ideal as a Unique Mother Day Homemade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day. Mainly made from several layers of cardstock that nest inside each other. When it’s folded up and the lid is on top, it looks like a normal gift box.

Hearts Soap made by children

Making homemade Heart-Shaped soaps is a very entertaining craft, and it can be a perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift. These handmade soaps can be stamped with a love message to your mom.


Unique plant gift for plant lover mom

For moms who is a Plant Lovers and gardening lover, nothing better than a plant … But your present is not just a plant… it can be decorated in several ways. Plants can be in a pot decorated with handprints, or decorated with greeny in a dish or a basket.



Mother’s Day Wreaths

Mother’s Day Flower Wreath is one of the ways to show your Mum how much they mean to you with a truly special. Mother’s Day Flower Wreath can be hanged anywhere …on the back of the chair, on a door knob, in a dish. Some wreaths are made with fresh flowers or dried flowers.  Fruits or artificial materials either way can be combined  to create  a gorgeous unusual gift on mother day that your mother will be excited to hang in her home.





An original gift for mom: notebooks

When wondering what to give, or when you want your gift to be something really special and unique, a gift DIY notebook designed especially for your mother would be a perfect gift.

Surprise Mason Jar crafts

A very simple Mother’s Day gift: with a large glass jar, the kind that are sold for cookies, or any Mason Jar around the house fill it with small gifts or with little things that she will like, chocolate cookies, essences, creams, perfume or appreciated letters to your mom …whatever you want! Decorate the glass jar with a pretty colored ribbon, hang a label or sign with a message.



Mother’s Day Candles

Decorated candles have always been a special meaning. A very easy idea which can work on any occasion and a creative mother day idea. A Mother’s Day art candle can be decorated with unique designs; fingerprints, flowers, heart shapes and bees. These brightly painted candles are wrapped in creativity of loved ones!


Mother’s day craft bookmark

Make a personalized gift …Mother’s Day craft bookmark has been always a favorite gift for mother who adore reading. These personalized craft bookmarks are a sentimental and practical gift. there are many designs to choose from they can be made from beads, embroidery, felt or even paper … All are Mother’s Day  Charm Bookmark that you can use it as a door hanger; hang it on the door comb.

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Finally flowers are an never ending gifts

















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