Home Decorating Holiday Creative Ideas for Decorating with Lanterns– Outdoor and Indoor Ideas

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Lanterns– Outdoor and Indoor Ideas

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Lanterns– Outdoor and Indoor Ideas

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Lanterns– Outdoor and Indoor Ideas … Season’s change; so, should your home decor change with beautiful decor ideas. When it comes to your home decor, why not decorate your home both indoors and out with lively displayed lanterns. Welcome the arrival of fall and Thanksgiving with our Creative Ideas for Decorating with LanternsOutdoor and Indoor Ideas.

Lanterns are a home décor staple that won’t go out of style, a piece of décor that can be interchanged with other décor items and can be supplemented alone or with other pieces, filled to cooperate with seasonal pieces. Be sure to include it in your home décor capsule.


There something you are obsessed when decorating with lanterns. They are a timeless way to add style and ambiance to any décor and style, perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorating. Decorating with lanterns always add a special touch to every room.

Whether being used to shed light or to awkward empty space, or in the middle of your table…they bring plenty of figurate light and ambience with plenty of options for filling any space without cluttering up your home.

Generally, lanterns are extremely versatile in every color whether white, black, oil rubbed bronze, or Lantern shape and size; tall, small, wide, and everything in between. there is no sign of lantern designs falling out of favor in the world of home decor. lanterns have so many ways you can use them, places you can put them…lanterns are so flexible, there seems to be no end to their versatility.


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Lanterns are a case, usually a mix of a material, like metal or wood, with transparent or translucent sides like glass panes used to contain and protect a candle or a lamp. Black, white, wood tones or metal are the most common materials and colors of lanterns that will match most decors and color scheme in your home.



Lanterns available in different sizes and specifications, so you can work them into a variety of design aesthetics. But when you use them for actual lighting or for decor purposes, make sure to choose the proper dimensions and appropriate place. The height and size of the lantern should be appropriate for the surroundings to make sense in your space. Enormous lanterns or too small of a lantern may not be functional or aesthetically.


“We can identify at least three different popular designs that actually has influenced the outdoor lighting design since then; the industry lamp, the lantern with the steel sheet ‘hat’ and the globe.” Jan Garnet, lighting historian.

Lanterns whatever their diverse styles, they provide a beautifully warm ambient light in any atmosphere they are placed in. The simplicity in design are to achieve a beautiful feature piece for any space and enhance the decoration of used place. With the clean, simple, streamlined design, lanterns also perfectly balanced to fit into that space, not taking away from other decor or architectural design features throughout.

The design of outdoor lighting has always been determined by the shape of the light source. But the game had changed. LED-technology has come to do it differently, and nothing had remained as before. FUTURE different designs, shapes and styles brought the lantern to life producing a super-efficient, ultra-flexible lighting to meet the brief aesthetically that create a focal point at an executive space.


Decorating with lanterns on tables;

Decorating your tabletop in your home for the festive season or other occasions can be a very personal experience. Using lanterns with unique designs as centerpiece tabletop lanterns is customized by your own taste to create an elegant and sophisticated mood for the holidays. These decorative centerpiece table Lanterns give the sitting table a nice focal point.

Centerpiece Table Lanterns can be in several colors, shapes and sizes and can be adorned with many different things. Lanterns are not just for the holiday season, they can be filled with anything to transform a boring lantern into a creative Decorated Lanterns  that add a touch, creating the display needed according to the season. Let your imagination go wild to create a well-designed and carefully selected centerpiece tabletop lantern focal point.

Floor lanterns;

Lanterns are magical at any place in your home, certainly lanterns shine out in any area. Floor lantern is a shift away from the tabletop to add an extra atmosphere especially if you want to vary it up or save precious surface space for other functions or decor. Floor lanterns are a whimsical art and decor that we don’t see going away anytime soon! Floor lanterns can transform the dimmest corner into an inviting space. Floor lanterns looks great to form a grouping; standing alone or paired next to other pieces of furniture. Definitely, beware of the size if you go the floor lantern route.

Hanging lanterns; 

Somehow hanging lanterns outdoor or indoor hanging lanterns make any space feel more magical! Grouping lanterns whether hanging lanterns outdoor or indoor hanging lanterns are definitely servers best the way that floor lanterns do. Hanging lanterns décor has many options; such as lantern-decor-from-ladder, hanging-lantern-decor-bedroom,  hanging-lanterns-foyer and hanging ceiling lanterns décor.


Another great option is lanterns hung on a wall. As we know the walls in our homes do speak. Beautiful home decor lanterns add a bit of charm and dim lighting which give them something beautiful to talk about. So, Let the walls do the talking and the people bustling about inside!


Lantern lighting;

The Lantern style due to their enclosed nature has always proven for us to be an extremely portable source of lighting, candles have been since centuries the ideal solution for lighting. The Lantern styles with various sizes & depths was to cater for every eventuality and have proven to be an extremely fabulous even when they are not lit for many different styled homes. LED candle replaces the classic candles inside your lantern for a eco- friendly environment especially if you want your candlelit every day or to be more than just decorative.


The great thing about lanterns, you can embellish them to “hold” the season… to dress up them in other ways than candles… LANTERNS AREN’T JUST FOR CANDLES. you can fill lanterns with anything to be styled differently so it is more visually intriguing… gourds, pumpkins, nuts, flowers, leaves and other seasonal materials are just a few ideas.



Greenery Decorations with Lanterns

Lanterns can be a very versatile with greenery inside them. This piece accessory box can be very eye-catching. Oversized lanterns can be used as a centerpiece to give a pop of flair to your design area. Oversized lanterns offer a way to add a cool variation in lanterns fillings. The height and texture are no more to be filled with candle only, but you can add greenery, flowers or stems for color. Depending on the lantern size you are allowed to fill the inside with what your imagination takes you. Whether it be flowers, greenery, succulents, cactuses, air plants, faux greens or even a small potted plant or any object you want to frame.

Seasonal Lantern Decor

Furthermore, Lanterns are flexible enough to flow from one season to another and any space to infuse the area with warmth and charm. They are a great display for holiday decor if organized well and match the esthetic of your home. There are just so many options, just change their setting, there are no limits to what you can do. Pine cones, holly, ornaments, or smaller tree branches or any vibes of the season… Thanksgiving, Easter, patriotic holidays and beyond.


Above all, another great way to fill your lanterns is to use lanterns as little display case. You can add books, photos, twinkle lights, ornaments, memorabilia from a vacation, sand and seashells, faux succulent and other things you hold close.


Flower in lanterns

Flowers have been always used for lovely occasions as wedding centerpieces. An anemone Centerpiece can be created with lantern for romantic lighting and a beautiful floral arrangement all in one. Beautiful floral lantern can adds a quirky touch to any design in your home decor, outdoor use or even a decorative wedding element.

As you can see, lanterns can add beautiful touch to any design with so many options to make your lantern display captivating and uniquely yours!

Here are some beautiful images of lanterns you can use in your beautiful spaces.


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