20 Amazing DIY Christmas Lanterns Ideas For Indoors And Outdoors


Amazing DIY Christmas Lanterns Ideas For Indoors And Outdoors Decorate your home in a unique way, to deck the outside Christmas decorations or to deck the indoor to display with a source of Christmas lights. With DIY Christmas Lanterns Ideas both can be a very personal experience this holiday season. Lanterns are one of the most traditional and old-fashioned for Christmas lights with the addition of Christmas decoration ornaments to add a good feeling to each room. That tradition doesn’t have to be lost or can be modified. They create a unique exterior Christmas lights display, bring the holly Christmas lights and warmth to any place for the holidays. Feel the Holiday glow with DIY Christmas Lanterns as they are festive Christmas home decor piece for the holidays.

Because it’s Christmas, we should recognise new undertones to the holiday season? To serve this purpose, regular Christmas lanterns with regular exterior Christmas lights simply won’t work in keeping with the season’s themes. DIY lanterns are do it yourself outdoor Christmas decorations and indoor that you can customize your design to your own taste will set the tone for a truly wonderful celebration and make your home even cozier.


lantern decor is certainly a very popular trend for Christmas home decor from the past few years as they create a festivity and merriment atmosphere. Decorate your outdoors with the most gorgeous DIY Christmas lanterns for those walking down the street to gaze at lights, and indoors to make your home look more welcoming and festive. The Christmas Lanterns Decoration add a traditional touch to your Christmas home decor, weather they were traditional glass and metal lanterns or of various shapes and sizes for your decor.

Lanterns have a magical appeal not just for the holiday season but irrespective of the time of the year. Lanterns are magical at any time of the year, they are indoor Christmas themed centerpiece and exterior Christmas lights centerpiece too. But they look especially whimsical during Christmas full of ambience and a beautiful atmosphere. Especially when DIY Christmas lanterns are dressed up in festive colors for example in red and white colors.


lanterns are versatile enough, if you like, you can pair with many different things like spring florals or Christmas candle rings, twinkling fairy lights, pinecones any color candle you wish to use to give them a Christmas feel.  Just let your imagination go wild with DIY Christmas décor ideas. Dress them up or dress them down with little Christmas vignettes like angels, small stuffed toys OR add greenery, or even pieces of driftwood and berries inside your lanterns.  Make your lanterns shine out in the sea of Christmas decorations this personalize, customize your lanterns and show your individuality through your artwork by adding a unique touch to your Christmas home decor. Winter lantern decor with Christmas lights cheer the simplest of decorations.  Winter lantern decor go with candles, ribbons, bows or baubles and show off your skills, transforming a boring lantern into a Christmas decoration centerpiece.

Remind your family that with just a little bit of imagination, DIY Christmas lanterns will dispel the holiday gloom in no time.  Because Christmas lanterns are a joy during the festive season, we have collected a few unique and stunning Christmas lanterns decoration ideas that will certainly add extra atmosphere and holiday cheer to your Christmas home decor.


1-Christmas Themed Origami Paper Lanterns;

An ideal choice for celebrating Christmas for origami lovers. If you love origami as DIY Christmas decor, make some Christmas memories for your family with this DIY Christmas lantern craft …A paper lantern room decor. Can you even believe these origami lanterns are handmade lantern ideas made out of paper? A paper lantern room decor will take your origami skills to the next-level. Make the Christmas lantern from plain white cardstock cut on a digital die cutter. You can make these cute paper lanterns by hand if you are very skilled at origami. Enjoy the warm glow of cute paper lanterns, with led Christmas lights -pre-lit LED candle- inside it. You will love this paper lantern room decor made out of paper craft so much as they create a soft peaceful ambience in any room. These fabulous origami paper lantern ideas will want you to make some paper Christmas lantern as for Christmas decorating or gifts for your friends.

Front Door Festive Oversized Wooden Lanterns

2- Front Door Festive Oversized Wooden Lanterns;

This beautiful lantern decoration is another simple and easy lantern decor idea for a warm and welcoming entryway. This is a very no-fuss decoration, something completely different. Two large outdoor Christmas lanterns; wooden lanterns with a collection of some leftover colorful silver and red Christmas decorations such as Christmas balls and Christmas ornaments. These Front Door Festive lanterns are filled with previous decorations you have. Now, tie some evergreens and red holly berries to a string, tie it on top of the lantern with unexpected black and white polka dot bows. Finish them with sprayed pine leaves and eucalyptus. If you don’t have topiary on your patio, place these two oversized wooden Front Door Christmas Balls Lantern outside your patio to cheerfully welcome guests to celebrate the season.

Carve Wood Lanterns Staircase Décor

3 – Carve Wood Lanterns Staircase Décor;

Let the Stars Light the Way Lantern… Gather up some small rustic wood lanterns with stunning and intricate carving look. They will be so amazing when placed strategically on black stair treads. Made out of a hollowed log and carved with skill and keep it simple, to look festive. These lanterns give the place a rustic charm when arranged beautifully to an otherwise ordinary flight of stairs. The lanterns not only have a carved Christmas shapes but cast beautiful lantern lights and shadows on the white stair risers. The candles on top of it lights the way for guests.


4- Indoor Christmas Table Lantern Decoration;

Pretty up your Christmas table decorations with the soft glow of this DIY centerpiece, a simple lantern decoration that looks very suave.  Simple lanterns decorated with red Christmas decorations like red beads and white candles look stunning tucked inside a set of simple lanterns. You can add your favorite Christmas ornaments for extra shines. They give a very traditional Christmas look especially when they’re illuminated with candlelight. When holiday chaos hits, this This stupid simple lantern decoration will save your life. It is easy, cheap, and looks immensely beautiful and festive.

Traditional Porch Christmas Lanterns Decoration

5- Traditional Porch Christmas Lanterns Decoration;

Make your front porch with a dreamy look with several types of lamps that are certainly very warm and welcoming. As mentioned above, lanterns are a traditional Christmas ornament holding outdoor Christmas lantern lights – electric candles – which made them very traditional look. The lanterns not only snow-covered but looks like a scene out of a fantasy dream with the cast beautiful light and shadows on the white stair risers. This is quite simply the easiest and the most budget-friendly way of Christmas lanterns decoration ideas we have here.


Romantic LED Lantern

6. Romantic LED Lantern;

If you wish for an indoor décor with flame-free lantern this Christmas, then tangles of fairy lights are the perfect decoration for your mantle or a specific area of your living room. They can be of varying sizes from large Christmas lanterns to small mini Christmas lanterns. Use led for Christmas lights to illuminate your lantern, the lantern lights highlight the back lantern color. You don’t need to light your candle for the holidays or for any special occasion.


7- Christmas in the chalet style;

Christmas in a snowy mountain hut is where you can enjoy the romance and simplicity. With the right decoration on your front door and the lack of other decorative elements bring the chalet style into the most. The simplicity of the appropriate outdoor Christmas lantern lights brings the chalet style into the warm atmosphere of the living room. They are suitable for use in the garden, on the patio on the front steps or balcony give this Porch a Festive Look. They are attractive eye-catcher inside bring a magical winter atmosphere to every corner. In the autumn decoration with candle lights and lanterns adorn this minimalistic and beautiful front porch and reveal them in beautiful shapes and colors .

8-Unique Christmas Lanterns on your doorstep;

An absolute must for Christmas decoration on the doorstep with an ornate lantern. This fantastical lamp decor reminds us that Christmas time is coming. The ornate lanterns, outdoor Christmas lantern lights with other Christmas decorations on your doorstep shine a wonderfully festive appeal that you might find interesting. These unique large outdoor Christmas lanterns on your doorstep with fresh evergreen branches, with pine cones or simply outdoor Christmas lights look very sophisticated and simple compared to other elaborate decorations.

Vintage-Fireplace-Mantel-Lantern-Decor 9-Vintage Fireplace Mantel Lantern Décor;

As seen above, if you don’t want to spend a ton on holiday décor use your decorative lanterns as a vintage fireplace mantel décor. lanterns can be more useful than just giving light.An existing lantern with beautifully carved vintage marble can be an antique. Put a little vintage toy belongs to your children inside with a little vignette of frosted mini pine trees, a tree farm sign and some Christmas string lights and small size Christmas ornaments inside. Dress your existing lanterns with few evergreens and a red berries wreath on the top to pin up your lantern for Christmas.

10 - Rustic Glam Hanging Christmas Lanterns;

10 – Rustic Glam Hanging Christmas Lanterns;

Rustic as well as glamorous, instead of standard Christmas string lights, light up your front yard with these DIY lanterns. These mini Christmas lanterns with ordinary outdoor Christmas lantern lights are a stunning upgrade to the traditional Christmas lanterns. When wrapped in evergreens it’ll add an ethereal, vintage vibe to your holiday decor. The fairy lights wrapped around these unique lanterns made them look very fresh and creative display with rustic charm to the décor.

 christmas lantern


11- Rustic Lantern;

Improvised your Christmas decorations like this repurpose rustic lantern. Instead of candles, fill them with your son favorite car. Fill them with tiny trees and artificial snow then use them as centerpieces for an indoor buffet table. This is a good way to use his childhood memories and Souvenirs in to a Christmas display in this lantern.

Creative Hanging Lanterns Dinner Décor

 12 – Creative Hanging Lanterns Dinner Décor;

You cannot think the Christmas decoration without lanterns. Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t create handmade lantern ideas making paper origami lanterns. They look very elegant and also bring some style and enriched class feeling of Christmas to the decor. Hanging small paper origami lanterns chandelier glittered with silver and red are one of the most popular ways of Christmas decorations. These creative glittered paper lantern ideas are simply easy to make and do bring the holiday cheer to the Christmas table with their festive look.


13 -Dinner Table Christmas Lanterns Decor;

For an alternative traditional Christmas decoration, big and small yarn balls garlands in pretty gold, white and black draped artfully over the tree as a chandelier. Chandelier is made of dried tree near the dinner table with traditional lanterns hung on creating an inspiring Christmas lanterns décor. Hanging Traditional lanterns and glass candles over the table and using all the hanging possibilities create a net of a cheerful and dreamy rustic décor. This Dinner Table Christmas Lanterns Decor is an immensely festive and a budget Christmas decoration.A Christmas dinner decor, extra pretty, very festive and cheap.

DIY Moss Christmas Lanterns Decorationsource

14 – DIY Moss Christmas Lanterns Decoration;

Moss are gifts of nature, to incorporate Moss into your Christmas décor It would be suitable for woodland, rustic, and classical décor in case you want to bring just a touch of nature. With this beautiful Rustic lantern with fairy lights and moss is made with natural and organic decorations and all sorts of autumnal gifts of nature. This DIY moss lantern made from moss, pine branches, pine cones, red berries and a twinkling candle light give the lamps a dreamy look. When decorated with these innovative lanterns, the porch steps or staircase look very artistic and pretty.

15-The Fire in My Heart Lantern;

Christmas lanterns are a festive decoration piece where ever you put them or hanged. The warmth and glow of outdoor Christmas lantern lights in a form of a votive candle side are a stunning Christmas display. To complete the stunning Christmas display, decorate the lamp with a gray felt heart tied with a red and white gingham ribbon. A Mason jar beside the Christmas lantern is so comforting. Both are festive outdoor lanterns can be hung or just place them at your doorstep.



16- Inspired Flowers In Lanterns décor;

There is more than one way for a lantern to bring light…by filling it with a bouquet different flower. Flowers sheer light wherever it is potted they display as brilliant as fairy lights. As a fan of fresh flowers of all sorts, make a beautiful a budget friendly lantern by filling it with a bouquet roses, poppies with fringed petals, white baby’s breath (gypsophila), stephanotis, sprigs of rosemary, or any flower (fresh or faux) would look great in lanterns. Arrange them in an artfully twigs to create this clean and fresh look. i


17- Centerpiece Lantern;

Generally red lanterns have an unexplainable pull. They with a beautiful appeal when used as Christmas centerpieces. If used on a long family table long dining table, arrange these red lanterns as a Christmas table runner in the middle with fresh leaves of pine trees or cypress, and acorn. Make your own lantern to work as a homey lantern to welcome back the family and have a great dinner like always.

18- Rattan Ball Lantern;

Top your front-door topiary placing them at your doorstep or hung with a traditional Christmas lantern. These outside Christmas decorations lanterns raised its level two folds inside will outdoor Christmas lantern lights that shine even brighter than before by using a rose gold lantern with a classic style helps reflecting the candles light. These stand out Rattan Ball Lanterns are magnificent both in the daylight and at night time.

DIY - Frosted Glass Lanternssource

19-Frosted Glass Lanterns;

Frosted glass lanterns shine white with the coming winter days. Perfect for a sweet greeting of Christmas. Make your own lantern using Frosted glass lanterns topped with red berries and pine cones and a touch of greens.

Stylish Christmas Lanternsource

 20- Stylish Christmas Lantern;

To make your own lantern in a beautiful holiday decoration, create a scene inside your lantern by including holiday elements. Use your favorite Christmas metal holly ornament, fake Pine Cones and Berries, led Christmas lights flickering flameless candle, Christmas string lights, to a hurricane lantern and a red Christmas Ribbon to make a bow to create the feel you are looking for.

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