DIY Homemade Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations, Reindeer Garland

DIY Homemade Christmas Decorations…there is a very wide variety of multinational festivals and holidays celebrated around the world, but Christmas is one of the most religious and cultural celebration among billions of people in the course of the year. Christmas is the sum of many things: family gathering, the quality family time around special meals, Christmas gift exchange and, of course, decoration!

And what could be better than preparing by injecting your house with a breath of fresh new charm and a unique finishing touch with our little secret that you did it all by yourself. Get inspired by our gallery of proposals for DIY Christmas decorations;

Serving up Christmas By using garland


Fancy Christmas Garland;

It is never Too much when it comes to Christmas décor… No such thing! Add merry to every room and hang greens to lend cheer to a stairway, mantel, or door frame. Christmas Garland create a new view where ever they are added.

Fancy Christmas Garland

Style your home with the greeny seasonal color; a lush garland-draped on the doorway, and an extra-special personal touch on your table as a table runner or centerpiece. The Christmas sleigh-full ideas are made to create a holly and jolly in everywhere you look.

Christmas Decorations, Reindeer Garland


Reindeer Garland;

Paper crafting is one of the best crafting mediums. crafting with paper has emerged as a fashionable form of self-expression, in fact you can make almost anything. Any design. Any color. Any size. It’s so perfect.

DIY Reindeer Garland


As Christmas is on the way your mantle needs decorations. Reindeer Garland are a seasonal display that can be hung many different ways. Rudolph reindeer might be glittered or cute red nose and with innocent face that will delight the little ones.

Printable 3D Christmas tree

Printable 3D Christmas Tree; 

To make these 3d printable Christmas tree table decor craft with paper or cardboard you only have to draw a simple Christmas tree shape on your paper. For each printable 3D Christmas tree, you need two full trees with a different paper. Fold The full tree in half to identify the central line. Make a cut in both trees along the center-line, one in the upper half and another from below. This simple craft idea a strikingly modern tree decorations is made in minutes, just print, cut, and glue easy enough even for little ones. 

These modern Christmas tree table decorations are simple to make that those short on time will appreciate. These Christmas trees are not just for your Christmas table decorations but can be a whole forest for your mantel or Christmas party centerpieces. Christmas crafting is all about making memories, enjoy.

Tartan Christmas Stockingssource

Tartan Christmas Stockings;

Tartan is well known by the Scotland’s. Add a personalized touch to your own hanged Christmas stockings with these Tartan Christmas Stockings ideas. The red and green Tartan Stockings are truly unique decorations or seasonal gift that can be used year after. If you have an old tattered plaid blanket give it a new life by transforming them into stockings with fringe.

DIY Candle Holders

DIY Candle Holders;

On a white card or greaseproof paper, of the same color, you can print or draw the Christmas motifs that you like most. This easy DIY candle holder will make you pretty excited seeing your drawing light up, all the stuff you already had in the house…scissors, tape and a pen.


After you decorate the paper with these Christmas decorations, cut and paste the edges you place a led candle inside.  The DIY handmade paper lantern candle  is cozy and very creative.

DIY Christmas Cushions

DIY Christmas Cushions;

When it comes to holiday decorating adding throw DIY pillows is the easiest way to add color and texture to a living room. These Christmas cushion covers to make are one of the perfect Christmas handmade pillows if you are good at sewing.

DIY Christmas Cushions 2


And a what better time than Christmas to put on Christmas pillows, making your own to incorporate a personalized detail into your seasonal decor.



DIY Rustic Snowflakes;

Snowflakes are one of those winter musts for every winter wonderland. They are one of the most symbolic winter themes… they may help creating a show off impression through the decor of your home.

Rustic Snowflakes

These rustic snowflakes are incredibly simple to make. They look quite good enough for decorating that you can use them around anywhere in the home. These little rustic snowflakes are simple DIY winter decor made from twigs and Christmas tree décor.

DIY Wall Christmas Tree

DIY Wall Christmas Tree;

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a beautiful spruce, Christmas tree with postcards is a wall Christmas tree idea for Holiday Christmas Card Displays.  If you didn’t have time or money to buy a tree of our own, don’t want to spend a lot of money on a natural tree, or want to spend some time with your kids making something with your hands cheap and pretty quick.  And moreover you are lucky enough to receive Holiday Cards, Christmas Cards, Greeting Cards. Then do not hesitate, use them to decorate your house.

DIY Wall Christmas card Treesource

To make a Christmas tree on the wall. Display Cards to make a tree. a wall art, placing them on a white canvas or on the wall directly. It’s space-saving, eco-friendly. Flat Christmas tree to hang on wall is an art in itself, besides, handmade simple household items are nearer to our hearts.

Vintage Angle Tree Topper Crochet Ornament


Vintage Angel Tree Topper Crochet Ornament;

This vintage looking angel is an Art of Crochet. this crafty angel had been passed down from generation to generation. Perfect enough to sit atop your Christmas tree. This beautiful angel is quick to make up and easy to crochet. To add a bit of vintage Christmas décor, it will look great hanging on your tree topper, a tree ornament, a mantel décor or it can be placed anywhere. Use it as a package adornment and give away gift for a friend.

Ode To Ancient Legends

Ode To Ancient Legends;

After all, Christmas is all about family, food and tradition, and Christmas is full of ancient traditions. it’s always fascinating to learn about the traditions surrounding major holidays. So, make a tribute to the legends and Christmas beliefs by discovering the traditions, feasts, decorations and songs related to Christmas. After reading an ethnographic study, create small decorative details with old papers, this may help in enjoying the celebration. You can easily get them in antique stores, markets, traces …that make celebrating Christmas more enjoyable.

Christmas Gift Wraps Ideas

Christmas Gift Wraps Ideas;

Wrap special gifts with delicacy for your favorite people. A beautifully wrapped gift really shows your care. Add some details to wrapping paper, with subtle details and with much charm gift wrap can look sophisticated. These clever do-it-yourself Holiday gift wrap ideas with DIY paper gift wrap are sure to impress everyone on your Christmas gift. Spice up your Christmas gifts by adding a personal touch using yarn or jute rope and some branches of red berries or other dry branches such as olive, mistletoe or pine branches.

Christmas Gift Wraps Ideas With Cork Board

Christmas Gift Wraps Ideas With Cork Board;

bottle corks have so many craft ideas to decorate on holidays but in fact there are other cool cork crafts to work with. A cork sheet for handicrafts is a beautiful material because it bends and it’s easier to cut into custom shapes. Draw your creations and then cut your cork figures. Use these creative DIY projects using cork as a personal gift-wrapping touch and for more ​​personalization of your gifts.

 Christmas Cookies Decorating Ideas

 Christmas Cookies Decorating Ideas; 

Christmas cookies are not just sweet to taste but are an elegant decorative Christmas items to be used.  Many different shapes can be created. You can decorate your whole home with these homemade Christmas cookies …the Christmas tree, dishes, the table and dining room in the sweetest way.

Christmas Cookies Decorating Ideas tour Of Christmas Cookies – the Sweet Adventures Of Sugar


Shape your cookies in Christmas figures like a snowflake, tree, Candy Cane, snowman, dear, gingerbread man, Winter Wonderland Cookies and more. Christmas has endless figures and shapes. After you do the basic shape transform them into beautiful, edible holiday cookies, that are almost too pretty to eat. Try to create these holiday cookies into pieces of art that will come together in no time.


Decorate With Cinnamon 2Decorate With Cinnamon;

The cinnamon stick is very decorative and also fills the house with wonderful smells. They give cozy and warm vibes to your house. The best ideas for traditions come naturally, so do not hesitate to use cinnamon sticks for some Christmas décor.

Wrappers With A Touch Of Citrus -1-source

Wrappers With A Touch Of Citrus;

Using natural elements to decorate with is fun. You use them in many ways, you can decorate, and wrap presents with a DIY detail based on slices of dried fruits. citrus can be combined with other natural elements, green sprigs, star anise, pine cones, cinnamon sticks …

Wrappers With A Touch Of Citrus 2

These colourful, cheerful and original Christmas decorations are an original way to give a unique touch to your gift.  Slices of dried  citrus are a sort of a natural theme used in wrapping presents that will be going under the tree. the idea is making them natural ornaments to decorate and wrap your gift with. Use brown or white craft paper to wrap the presents   then embellish each gift with a slice or two of dried citrus, add ribbon, or perhaps some paper tape. You can add any label too, the inspirations are many.



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