Living Room Interior Décor for Chinese New Year

It’s almost January and it’s New Year for our Chinese families and friends! Today, to the honor of this celebration, we thought of creating a list of beautifully designed Living Room Interior Décor for Chinese New Year that you can use as a personal creativity to redecorate your homes in line with the season.

Most professional feng shui consultant in the Chinese decorations focuses more on the reds, yellows, golds, whites, blues and sometimes, blacks. Because a living room is mainly the favorite spot they have these unique pieces of decor that they hang around the room or paste on their walls in specific way in order to block or not letting the negative energy passes through, and producing the positive energy.

This feng shui ancient Chinese art uses space arrangement, object placement and decoration which believes it would bring prosperity, health, wealth, and love.

For those of you who would like to have the distinctiveness inside your house, the Chinese house concept offers something different and exotic compared to the other traditional home cultural design. Join the celebration and prepare your house with one of these Living Room Interior Décor for Chinese New YearEve which starts about a month before.


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