40 Fresh Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas


Use our amazing Fresh Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas to trim your Christmas tree and to festive up your home for Christmas spirit for this holiday season. A blue Christmas decoration is a nontraditional fresh color and one of the most attractive color schemes if you are looking for a touch of glamour and elegance.

To decorate your home using the classic Christmas colors turns your home to a shiny place, but what about if you don’t want to stick with that choice? Christmas tree was traditionally decorated with three main colors pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red. Now days although most of us love all the blues, silvers, gold  and even purple color schemes, certainly nearly no one sticks to traditional colors year after year. People love to follow current decorating trends for Christmas to get every inch of their home into the holiday spirit.


Maybe because there are some people loves the change and love the change to creative Christmas decorating ideas in general. So you may fall into either of these categories. Although when it comes to winter and Christmas decor experts say as the perceived rules the decor remains red and green color of choice for holiday scheme decor, but this year it is no longer applies, decor trends lean toward the blue range with other ornaments in other color combinations that reflect a variety of themes. Decorate with blue as it transcends decor styles and is reminiscent of a sparkling winter wonderland transporting us to a reunion with nature. Because of all that we suggest you 40 Fresh Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas to inspire you and to put aside the traditional colors. Fresh Blue Christmas decorating goes around everything from the tree and surrounding to the present under the tree. Blue the classic color combined with white or other colors combination are often used to fresh new palette for your place. There are plenty of blue ideas to decorate with to bring out the holiday spirit.

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Christmas tree decorating ideas;

Aside from any Christmas decoration for this important holiday, lets  first,  start with the tree. Christmas tree decorating is the best thing in my box. Christmas is the time to start decorating our homes and getting ready for Father Christmas-Santa- visit that night, putting the presents under the decorated tree. Decorating the Christmas tree is an activity full of many options; that it’s so hard to decide on which design or theme to go on. It is a fun and really is the most exciting day of the year, summing with the family to share all pleasant…Time to forget about the upsetting moments or problems, and the opportunity to get the most magic and sparkle moments.   Every year decorating the tree to have a different look is our dreamy moment on Christmas that we awaited to do. But decorating a Christmas tree with a non-classical color like blue, Christmas tree will became a fun art to improvise.  Switch things up a bit and look for new and fresh blue ideas to create a stunning Christmas decorating for your Christmas tree.

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Winter wonderland Christmas theme ;

because there are plenty of ways to decorate for Christmas other choices than the traditional red and green is available.  A blue holiday theme can decorate your space from ordinary to extraordinary; an array of silver, crisp white and French blue decorations can be used instead.  A winter wonderland in all blue hues is perfect for creating a Christmas theme. A blue color scheme with all different styles to make a dreamy wonderland Christmas is just so sprinkling that it brings cool elegance into homes.  And just because it’s different than what we usually associate it does not mean that it isn’t quite amazing decorating style. Winter wonderland Christmas theme reminds us with our bedtime stories of fairy tales that used to story before our bed time near the holidays.   Winter wonderland Christmas theme is with hilarious decor at high value of beauty! In fact, it is more stylish to pour simple yet quite effective decorations. Using a blue scheme with subtle touches of sparkling whites and silvers pays so much attraction value in a very significant way. To make winter wonderland decorating styles makes winter season warm and super chic. So, why not switch to the blues and enjoy a fairy tale Christmas Eve a bit this year? Take a look at these ideas and inspirations for decorating a new Christmas theme.

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Baby blue Christmas decorations;

Blue color has a dear place at many festivities especially for an occasions like Christmas. And no one can resist the baby blue color in any décor; it is just an amazing cheerful color. Here you will find sweet touches of baby blue Christmas decorations.‎ Baby blue color may be combined with other bright multicolored cheerful palettes.  Clear blue inspired by cheerful colors makes a hilarious atmosphere loved by all.

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Snow blue Christmas;

On winter, ice and snow are two winter elements that  are transformed into our homes in many  forms. They transform your space to a neutral healthy atmosphere with a lot of freshness that reflect peace. Snow blue Christmas is one of popular Christmas trends inspired by the snow and the snowflakes. Snow Blue Christmas lights and decorations are breathtaking awesome and sets the mood and inspires creativity. Decorating with Snow blue Christmas ideas can be easy and simple they may be made of paper, yarn or beads many ideas are available done even by you at home.  Just take a look at some ideas, and find some beautiful collection for a blue Christmas just take a look at decorating in form of pictures.



Coastal Christmas ;

Deck the halls and create a fresh and lovely look this holiday season. Look for brand new designs; stick with it this year…A seaside style in other words a Blue Coastal Christmas. A decor livened with blue tones of the sea such as oyster shell wreaths, pink flamingo ornaments, and nautical rope garlands. They can really make a difference this Christmas. Take it from the designers; a living room decorated with blue coastal details in the spirit by the shore enhances the power of Christmas home décor. Blue Coastal Christmas decorating revealed with nautical inspiration should be easy if you stick to the colors related to touches of turquoise. Adding some eye-catching coral accessories such as starfish and jellyfish tree decorations to create a festive seaside look is just what you need to create a feeling of a coastal Christmas. Hanging coastal-inspired stockings with coastal accents on the fireplace mantel are the keys to achieving the cool calm of coastal décor. Add the beauty of the ocean to your home for a perfect coastal view on Christmas.





The best Christmas table decorations;

Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals of the year after thanksgiving, it is as important as the food itself.  For this lovely occasion I would like to share some ideas for decorating, for the coming Christmas. After all it is a special holiday awaited for so long to have a festive gathering with all family members and also with our best friends. A well decorated home on a Christmas Eve helps spending splendid time together enjoy in the dinner and enjoying one another’s company because it is supposed to be festive holiday. On this enjoy something fresh and modern as deep blues and soft whispers of blue can play a major role in the design of a Christmas room and more over to have a fresh appearance for the occasion. Blue with the gold or white dining table set will match the Christmas spirit and theme. Blue at Christmas hits put in the spotlight in a mix with elegance and glamour as well.  This will help you to prepare something special for the Christmas dinner. The images below would be helping to have a little twist for different decorative element when used to match your décor. Add some colors to achieve an impressive festive table decoration using Christmas balls and candles with sparticular napkin rings beside a beautiful centerpiece to decorate the table. A blue place Christmas card is beautiful additions to the table setting for a unique and memorable entertainment. A corresponding centerpiece colored with the blue theme will add a magical atmosphere at your table onto the middle of the table this turns it into a spectacular festive one.



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White and blue Christmas decoration Ideas & Inspiration;

White and blue Christmas decoration ‎ are a nice neutral palette color. And just because they are not the classic color associate with Christmas Time, doesn’t mean it can’t be used for a holy night. White and blue theme blends well with each other and do the most styles.  Their combinations are surly spread the warm of the beloved homes during the holidays. A living room dressed in warm neutrals white and blue colors will evoke a sense of the holidays and enrich the spirit of Christmas. The use of these two neutral palette colors together keeps the house super chic and romantic and most of all goes as a traditional or modern decor. So, why not switch things up a bit this year? Get inspired for a new look for decorating a blue & white Christmas!


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The blue stockings and/or blue garland hung hanged from the mantle are awesome idea. Add blue colored ribbon, Mesh Ribbon and Garlands… That will be the most gorgeous mantle the eye can enjoy. Don’t forget to try a sophisticated simplicity of the fresh and icy blue Christmas color scheme in some unsuspecting ways as well.



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Gift wrapping; also had a share with us. If you’re a fan keeping gifts under the tree as most of do, wrap your gifts with blue decorated Christmas wrapping paper, stripped or even plain that goes along with the theme. The mix of blue, silver and gold with ribbon and pieces of evergreen will fit the Christmas Eve. Adding blue accessories on your wrapped gifts are a great way to add extra pizazz to your Christmas decor.

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Blue Christmas wreath;

There is something spiritual seeing blue lights sparkling against the heavy blanket of pure-white snow.And you definitely cannot forget to create a blue wreath to create a special atmosphere on the front door, windows or wall inside or outside the house! This is another elegant way to offer something glamorous and absolutely sophisticated way to incorporate your Christmas theme.  A great advantage of blue decorations is that it can add a festive sparkle when combined with extra shades of blue or white to the wreath as well! For an amazingly bright and beautiful look to a holiday wreath add a touch of greenery when using Christmas baubles, gold ribbons, snowflakes and stars, all are perfect additions. Remember that it is all about the details.




The dreamlike glamorous light blue is associated with several holidays it completely transforms your space to a neutral choice of health, healing, understanding, softness and tranquility and transmitting a lot of freshness and peace. Bring cheer to your house this holiday season with these Fresh Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas. For all fans of the color blue check out these alternative holiday fresh blue color that are far from the ordinary – enjoy!

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