Stylish Christmas Decorating Ideas For CHILDREN’S BEDROOM

Garlands of lights

Stylish Christmas Decorating Ideas For CHILDREN’S BEDROOM …Christmas is a good opportunity to fill your house with its magic so, do not miss its charm. Christmas in the house will not create that magical holiday spirit as endearing as that can create the smallest of the house. With kids presents customizing the Christmas decoration is a lot of different. Christmas is one of the best times of the year for the little ones.

Enjoy the holiday day with them spending memorial time by your side and creating the decoration that will fill your home with magic So, don’t lock Christmas holiday spirit in the living room of your home? Mini trees, decoration for windows, paper wreaths, advent calendars, Christmas lights, garlands, Red and green … Enjoy decorating their little world as a family.



Christmas moves to the children’s room

Open the doors and let your magic expand throughout the house to reach kids’ bedroom too. Because children are the most excited people during the Christmas, Let the small ones get excited too? Spread the Christmas cheer to unexpected places. Christmas Decorating ideas brings truckloads of happiness to them, get them in the traditions.

Moreover, don’t contain holidays to the living room. Warm up your kids’ room even with a tree. Decorating a kid’s bedroom is a way for more fun, maybe that helps making them to get in bed a little bit easier. Take the advantage of Christmas to involve the kids in their room decoration.  Let them and off course you too to enjoy the family moments. Pull out their creativity and you will make them live unforgettable days. Days to remain in his memory forever.

Christmas Decorating Ideas For CHILDREN’S BEDROOM

Here are a few interesting ideas for how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas to spread the spirit this holiday season. Take a look at our entire collection of holiday decor I found to help you decorate your children’s bedroom for Christmas and get started.

small Christmas tree


Small Christmas Tree ;       

Mount a small Christmas tree in their room. Your little one needs to have a little tree for themselves. Let your kids have a kid themed Christmas trees ideas of their own. The tree does not have to be huge, just A small one or a table top mini tree. Let them be involved in decorating it, let them put their own shots on this tree.

It is not necessary that it be a big tree. Make it to be a smaller version a miniature replica of the large ones in the living room for the little ones? It can have a moderate size and even small to put it on the shelves. Their tree  can be made with two sheets of wood or cardboard or with everyday products.

small Christmas tree 1

They’ll love giving their input for Christmas tree decorations, everything from design to the actual decorating. Children’s Christmas tree decorations may be made by using hanging small toys of yours or sweets, ornaments and crafts with paper, with felt made by the children themselves. The options are endless! They can add a ribbon and turn them into the most personal adornments.

 Garlands of lights source

Garlands of lights do not miss;

Lighting is one of the recommended decorations at Christmas and it could not be neglected. Decorate the children’s room at Christmas with Lit Garland for Christmas. That would be so festive and special. That’s why the luminous garlands are a great idea to decorate the beds, wall or furniture with extra lights. Choose different LED lights colors and those which do not emitting heat, for their safety so that you can place them where you want without danger.

Decorate their study desks

Decorate their study desks;

Decorating their study desk for Christmas is a great way to get in the mood for the festivities, not to mention share seasonal cheer. Tell them to involve their desk space and chair in the spirit of Christmas with special Christmas decorations. Give them such creative tasks as making little signs turning their study desk into a fun holiday retreat.

Christmas tree on the wall

Christmas tree on the wall ;

A different tree. If you don’t want to go over the top Christmas tree on the wall with colored lights. It will save space, safe and looks beautiful especially  if you have small aged kids. This is a very simple form of a tree and very natural. Made of strips of colored garlands of light over a sticker Christmas tree that are ideal for decorating any part of the home. These lights are hanged on a venial or decal tree wall. The strips of colored garlands of light give light and beautiful softness effect with the decorated ornaments.  Filling their bedroom with magic. Once you turn on the lights … there will be a Christmas tree on the wall!

decorative vinyl

With decorative vinyl;

Decorative Christmas stickers is fast and effective decoration you can choose to decorate your child’s bedroom and more over SAFE. Nothing is safe as a DIY vinyl on a wall this holiday season. A Christmas tree wall decal, or a render Christmas wall decal will be a perfect Wall decorating idea in your children’s room. Or let them choose from many models of decorative vinyl with Christmas motifs. They can go drawings, hang lights, ornaments and even add words dedicated to the Christmas spirit to complete the vinyl decorations.

Start the countdown Advent Calendar ;

Start the countdown Advent Calendar ;

Getting in the festive spirit from 1 December, which is when you would first open your advent calendar, that Twenty-four days. Waiting along the Twenty-four days are the best parts of decorating for Christmas. So, let them get up simply to open and toss when the season is over. This is the best time of the year for full of anticipation which is like an eternity for your child.

Start the countdown Advent Calendar ; 3

A calendar made of Twenty-four applications helps them countdown hanged in your child’s room to let the little ones open one each day. An Advent Calendar can be made with scraps; fabric paper, cardboard or with a thousand different materials in any version, with small numbered socks attached to. There are so many versions like a tree, hung on the wall and to decorate it, or a bunch of small boxes with windows of the advent calendar.  The Advent Calendar is fill with small toys or goodies.

Holiday garlands

Go for a Garland;

Holiday garlands add a festive touch wherever they’re hung. Can be hung on entryways, porch railing, a staircase, the headboard and living rooms … any place can be good to place a garland of light.  Holiday garlands are easy to make So, get creative with what they are made from. Used winter elements like a string of small pineapples, pom-poms or beautiful oversized tassels or small ornaments or even disposable party decorations or honeycomb balls. All without exclusive will give your room a Christmas touch. For more holiday decorating ideas for garlands, tie light strings to your garland made of different colors and you will have a very un-original garland.

Gorgeous Christmas Wreaths

Gorgeous Christmas Wreaths; 

From the paper in the shape of simple stars … to this wonder shape and more special add different button colors to give them the final touch. These lovely looking wreaths can decorate your door or your window.

Red and green Christmas traditional colors

Red and green Christmas traditional colors;

It’s difficult imagine Christmas without red and green and we do wonder if they weren’t synonymous with Christmas. Because our kids Like Santa Claus no color can transports Christmas as fast as intense red and green. These are the traditional colors of Santa Claus for Christmas and no one want to miss their special effects. Decorating their room with Christmas decorations such as Christmas bedding, curtains and cushions, as well as elements to decorate the shelves or walls as hanging socks, gifts wrapped in red and green colored papers and lights can be a great way to give them a smile of the coming Christmas. The red and green color Christmas traditions reinforces the effect and helps to make the room of the children a pleasant environment.

A tree for mini-rooms


A tree for mini-rooms.

If you live in a small space, and your children’s room is small then don’t settle for a big tree in a mini room. This tiny tree is ideal: thin trunks crossed where you can hang small ornaments and tiny Christmas toys you receive. Let them decorate the tree and do it as their liking. A simple tree with Christmas-themed derails will bring plenty of Christmas spirit.

A corner to create with a tree

A corner to create;

Bring part of a winter tree paint it in white. The branches are served for children to hang the most colorful ornaments, toys and crafts. Decorated by Bona Nit.

Ornaments to decorate the children’s rooms;

All kinds of Christmas decorations can be placed on the walls and hanged from the ceiling of the children’s room. Add some fairy tale magic to any room by making large tulle pom pom balls matching the colors of the room. They can be perfect hanging as ceiling decorations too or to create a magical corner. XXL large hearts ornaments hanged from the ceiling or decorated the tree will spread the holiday cheer throughout the room. Santa’s socks and drawings and reindeers of big sizes are always a good alternative.

A Christmas Decorated WindowA Christmas Decorated Window;

Widows are another space that can be used and not neglected. it is wise to make use of windows with festive and unique window treatment. Nothing easier and more interesting with joy and fun for them than to cut out and paint paper. Take advantage of their arty skills and let them create the most beautiful window treatments.

A Christmas Decorated Window 2source

Bring the snowy and the wonderland into their room. Cut out Christmas snowflakes, trees and reindeers shapes on Christmas related paper crafts or scrapbooking and stick them on the window glass. The result will be much more decorative. Simple and very beautiful. Another Christmas detail for the window is using ribbons and balls of various colors. This special idea is fast and very easy to make.  Make fun projects for your closest friends and family alike as the soft snow falls.

The science of Christmas with Santa’s sleigh

The science of Christmas with Santa’s sleigh; 

Children loves a reindeer sleigh ride, they are much more than a means of transport if the sleigh is arrived directly from the Finnish Lapland loaded with gifts… will make them imagine and fly.  AND even they may forget Santa Claus and reindeers.

Start the countdown Advent Calendar 2

As you can see, it is not complicated you do not need big things to decorate the children’s room at Christmas. With some simple details that does not need to spend a lot of money and a little imagination, you will make your spaces unique.  On the time of the arrival of their gifts, their bedroom is ready for the magical morning and will even be more special. Let’s do it!

Start the countdown Advent Calendar 2

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