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Awesome Cactuses, Christmas trees and beautiful architecture

Awesome Cactuses, Christmas trees and beautiful architecture

Awesome Cactuses, Christmas trees and beautiful architecture …Have you ever seen cactuses as Christmas decor? Christmas cactus can be a beautiful architecture for a festive home that gets passed down for generations.

The Victorian townhouse in London, presented Christmas cactus in several rooms, dressed in festive garlands, next to Christmas trees. Very unusual, this plant can be a bit confusing as for the house itself, it is just awesome!

Awesome ChristmasCactuses

Christmas Cactus;

They are old-school and often overlooked, as they might rival the spectacular floral displays on your tree. Christmas cacti are so pretty, they are just the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing brings indoor cheer to my household more than these lovely Brazilian plants the Christmas cactus in bloom in your living-room or as beautiful ornaments on your tree.

There are three out of seven of this cactus species that are most popular during holiday seasons: Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi), Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) and Easter cactus (Hatiora gaertneri). This group of cactus are unique in the plant world, different species bloom at different times of year including Thanksgiving and Easter. The spectacular Christmas cacti floral bursting displays from November to January. While Thanksgiving cactus blooms earlier in the fall and looks a little different. The Easter Cactus, (Spring Cactus) blooms throughout March and April.

Christmas cacti have beautiful architectural display. This relatively cool-weather habitat looks great year-round, from an easy-growing, affordable, widely available species. Christmas cacti are perfectly adapted everywhere as beautiful architecture in our homes from hanging baskets under cover of a patio, container plants, trail over window sills. They can be kept year-round.

“These are one of the hardier holiday plants and can last for years and years,” says Pollak.

These holiday cactus can continue to bring joy. The beauty of cacti lies in their architecture and their blooms, they produce colorful tubular flowers ranging from eye-popping fuchsia, pink, lilac colors, translucent peach to snow white.

A-Christmas-Cactus-The-Cool-New-X-Mas-Tree-AlternativePhoto: Courtesy of The Sill

Christmas Tree;

OH, indeed! Christmas trees are the most iconic Christmas plant on Christmastime… No matter what your holiday decorating style. There are plenty of awesome ways to make your Christmas tree come to life whether they are cut or potted this holiday season.

Create a holiday look your family will love with our picked Cactuses, Christmas trees ideas. The purpose of all of our best ideas is to help you thinking creatively and freely and encourage frequent challenges to think outside the box. Have fun and bring family gathering during December. After all, that’s what this holiday is really about.

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