Meaning Behind Valentines Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers has a special and distinctive character because it is charming and romance.
The flowers through centuries have been able to speak better than human; it suggests love, joy and tranquility in any person’s heart .Have you ever wondered about their meanings before you gifting flowers to your beloved?
Flowers have a special language between lovers, see what they say:
Flower’s Colors have a special meaning:
Bright red flower = wait until we meet again.
Dark red                  = miss you so much.
Yellow                      = jealous.
Pink                           = I adore you and I promise you the truth.
White                        = explicit believe of love and purity.
Orange                     = I sincere and loyal friend.
Violet                       = I wish you all happiness and success.
Blue                          = I will keep to your side to death.
Also the flower’s types have a meaning:
Red Tulip               = Declaration of Love, Believe Me.
Red Carnations   = Love the big run deep, to a person.
Red Poppy             = means sadness.
Camellia red         =means what security to achieve.
Lavender               = a lack of confidence between the partners.
Lilac                         =The first feeling of love.
Triple                       = thinking of someone.
Violet                       = Modesty sings.
Magnolia                 = the love of nature, as well as the proud symbol of the same.
Pearl                         = be patent.
Sunflower               = means pride.
Flower lily              = means the return of happiness.
Narcissus                = means the respect and appreciation.
Tulips                       = to guide the visit for the first time.
White camellia     =means you are very attractive.
Lily White              =purity.
Jasmine                  = kindness.
Daisy                        = trust.
Flower’s numbers have connotations:
one flower             = you’re everything to me.
Two flowers          = let’s travel with each other.
Three flowers       = I want to meet you when can I ,once again?
Four flowers         = I want thank you.
Five flowers          = I want – I’ll do anything you require.
Six flowers            = I want = I doubt your word.
Seven flowers      = I love you and I want you.
Eight flowers        = I want you loyal till death.
Nine flowers         = I want I want to be alone with you.
Ten flowers           = I want to marry you.
Happy Valentine Day.

Source; pinterest