The Leading American interior portal HGTV offers this year a bold and bright color scheme for home decoration for the holidays. This adds a touch of modern romance to your Christmas décor.

There truly is no color statement quite as bright and bold as these three colors Lavender, Grey and Violet to give a soft, stylish winter tones. Their fresh Holiday House in 2014 is dominated by shades of Lavender, Grey and Violet, creating very original combinations.

modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-5Pictures below show a wonderful home…only the living room which is absolutely enough to understand how beautiful the design turned out. So, who are interested, have a look here !

modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-1 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-2 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-3 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-3 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-4 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-4 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-5 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-6 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-6 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-7 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-8 modern-holiday-color-palette-lavender-grey-violet-9 pastel-decor-inspirations-for-a-sweet-valent-38 pastel-decor-inspirations-for-a-sweet-valent-43 pastel-decor-inspirations-for-a-sweet-valentine-11


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