Dutch Caribbean Island Paradise on the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao)

The ABC Islands are Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, all off the coast of South America (Venezuela), they are three Dutch Caribbean islands , and have many things in common. The ABC Islands are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Dutch colonial), although they remain outside the European Union. Aruba is self-governing and autonomous, but Bonaire and Curacao are governed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands but collectively they shared the Dutch colonial history and West Indian heritage. The ABC Caribbean Island’s fortuitous location outside of the tropical hurricane belt made them attractive and having their own charm. You will find some very good playground for snowbirds, sun seekers, avid windsurfers and scuba divers, entirely different from other tropical islands in the Caribbean, beside the very good white sand beaches and a breathtaking underwater world. The islands have varied dry terrain, pristine beaches, coral reefs and many cactee and agaves.

Aruba is the most developed and the glamorous older sister of the other 2 islands, it has the best touristic infrastructure of all three islands. With “Aruba’s fantastic weather and even temperatures, it became the great place to escape from winter. And because Aruba is out of the hurricane belt, there you can find beautiful trade winds and very little rain in the winter. It’s a beach destination, its dry, sunny climate and fine beaches attract holiday-makers. The beaches in Aruba are considered to be the best in the Caribbean and the most beautiful of all is the Palm Beach where. You’ll find world-class resort areas, golf courses, malls, casinos, international restaurants, shopping and some of the finest dining in the Caribbean. The Schooner Market is a floating market where many second-home buyers come from the US, the Netherlands and Venezuela for selling.
The capital is Oranjestad. It still has the Dutch and Spanish colonial buildings influence and are worth seeing.

Bonaire’s main attraction which made it a top destination is scuba diving due to its coral natural reefs which are a few feet from the shore. Bonaire is ranked one of the top ten places in the world to explore natural reefs. As Bonaire has only recently started registering on Caribbean travelers’ radar, so low-cost getaway that involves lots of natural and outdoor activities is there in Bonaire, and don’t expect glitzy shopping centers or high-rise hotels as that in Aruba.
And because Bonaire is out of the hurricane belt it is surrounded by staggeringly diverse coral natural reefs that are protected by a national marine park around the island part of the Bonaire Marine Park of a depth of 200 feet all around the island. The Ocean around Bonaire, whether above the water’s surface or under the waves made Bonaire a diving paradise and you should be careful if you dive. Bonaire’s fringing reef system is a national park where you can enjoy the parrot and angel fish to nurse sharks and stingrays. The capital is Kralendijk and the village Rincon. Their main attractions are the pastel colored houses and the harbor promenade. Bonaire attracts Dutch and Americans looking for peace and quiet in nature for an outdoor kind of life, where Bird watching, lazing at the pink colored beaches or exploring Washington-Slagbaai National Park on the island’s northern tip and Lake Gotomeer, a salt lake home to flaming pink flamingos. Beside other activities as good dining, scuba diving, kite surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking and running.

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Curacao, the largest of the three Dutch Caribbean’s islands, and is considered as the commercial port since centuries due to its well-developed oil refining business and other industries. It’s developed enough that it has the biggest population and one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean. The capital Willemstad, settled in 1634, so you will find many colonial buildings from the 18th century. Willemstad is the financial and commercial centre, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage sites, like the Mikve Israel Synagogue a significant Jewish historical discovery and the oldest synagogue in use in the Western Hemisphere, the oldest synagogue in the new world which was built in 1734 and Dutch Colonial architecture and buildings. The island attracts tourist who seek out sun, sea, sand and great views into the rich underwater world (The Curacao Underwater Park). Other places Worth visiting are the harbor area Punda, the Amsterdam Fort, Queen Emma Bridge and the most exciting is the Hato Caves, Gouged out of limestone cliffs centuries ago as the island emerged from the sea, the Hato Caves are still forming – one drop at a time. The caves are north of Willemstad.
Well, after all The ABC Islands are incredible, as there is no bad time to visit all year round are a good timing and of a good weather.

Dutch Caribbean Island Paradise on the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao)


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